Pulling Them Before They Are Ripe

Those of you who however grown watermelons or cantaloupes, or snuck into your neighbors patch after dark to nip a few – or even bought one at the market that was picked green for better transport can understand what this means. If you pull a watermelon before it is ripe, you get an underdeveloped, tasteless mess – essentially a rind through and through.

The melon has a specific growing time until it can mature the fruit and make it sweet and satisfying – nature establishes that clock and though we can improve upon the time and seasons a bit (hothouses, etc.), there is no substitute for the right mix of soil, rain, cool evenings and hot sun to make a truly luscious watermelon – the kind where juice runs down your chin and onto your shirt but it tastes so good, you don’t even care…

When I saw this, I thought if how important growing to maturity is:

BILLION dollar deal makes 26-year-old America’s next tech tycoon: High school drop-out behind blogging site Tumblr sells it to Marissa Mayer’s Yahoo!

Now there is no doubt that this kid had a great idea – but this was a $1.1 billion (yes, with a “b”) for a company that has had $125 million put into it and the greatest annual revenue it has ever generated was a little over $13 million dollars.

Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer announced:

…that Karp will stay on as CEO of Tumblr and continue to run and develop the site.

A 26 year-old billionaire CEO of a $13 million company. Really?

Then I saw this in Forbes:

Barack Obama’s Scandals Confirm That He’s Not A CEO

Wow. There’s some earth shattering news.

It is so bad that even the New York Times sort of gets it:

But Mr. Obama and his team would benefit, as they begin the second term, by acknowledging that many of the biggest problems facing the administration flow directly from the man at the top. Mr. Obama is a lousy manager. As chief executive he gets a C — and then only if graded on a curve that takes into account his predecessor’s managerial weaknesses.

Look, we all want the vibrancy of youth in our leadership, I get that…but youth comes with its own downside. There is no way that a 26 year-old high school drop-out has had the life and work experiences to be a real Chief Executive Officer but because this kid has had at least some hands-on managerial experience, he is probably more qualified to run Tumblr than Obama is to run government. When we elect a president, we elect a chief executive, not a chief politician.

While Karp seems willing to learn, Obama has no interest in learning from experience because he is cocksure that he already knows how things work…but he doesn’t. The old adage in management is that you tend to hire yourself because you assume that the qualities that got you where you are will be what is needed in the future. Obama hired himself in the major cabinet and leadership positions and look at what we have now.

When you pull a watermelon before it is ripe, it never gets any better, it will never ripen – it actually starts to rot. Nature still has a lot to teach us about government management.

13 thoughts on “Pulling Them Before They Are Ripe

  1. Utah,

    Shame on you. You are going to be accused of racial hate mongering. You have associated Obama with a watermelon. At least it’s not June yet.

  2. First of all, we don’t elect the president, the electoral college does. Second, the people we do elect means that we get the government we choose, not the government we deserve.

    • So if the Election is stolen in some Districts….the ones who voted 107,121 and 111 % for Obama…….. and the Gov’t through the IRS and other Agencies Suppresses the Conservative vote through intimidation….and the Press acts in unison to Demonize and Lie about the GOP Candidate….

      Is THAT even really…..”The Government we Choose” ??

      I think it isn’t EITHER the Government we Deserve nor the Government we Chose !!

      • Don, well done.

        I disagree with everyone. Obama is managing just as he planned. Obama’s agencies are performing better than expected and doing just as Obama and his people wish. Probably better than he planned.

        Enrich your friends with 100’s of millions of federal loans and grants. Suppress Americans. Ignore the Constitution. Steal elections. Steal the property of all Americans. Twist the arm of Judges. Coerce military officers.

        This government became “self aware” and “the people” will never be allowed to “self determine” where we go from here.

        The election was stolen with electronic voting machines and bused in “illegal in-fact” voters.

        Federal judges with no accountability to anyone, run the voting process.

        This isn’t a government “we” deserve. This is the government our great grandfathers lost under Woodrow Wilson and FDR.

        • And this is why I also say we need a movement that is driven to register every eligible voting adult in the country to vote. They have shrunk the voting pool so they can have their people vote early and often. Overwhelm the system with legal voters and they can’t steal it as easily.

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