Pity The Unsung Jihadi

Instapundit points to an excellent commentary by Tim Blair in Australia’s Daily Telegraph:

You can’t help but feel a little bit sorry for your average Muslim terrorist. They go to all the trouble of blowing up children in Boston, killing US Army personnel in Texas, detonating bars in Bali, flying jets into New York skyscrapers and now basically removing a soldier’s head in a London street, all in the holy name of Islam.

But where’s the credit?

Where’s the respect?

Following yesterday’s murderous outrage, one of the alleged killers – easily identified by blood-covered hands and two dripping knives – stood in the street and declared to the world he’d slaughtered his victim as a direct consequence of Islamic beliefs.

There are “many, many ayat throughout the Koran,” the man said, citing the book’s ninth chapter, that encourage followers to “fight them as they fight us.”

That’s a fairly clear message. Also clear were the cries of “Allahu Akbar” as the two alleged murderers went about carving and hacking at the fallen soldier’s body, having already run him down with a car.

Then, as usual, the western media’s reflexive timidity kicked in. The default mode in any coverage of Islamic violence is a painfully cautious avoidance of Islam.

British television network ITV was among the first to broadcast the alleged killer’s speech, but neatly edited any mention of the Koran by talking over him. “In a south London street,” a voiceover intoned, “a man with bloodied hands carrying a knife and machete approaches a camera and tries to justify what just happened.”

We then heard the fellow’s so-called justification, which made little sense without knowing anything about his blatant and declared Islamic motivation: “I apologise that women had to witness this today but in our lands our women have to see the same.”

Actually, I’m pretty sure that women in “his lands” don’t usually see South London psychopaths chopping heads off in the street. The standard Islamist slaughter devices in “his lands” are guns and bombs, such as were deployed by Muslims in Iraq over the past week to kill nearly 100 people, almost all of them sharing the Islamic faith.

Perhaps those killers subsequently delivered “political statements” about their acts. That’s how one BBC report described the alleged killer’s South London speech: “Footage has emerged showing a man wielding a bloodied meat cleaver and making political statements.”

These “political statements” are a popular feature of Islamic communication in the UK. At a London rally in 2006, the following political statements were presented in the form of hand-printed signs: “Behead those who insult Islam.” “Massacre those who insult Islam.” “Annihilate those who insult Islam.”

Alert readers many detect a theme here. Also, extremist Muslims now own at least one copy of Roget’s Thesaurus and have learned how to read it.

I want you defenders of Islam to note the text that I “bolded” for you.

While attacks like Boston and London get a lot of press in the US and UK, where are the most casualties taken?

  • In Iraq, an analysis by Iraq Body Count and co-authors published in 2011 concluded that at least 12,284 civilians were killed in at least 1,003 suicide bombings in Iraq between 2003 and 2010. The study reveals that suicide bombings kill 60 times as many civilians as soldiers.
  • According to the BBC, terrorism in Pakistan has become a major and highly destructive phenomenon in recent years. The annual death toll from terrorist attacks has risen from 164 in 2003 to 3318 in 2009, with a total of 100,000 Pakistanis killed since 9/11 as of 2010
  • .As Islam spreads to Southeast Asia, terrorism follows
  • Most terrorist attacks in Egypt are linked to Islamic extremism. Targets have included government officials, police, tourists and the Christian minority. Terrorism increased in the 1990s when the Islamist movement al-Gama’a al-Islamiyya targeted high level political leaders and killed hundreds in its pursuit of implementing traditional Sharia law in Egypt..
  • In Africa: From east to west Africa, a rise in Islamic extremism has led to a surge in deadly attacks and kidnappings by groups linked to Al-Qaeda. While these groups are mostly occupied with domestic issues, their anti-western rhetoric and targeting of foreigners pose a wider challenge. So too does growing evidence of ties between armed groups from the Sahel and east Africa and Nigeria, observers say. The three main Al Qaeda-linked groups are Somalia’s Shebab in the Horn of Africa; Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) which is active across the Sahel; and Boko Haram, which has sharply increased its attacks in Nigeria since 2010.
  • How about the killing and beheading of adults and children in Thailand?
  • Remember the Taj Hotel bombing in Mumbai in 2008 and Islamic terror in India?

I ask you defenders of Islam – if Islam isn’t the reason for terrorism, why is it prevalent in majority Muslim countries? Why, as in Iraq and Pakistan, do they kill fellow Muslims? Why do they kill in non-Christian nations like India and Thailand?

