In case you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to read my post explaining who Pin-Pin is before this post will make much sense to you.

WE FOUND PIN-PIN!  Apparently, Holder had a hand in telling the DOJ to “Go Get FOX:”

Attorney General Eric Holder’s Role in Fox News Spying Case Revealed?

Attorney General Eric Holder personally signed off on the search warrant that labeled Fox News reporter James Rosen a “possible co-conspirator” and resulted in the seizure of his private emails, according to an NBC News law enforcement source.

And now, Obama is telling Hold to go investigate who “sicked” the DOJ on FOX News.  That means Pin-Pin is BOTH Holder AND Obama (and probably a few more, but we haven’t seen definitive proof of that — yet).

Whether Holder actually is involved or not, this IS the very epitome of “No Pin-Pin here” – sending the guilty to go investigate and report on their own guilt or innocence.

Lord help us because the majority of this nation is willing to accept this as “Business as usual:”

Loyal Obama Supporters React to Multiple White House Scandals: ‘That Sounds Fine With Me’

One thought on “WE FOUND PIN-PIN!!!

  1. Reporter to Obama: You have found Pin Pin?
    Obama: Let me be clear: We will get to the bottom of this disgrace! I have my Attorney General working on this as we speak.
    Reporter: Mr. Holder, did the DOJ find Pin Pin?
    Holder: No Pin Pin here; rest assured.
    Reporter: That sounds fine to me!

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