Four years ago all who chose to listen were warned about the Obama way of doing business.  You see it was just the beginning of the first Obama term and that Glenn Beck 2009“Crazy Glenn Beck” and Fox News Channel were on the airwaves every weekday at 5 P.M. announcing to the world that Barack Obama and his friends were NOT your typical American administration and Obama and friends did business in a much different way than had ever been done in Washington before 2009.  

Although most could not wrap their brains around what Mr. Beck was saying, Glenn was trying to show America the mindset of Obama and more importantly the mindset of the people Obama was hiring to do his and his administration’s bidding.

Anita Dunn 2009First up in our trip back in time is Anita Dunn former White House Communications Director.  You remember Anita, she is the one who “jokingly” loved China’s lovable Chairman Mao Tse Tung.  You know the same Mao Tse Tung who is responsible for the deaths of upwards of 70 million people.  And Anita stated the Mao was one of her favorite political philosophers and who she turned to most.

Now Anita was most proud of how she and her counterparts in the Obama campaign and first term administration were able to control the press.  She was absolutely beaming about how they were able to get the media to parrot the Obama narrative and how they used the press to do it.  How they were able to make the media cover exactly what the Obama campaign wanted reported, even to the point of controlling the availability of Obama reducing it to only a certain select few were to be heard thus ensuring the only message heard was the Obama controlled media message.

Now only reporting what the Obama administration wants reporting is not News reporting….its propaganda.



2 thoughts on “4 YEARS AGO YOU WERE WARNED…

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