Here’s a clue – it isn’t American foreign policy or oil reserves that causes a Muslim terrorist to kill a Hindu or behead a Buddhist priest. It isn’t UK involvement in Afghanistan that causes a Muslim terrorist to behead a 9 year-old child in Thailand.

Perhaps your time would be better spent explaining “real Islam” to the jihadis who are “bastardizing” your faith (as one of our Muslim commenters put it) because they don’t know what “real” Islam is…

This is what I have been trying to get across to the useful idiots of Islam who excuse these attacks because they suppose that I am a bigot and Islamophobe – and therefore a liar.

You try to explain away incidents like  the London atrocity and the Boston Marathon bombing as individual and isolated incidents by “a couple of jerks” because that allows you to feel comfortable in your self-righteous indignation. It allows you to feel safe if you can just compartmentalize these as “one-off, lone wolf” events because that prevents you from having to think about this situation as what it is – a global conflict.

There also should be no confusion that this Islamic “revolution” does have a political dimension but you won’t go there – you will happily ignore that dimension. Why? Because a defined political incursion of this magnitude is a pretext for a real war. As long as you can keep this debate in the politically correct, post modern realm of “religion”, you liberals, you in the media and you in our political elite can safely avoid taking the hard decisions to protect your own culture and country.


It is far easier to hide behind a shield of sanctimony by defining those who are drawing attention to this global conflict as bigots and Islamophobes than it is to actually contemplate the “real” problem.

15 thoughts on “Pity The Unsung Jihadi

  1. Though I am an atheist, I applaud your approach to common sense and decency. These are two qualities lacking in the much of the religious community.

    • Mike: I am a Christian but I am not anti-Muslim. I just abhor the lack of critical thinking and logic that is applied to this situation where people are dying. These jihadis do not care that we are Jewish, Christian or atheist – they only care that we are not Muslim. This has all the earmarks of the early stages of 1930’s Nazism.

      • The mohameddans also DO NOT CARE FOR those who view the Cult differently from them .

        It is virtually their way…..or death. whether someone is secular, Christian, Jewish, Hindu or…”moderate mohameddan”.

  2. “Here’s a clue – it isn’t American foreign policy or oil reserves that causes a Muslim terrorist to kill a Hindu or behead a Buddhist priest. It isn’t UK involvement in Afghanistan that causes a Muslim terrorist to behead a 9 year-old child in Thailand.”

    Islam/Muslims claiming to live by the Koran, has a structural defect. Jihad advocates “lieing” to “non-Muslims” in furtherance of Jihad, a “non-Muslim” can never truly know if a Muslim wishes to live in peace with non-muslims, or is merely waiting until they have the “strength” to attain the “caliphate”. Ancient and Recent history shows, Muslims choose not to, and therefore do not wish to; live in peace and equality with non-muslims. They seek to convert, subjugate, or destroy all those who do not accept their Islam.

    Where is one (1) ? One Muslim majority country that encourages and allows freedom and equality: liberty?

    Where is one (1) ? One Muslim majority country that is a worldwide example of learning, scientific achievement, giving to their fellow human being? Where ?

    They are busy spreading the word or hate and death, spending their resources building bombs, sharpening their chef’s knives, and cutting the heads off their neighbors.

  3. All one has to do is look at Islams founder and it answers all your questions, Muhammed was a sociopath murderer who was willing to lie, pillage, rape and plunder to satisfy his lust for self-aggrandizement. It has been a scourge on civilization since it’s founding and been responsible for more death and destruction than any other movement on Earth.

    Estimated Islamic Body Count: http://www.politicalislam.com/tears/pages/tears-of-jihad/

    Africa – 120 million
    Christians – 60 million
    Hindu’s – 80 million
    Buddhist’s – 10 million
    Jews – only in the thousands as most converted or paid the tax.

    I challenge any follower of this Satanic Cult to prove me wrong.

