Just Another “Lone Wolf” Attack

Just antother couple of jerks, I guess.

Wait…maybe not:

Woolwich attack: British soldier’s death was more than ‘lone wolf’ attack

The murder of a British soldier on the streets of London was not a “lone wolf” attack, the Home Secretary has said.

On Saturday night a further three men, aged 21, 24 and 28, were arrested in south-east London on suspicion of conspiracy to commit murder.

Police used Tasers to detain two of them and are searching four addresses.

Asked about growing indications that the attacks involved more than a “lone wolf”, the Home Secretary said: “I think the indications, all the indications, would be for that.

“I can’t go into details of the case, for obvious reasons its an ongoing investigation.

“There were some further arrests last night, some further searches have taken place. The police and the security service are working very hard in relation to this case.

40 thoughts on “Just Another “Lone Wolf” Attack

  1. Salmaa,
    This attack, just like the 9/11, Ft. Hood, Boston Marathon and thousands more worldwide were perpetrated in the name of the Allah. So, don’t even try to tell us that Islam is a peaceful religion. Just because there are enough uneducated idiots here in America to elect a POS as president, doesn’t mean we are all dumb enough to believe your BS.

  2. flasawdust

    If every Muslim was a terrorist all non-Muslims would be dead. there are 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide so really and truly if everyone practised the violent Islam you think you know then we’d have a much bigger problem on our hands. As for the uneducated idiots in America, you seem to be one of them…

    • Just a couple of notations on this comment/commenter:

      “As for the uneducated idiots in America” — careful Salmaa And Reem, your horns are showing. Is it not for a ‘true’ Muslim to ignore the urge to speak vitriol such as this?

      I went over to your site, and read your piece on the terrorist attack in London. I know what you were trying to say there, and that’s cool. Your commenter Tom, and your response to him is quite telling. I find it interesting that Tom would castigate this blog site for believing in the Founding Fathers of this nation, and would downtrodden them by stating they were slave holders. And true they were, but where’s Tom’s (or yours for that matter) outcry about slavery of today? It’s a practice that continues in Muslim countries … well beyond the 1800s when we abolished the practice here.

      Now you can turn your attention to those who would cry out against terrorism in the name of Islam, or you could join us in the fight to marginalize the radicals who would bastardize your faith. You want a good name for your faith, then fight for it. You can start by debunking the apparent “misunderstandings” we have with verses from your Koran.

      What is your choice going to be, Salmaa And Reem?

      • Firstly, if you had read my reply to the original comment, you would know that by saying “As for the uneducated idiots in America” I was quoting the first guy, whoever he is.

        Secondly, there is no use pulling out that card on me. I’m not a terrorist in any shape or form. I will not terrorise people in the name of Islam, and I will not terrorise people in the name of defending Islam.

        So no I will not join you so-called fight to marginalize the radicals who would bastardize my faith.

        Have a nice day, and I pray you’ll open your eyes one day.


        • On Dec. 7, 1941, hundreds of Japanese military airmen attacked the US base at Pearl Harbor in the name of their country. When this happened, there were thousands of Japanese immigrants in the US that were 100% opposed to what their country had done. Luckily that didn’t matter and the US declared war on the aggressors. That is what America needs to do now, DECLARE WAR ON THOSE THAT ARE ATTACKING US, and everyone of them says that they are doing it in the name of allah, so that is who needs to be declared our enemy.

          • Remember Dusty there were 10s of thousands of Japenese Americans who walked their TALK about being American first and Volunteered to fight.

            Some of their battalions were the MOST decorated in WWII.

            BIG BIB BIG difference with the Cult worshippers of the Pedophile mohamedd……. remember Taggiya and Kitman….they are Liars ( as is required by islam itself).

            • I have yet to hear the first muslim say that these terrorists should be wiped out. And damn sure haven’t heard any say they would step up and do it themselves.

          • And then the US government retaliated in the name of “caution” and locked every Japanese/American on the west coast into “relocation camps”. Is that how we want to live, blaming every single person of a particular race, religious, or political group for the actions of a few?

            • If the rest of the muslims don’t step up and call the terrorists our (America’s) enemy, I think we need to do the same to them to assure we aren’t ignoring possible combatants.

            • And YET FloridaCrack …. those Japenese -Americans fought with distinction in spite of this….PROVING they were Loyal to America, the Constitution and Western democracy…… Their actions showed America what True patriotism was….as well as the greivous errors of the Government supposed to protect our Rights.

