Eugenics Still Alive and Well

Some time back, Al Gore commented that conservatives could be identified while they were young using genetics.  The implication being that there is something “wrong” with conservatives.  This is the same perverted abuse of “science” to justify a political agenda that led the NAZI’s to initiate the Holocaust and Planned Parenthood to push for abortion.  Now, they are talking about using the same junk-science to legitimize attacks on Muslims:

 Islamic Radicalism (and Other Things) Could Soon Be Cured: Neuroscientist’s Bold Claim

Radical extremism has proven itself to be a difficult — and deadly — anomaly to combat, which is why a leading neuroscientist’s recent claim that it may soon be possible to “cure” Islamic radicals, cultists and others with negative views and behaviors is raising eyebrows.

Kathleen Taylor, a research scientist at the University of Oxford, made the bold proclamation while speaking at the Hay Literary Festival in Wales, The Times reports.

If you are wise, what you will take away from this is that – so long as it doesn’t involve something that would harm others — any and all attempts to justify the forcing of an individual to do, speak, believe or act in a manner contrary to their will is tyranny.  There is nothing that justifies coercion of otherwise peaceful people.  And though this story is about “radical” Muslims, the problem is that this is an arbitrary definition that is already well down the rabbit hole.  After all, they have been saying the same things about Christians, TEA Party members and Constitutionalists.  Give these tyrants to power to define and you give them the power to control.

[As an aside, why do you think they never do something similar to this to suggest the possibility of “curing” homosexuals?]

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