  4. Utah/Texas…Militant Islam has been a warlike, aggressive ideology since the days of its original “Prophet.” A significant portion of Muslims now living throughout the world today retain a pre-Modern worldview that has much in common with the thought patterns of the ancient Hebrews depicted in the historical books of the Hebrew Bible and the Christian Old Testament. In that world entire populations were wiped out, based on the demands of a “jealous God.” Rabbinic Judaism and modern Christianity (although not the “Christianity” of the Crusades) both have have had trouble with the violent atrocities of their common ancestors, but both those religions moved beyond the thinking that permitted religiously justified genocide some time ago. Judaism did so by the Jewish Diaspora and most of Christianity by the end of the barbaric Inquisition, which was much more recent. Julian Jaynes examined this phenomenon in his 1970’s study, THE ORIGIN OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE BREAKDOWN OF THE BICAMERAL MIND, and it is interesting to speculate whether today’s violent jihadis are actually operating with brains that have not yet progressed to the level that most humans achieved by the time of Jesus. Alternative explanations include a form of collective schizophrenia, in which Radical Islamists believe they are commanded to commit barbaric atrocities by a selective reading of the Koran (although not that selective, as a reading of the Koran reveals a consistently violent holy book) and likely also by “inner voices” that command them to eradicate the “infidel” to satisfy the voices of another “jealous God.”

    With our current ideology of “political correctness” dominating Western societies and our related scientific explorations, it will probably be impossible to muster the will to pursue studies that could confirm or refute the proposition that Radical Jihadis may be cursed by brains that differ qualitatively from those of their victims and from the great majority of other Islamic believers. With recent advances in brain science developed in several Western societies, it should be possible to examine the proposition that violent Jihadis’ brains function at a pre-Modern state that causes them to have uncontrollable urges resulting in the savage and irrational murders of other human beings. Certainly the recent beheading of a defenseless British soldier on a London street by two visibly crazed Jihadis spouting “praise to Allah” suggest the work of “pre-Modern” or “sub-human” individuals. Why not begin the necessary exploration by subjecting those two murderers to the required tests and vivisection of their still living brains to determine the initial viability of the thesis?

    Should the thesis that Radical Jihadis’ brains are actually “wired” differently from other humans be confirmed, which I regard as a potentially viable result of scientific exploration, then we will face another test of our collective “will.” If we then know that mentally defective (or mentally ill) individuals (like the Boston bombing Jihadis), likely to commit atrocities against innocent Americans are living among us, what should be the actions taken by our government, whose first task is always to protect American lives? This is an interesting question which in my opinion will never be asked, due mainly to Our Dear Leader’s refusal to even acknowledge that violent atrocities committed by Radical Jihadis are actually committed by Radical Jihadis. To borrow from John Galt, if A is not equal to A, then all subsequent analysis is meaningless. And that is the real root of our current dilemma…the refusal by the radical Progressives currently ensconced at the top of our American government to deal with the realities of Radical Islam, a failing economy, weakening American defense capabilities or a raft of other issues. Can we, as the most exceptional nation on earth, confront and master these challenges? Taken one at a time and based on our actual history and real values inherent in our Constitution, I would say the likelihood would be quite high. Under our current President and his refusal, along with the major media (the Ministry of Truth), to admit the existence of reality, let alone confront it, the odds of success are not a bet I would cover. Is it essential that the veil being sustained by the most powerful in our society be rent asunder? I think that will be a critical first step to addressing our myriad threats, especially our ongoing global war with Radical Islam.

    I think I’ve raised some interesting issues here, and all before my second coffee of the day. I will greatly value feedback on my various points. Regards.

    • At one point in the 20th Century the west was riddled with Violence from the Mafia and political Anarchists ( J Edgar Hoover cut his teeth on the anarchists BTW)……… We still have those elements, BUT …our society rose up in various ways to condem and control and prosecute them….stemming the profligate violence.

      The mohameddans ( Born in Violence) have their ACTIVE Jihadists.
      In response…The mohameddans have a ..”Look-the-other-way” approach to this violence. What we in the west have to realize is that this approach is ITSELF AN ACTIVE CHOICE…….The “moderates” are telling us something with their silence…..and we need to Listen to that message.

      Your veering into the Standard excuse about an “Organic mental” condition being the cause does nothing but promote the PC view of Non-accountability. Indeed , one could just as well ask…..What is it about a people ( “moderate muslims” ) who refuse to stand up and Condem violence and Protect innocent victims ?? Quite a valid question in itself. Then when BOTH of these two groups happen to have the Common intersection of the islamic Cult……well there’s a Data point for your “Scientific” approach….complete with a Venn diagram .

      • Don…greetings. I think you miss my point. While your questions about “Moderate Muslims” and accountability are correct, what I’m suggesting is that Radical Islamists may in fact be incapable of behaving in a remotely civilized manner for organic reasons. Their actions demonstrate that they have no empathy for their victims (one feature of sociopathy) and that their brains effectively misfire in ways that cannot be corrected. Hence they are the human equivalent of “mad dogs” that cannot be corrected or civilized and hence must be identified, isolated and contained through prior restraint actions. People with damaged brains cannot be treated like rational human beings without endangering the rest of society. That cannot be permitted by those charged with the defense of the American people. Sorry I can’t develop the argument further right now, but I’m working on a business project that must be completed tonight. This is a great topic and I’ll rejoin as soon as I can. Regards.