              Thus virtually EVERY American today knows their heroism, their rights were STOLEN and the Gov’t was horribly wrong.

              It was a Democrat-Liberal-Progressive Admin ( Roosevelt) that insisted on their detention….. and YES INDEED that fact matters.

              • SO Don Ame . . . you choose to ignore the Muslims that have or are currently serving with honor in the American military. Out of the 1.4 million service men and women serving actively in the American military, an estimated 3,700 are Muslim, according to the Department of Defense. Do you believe their rights are being stolen by the people, some like yourself, who bashes every Muslim in the US? Do you believe the government would be right to ban anymore Muslims from entering the US, or perhaps deport every Muslim in the US, or even put them all in relocation camps?

                Read the following;
                “It’s a pilot thing,” explains Colonel Douglas Burpee, the highest ranking Muslim officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. Now in his 23rd year of military service, Colonel Burpee recently returned from flying helicopters in Afghanistan.


                • No Florida…..and your post is irrational and full of Hate-speech….Thus ..

                  “Do you believe their rights are being stolen by the people, some like yourself, who bashes every Muslim in the US? Do you believe the government would be right to ban anymore Muslims from entering the US, or perhaps deport every Muslim in the US, or even put them all in …..”

                  No mohameddan’s rights are being infringed upon …. by the US Gov’t nor by those like myself who choose to speak the Truth about their Collegues Violence in the name of their “moon-god” …..and about their ABSOLUTE SILENCE about these actions. NOTHING….NOTHING is being STOLEN from them.

                  BUT….BUT my friend….. your implications that free speech somehow does is quite the opposite of that little American Flag you hide behind. Sounds a Helluva lot like Hillary Clinton’s answer to the OIC when they Demanded that Criticism of islam and their mohamedd pedophile be made ILLEGAL IN THE USA !! Her answer….. No we can use Ridicule and Shameing via the Press to accomplish the same thing.

                  So Uhhm Florida CRACKER …. you seem to Choose to ignore that the British Soldier Butchered by your Friends served with distinction in Helvand Province Afghanistan.

        • Salmaa says…….

          “….So no I will not join you so-called fight to marginalize the radicals who would bastardize my faith….”

          And therein lies THE PROBLEM……. mohameddan worshippers WILL NOT marginalize the terrorists and murderers…… because These “radicals” as they call them are acting Completely WITHIN THE PRECEPTS OF islam !!…..and Salmaa is an adherent of this cult.

          From their own mouths Folks…..they WILL NOT CONDEM or “Marginalize” the murder and violence…… Just like we have been pointing out. EVEN though they claim such actions …Quote…” Bastardize my faith “.

          Then Salmaa says…

          “..Have a nice day, and I pray you’ll open your eyes one day…”……..Have a nice day while we murder your children.

          Our Eyes ARE open …..Salmaa….. more than you can ever imagine…..and more eyes will open as your “Peaceful Religion” works its’ magic murder upon the e “unbelievers”

        • I’m going to assume that I am “the first guy” since the original comment to my post.

          I will acquiesce to your superior knowledge if you can answer one question: if you truly believe that these “radicals” as you call them are the people who are “bastardizing” your faith, why are you willing to defend Islam against me and yet not them?

          Because that is clearly what you are doing.

          I’m pretty sure that I never claimed that all Muslims are terrorists but in the past 40 years, the vast majority of terrorist attacks have been carried out by Muslims. You are saying exactly what the apologist Hasan said in the article – because it is not the fault of all of Islam, I cannot say that it is any fault of Islam at all…and that simply isn’t true.

          If I may offer a little advice: Physician, heal thyself. Stop fighting me, someone who just wants to live in peace without the threat of being killed every time I go the Middle East or South Asia simply because I am a Christian and an American, and start cleaning up your own house that has been sullied by those who “bastardize” your faith. Stop those who use Islam as an excuse for terror and hatred. Stop those who wish to exterminate the Jews simply because they are “people of the book” and follow teachings older than Christianity or Islam.

          Clean up your own house before you tell me that mine is dirty.

        • Well Salmaa, firstly if you were educated, you would know that quotations generally are accompanied by “” marks. That’s how we know they are quotations. However, the point still remains, you called the man an idiot, and your horns are showing. Benevolent faith, I suppose.

          Secondly, I knew you never would.

          That’s going to yours and your faith’s problem moving forward … and you know it. You see Salmaa, as an Irish man, I know what it means to be stereotyped, and it sucks. However, when the IRA was forefront in the news, Irish everywhere spoke against them.

          Thanks for clarifying all that up for us Salmaa. Your response and position is going to prove helpful in future discussions here and abroad, I am sure.

        • “So no I will not join you so-called fight to marginalize the radicals who would bastardize my faith.”

          There is an old saying ” the enemy of my enemy is my friend” : conversely, The friend of my enemy is MY enemy.
          If you , ( a moderate Muslim?), will not marginalize those who perpetuate these attacks, we can only presume that you support them. No matter how much you claim otherwise. Empty words are only empty words.

          • And there you have it. Well said, ralph. And we can judge by her(?) absence of follow up that our assumptions were in fact correct.

            But then again, we are all just ‘idiot Americans’, right? 🙂

    • You go ahead and TRY Cult worshipper. We stand duly warned and threatened

      5.3 Billion non-mohameddan worshipping “Unbelievers” would send the 1.7 Billion to your perverted 71 virgin “heaven”.

  3. Salmaa,

    No Salmaa, most Muslims would be dead because your so called terrorist soldiers are all cowards and on a large scale couldn’t fight their way out of a paper bag. The other 6 billion plus people in the world want nothing that Islam offers. You belong to a retrograde world view and have given nothing back to society except death, misery, pain and suffering since Mohamed the murderer and pedophile started his cult of death.

        • The righteous and virtuous shall not loose … but win, in spite of the odds.

          (Especially Good-lookers who are Red in the Head … ;- ).)

            • Kells,
              in life, as in nature, there is no such thing as a lone wolf. The lone wolf is a dead wolf. They are pack animals. I have lived with and been part of a pack (real, not figurative) They are part of a group dynamic, and in nature, the lone wolf , DIES.
              These “lone wolf ” attacks are definitely from “animals ” that have the support of a pack….somewhere.

            • Oui, Mais Je pensais que vous etez a la Tete rouge ? Ce que me plait aussi.

              ( I may have a Tense wrong from memory ….. you task me)

  4. Tom says:
    26/05/2013 at 17:03

    Just a note of gratitude and encouragement following the reading of your comment(s) on another blog;
    The RNL (Rio Norte Line) blog is staffed and commented upon by the same small group of white male christians and one token female. It is not really a blog so to speak; It is more of a club of a few members that would rather type their ignorance for each other to see than simply pick up the phone to discuss their ill informed hate filled ignorance.

    These contributors and commentators willfully disregard the violent atrocities committed by white christian males since the founding of the US and by their white christian Northern/Western European predecessors. Their heroes consist of a landed gentry, progressive in their time, that enslaved fellow human beings and inflicted genocide upon the indigenous people of the Americas. They discuss no remorse for prior or current atrocities of the US Government that was established and is maintained to the benefit of the propertied elite of Northern/Western Europe, and of late, their descendants now in charge of the US political landscape.

    I truly believe that ordinary people desire peace and tranquility no matter what their spiritual beliefs happen to be. Somehow, dorks like those who contribute to the RNL have proved to be useful to the establishment ensuring continual enslavement of the majority of the Earth’s inhabitants to the benefit of the few who continue to rape the people of the world to control and benefit from its valuable resources ensuring continued misery for future generations.



    Do y’all know Tom? Appears he knows you.

    • No. But it appears he doesn’t know us and niether do you. And just Who is on the other phone line pray tell….Him ???… You ???

      To tell us the answer to all things lies in your pseudo-intellectual Progressive gobbledy-gook…..”Can’t we all just get along and stop making the muzzies kill us by agreeing that we are all the cause of all evil and islam is the religion of Peace” Speech.

      White Christians where responsible for killing some people……So mohameddan violence is justified for all time, in all continents upon all people…..Oh and so is the fact that muslims still practice slavery today

      So Steve ( I had you pegged correctly all along)….Steve you and Tom go ahead and enjoy UR little Circle-Jerk together.

      2.3 million hits plus puts you in your place. Night night Puppy.

      • I didn’t mean to get your panties in a wad. I just haven’t spent enough time here to know of Tom. Because I have drawn similar conclusions about the “club”, I thought he might have been a regular reader.

    • Cool! I’m a token dork! Do I get a prize from Tom?

      Actually, I have a question for that other dork, B. Say B. what is it called in a debate when someone starts talking about other stuff and doesn’t focus on the topic at hand?

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