        • No. I didn’t miss your point.

          The argument is akin to saying they “Can’t help themselves” for “organic” reasons. It fits in, or can fit in, nicely with the mohameddans viewing themselves and demanding the rest of the world view them as perpetual Victims……victims of the west, victims of their Brain wiring or whatever…..which leads directly once again to the WEST being responsible, and a new rationale for treading lightly on these evolutionarily Social “Retards”. ( which is what this interpretation of Jayne’s work would characterizes them as ).

          I don’t buy it…..They are responsible for their actions and So are the “Peaceful” Moderate” ones….for their INACTION.

          What Texas said below is OUR answer…THE answer..
          “We “Liberty centered” westerners had best marshal our resources and support one another.

          Together we will survive, separately we shall certainly perish, as we are outnumbered millions to one.”


      • Not the Least of which would be his separating the Ancient Greeks from the Ancient Jews at one point (Pggs 80-82) and then on pggs 116 and 303 magically puts them together again in explaining his interpretation of Mental “Echos”.

        Jaynes also claimed that Bicamerality had a Genetic basis in the Jewish tribes which we have with us today as Schizophrenia …. I don’t need to remind you of his intellectual and cultural origin amongst the East Coast elite.

        In addition there is nothing in the Book or theory which adequatle addresses the Chinese or Meso-American cutural evolution….( assuming as I am here that they were NOT a Diffusive reponse, but rather an in place Organic evolution of their own ). However even if one DOES assume cross-cultural connections with these Civilizations…..it still smacks of a Western-bias in relation to analyzing psych-social development.

  5. I have not studied this subject or theory, but as to “wired differently”, there is no doubt. Different people are are born with different abilities for understanding, thought and problem solving techniques. Then of course, environment affects everything, development and understanding.

    2 people with the same “natural ability” will develop their bodies, or brains, depending upon their environment.

    We all understand some people are just naturally gifted in different areas. If the “training” is always in the same cultural way, more of the same will occur.

    There is definitely a reason why societies “advance” and “decline.” Replicating/imitating a 7th century tribal warring culture isn’t the way to progress “humanely or morally”, culturally, or scientifically.

    We “Liberty centered” westerners had best marshal our resources and support one another.

    Together we will survive, separately we shall certainly perish, as we are outnumbered millions to one.

    • Texas: The Prog’s spent the first half of the 20th century ascribing the very obvious differences in human beings to genetics, with monsters like Sanger and Hitler representing the pinnacle of Prog thought with their separate plans for eugenic solutions to the “Negro” and “Jewish” problems they viewed as restraining the perfection of the race. More recent times have witnessed the current crop of “Progressives” denying the very existence of human differences in cognitive and physical capabilities. That has been supported by the cult of political correctness which punishes those who speak truths that average people can observe without refractory assistance. Now we are expected to accept the old canard of Tabula Raza and to spend billions on unionized teachers to help 90 IQ’s keep up with 130’s. Of course the result of such Dewey-inspired propaganda is that the 130′ are forced to accept the speed and levels the 90’s can follow. As a fairly bright individual who coasted through the Philadelphia Public School System without opening a school book, I think this theory go far to explain the ongoing collapse of public education in America, which has captive to Dewey’s thinking since at ;least the 1920’s.

      What I argued in my previous post can be tied back to this approach (I hope) by encouraging the exploration of the idea that Radical Islamists may actually be subject to pre-Modern limitations in the actual capacities of their physical brains. What Jaynes addressed in THE ORIGIN OF CONSCIOUSNESS IN THE BREAKDOWN OF THE BICAMERAL MIND, where he traces the god-like “voices” often heard by pre-Modern people due to the brain’s failure to fully integrate the two-“sides” of mental activity into a conscious whole. The extension of Jaynes’ thesis is that civilizations that have failed to develop, and mentally defective people living in Modern civilizations, sometimes suffer from a similar malady that may look like a form of schizophrenia. It certainly explains a lot of the barbarism exhibited by Radical Islamists, who in their defective brains believe they are answering to an angry, jealous “god” requiring the destruction of those with integrated personalities who naturally fail to escape their bizarre construction of reality.

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