GOP Rep. Louie Gohmert: ‘If It Had Not Been for Sen. John McCain and President Obama…Benghazi Would Not Have Happened’

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) on Friday placed blame on Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and President Barack Obama for the Benghazi terrorist attack.

Appearing on conservative radio host Frank Gaffney’s program on Friday, Gohmert argued that Obama and McCain’s (and others) support for the Libyan rebels’ cause, of which intelligence suggested al-Qaeda involvement, emboldened Muslim extremists forces that later attacked the U.S. compound in Benghazi.

That is the very definition of high treason, and Obama should be impeached for it, and he and McCain should be criminally prosecuted for it.

HOWEVER, finding it is not enough.  Unless and until the Republocrats start calling it what it is – TREASON – then all they will be doing is “trying to change perceptions” of the Republican Party:

Rand Paul: We’ll Win Again ‘When the Republican Party Looks Like the Rest of America’

“If we want to win in bluish-getting-bluer states like California, we have to change the current perceptions of who we are,” he said.

No, Senator Paul, you don’t need to change the perception of who the Republicans are.  That’s PR spin talk, and it is sooo very Progressive of you.  What you need to change is WHO you Republicans are and, if you can’t call treason, TREASON, then it won’t matter what you look like, Americans will see you for who you REALLY are – Democrats in Republican clothing.

When THIS man is the face and voice of the Republican Party, and the Party leadership agrees with and supports him and his agenda, then and ONLY then will I consider voting R again and not until:

Allen West: Impeaching Obama Should ‘Absolutely’ Be on the Table

“We did something that is the most heinous thing that can ever happen, we abandoned Americans while they were under attack, you know that’s right up there to ask someone, maybe you should not be the president. Guess what, Richard Nixon stepped down over breaking and entering,” West said.

26 thoughts on “A Republican Rep FINALLY Finds TREASON – IN BOTH PARTIES!!!

  1. If any politician ever actually starts impeachment proceedings against OWEbozo it will be called “racism” and therefore will be ignored by anyone trying to stay in power.

    • You read the laws, show the evidence and call EVERYONE who tries to object TRAITORS and terrorist sympathizers. And if the media tries to defend Obama, you remind them they are violating the sedition act still on the books from another of their heroes — Woodrow Wilson.

  2. Watched an interview with Tom Brokaw. It boiled down to him saying that Obama should not be tried for treason because his offenses weren’t on the same level as Nixon’s. It was one of those WTF? moments for me…..

  3. Good one on Gohmert !! And Allen West !

    Ted Cruz…. ” I don’t trust the Republicans or the Democrats…..”……

    Maybe the “Dialogue” is starting to change just a Little ….. Because this realization Needs to become Common Knowledge !

    • Don,

      The problem still remains: stay IN the Party is an admission of support FOR the Party — and Party over Country — especially in these times — is treason, itself.

      • Joe,

        The problem still remains : Third parties insure Defeat for the discouraged and insure Success for the Democrat / Progressives.

        Your “solution” AT THIS TIME….. dialectically amounts to the same ( or similar) thing…. Party ( or insistance to Just LEAVING the GOP ) over Country.
        However a Different approach or 3rd party built over time probably IS the solution….. but NOT at this time.

        More of the Teap Party like 2010 wins for 2014.

        • Don,

          Had we REJECTED that silliness back in the late 80’s (silliness because the R’s started as a 3rd Party), we might not have ever gotten to where we are now.

          But, if you want to keep trying the same old thing and expecting a different result… 😉

          An NO! My solution does NOT place Party over country — it places Country 1st. The R’s have a long track record that shows they are D’s in R clothing, so voting R is voting D.

          If you reject that, then you need to stop telling the Left their ideas are failures and grant them their claim that things will be different this time because, if you reject what I am saying, you are rejecting history — the very grounds upon which we stand to reject the Left.

        • Oh, and the TEA Party is NOT a Party — but the R’s have sure tried to co-opt the movement, haven’t they? And look where it has gotten the TEA Party — nowhere!

          Actually… Now that I think about it, the ORIGINAL TEA Party movement disproves your argument — that 3rd Party looses. In fact, the TEA Party is essentially my argument (because the TEA Party is where I got my idea from in the first place). Remember, ORIGINALLY, some 40% of those identifying themselves as TEA Party members were Independents and Democrats. Had we been willing to abandon our Party loyalties and put the proper support behind the movement at the time, the TEA Party may have broken the 1 Party pretending to be 2 stranglehold of the establishment. Which means my idea is NOT death for the nation — IT IS THE ONLY HOPE FOR SALVATION!

          • The Tea Party had success when it Finally broke upon the scene as a Cohesive Political force with a set of very specific and Simple goals….. Cut spending and Return to the rule of Law as defined by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Prior, it had been a loose association of community groups confronting their Representatives over the GW-Hank Paulson Bank Bailout.

            It was the National Stage or spot-light that encouraged and excited people…….Sarah Palin was the Figuative representative……it had HUGE impact well into and including the 2010 Mid-Terms precisely BECAUSE it seemed like a viable alternative to the two Parties on a National Scale. It’s success was in its Organizing NOT in its fracturing……as we see happened with the Profiling donee by the IRS…..the vilifying by the Press and the attacks from BOTH Partys with vicious, disgusting rhetoric…..

            The Combination effectively Suppressed the Conservative vote…. because the TP was NOT able to be effective Nationally.
            We now know this was the Goal of Obama…Clinton and their Camp …as well as…Karl Rove, The Bushes and McCain/ Boehner camp.
            In THIS the GOP Establishment and the Democrat / Progressives acted together….utilizing the Press to carry out their mutual Plans.

            So You notice I said AT THIS TIME…..because the TP example proves BOTH of us correct…..That a National Stage is needed to win…AS A PARTY. But that if it isn’t strong like the GOP and Democrat/Socialists….it can be easily destroyed.

            I think the TP goal of re-structuring the GOP is STILL the way to go….as long as Quislings like Marco Rubio, Kelly Ayotte and Flake of Arizona and NUMEROUS others are taken into account and some method of addressing this exists.

  4. Joe, I’ll read this post and comment in a bit, but I gotta go buy gas for my mower right now.

    Just wanted to let you know that, as promised, I’m posting on Woodrow Wilson and the genesis of the American administrative state.

  5. I believe the tea party (and I use the lower case, because it is not a political party) is the future of the United States, if we have one. It was a non-partisan constitutional movement and at one point 45% of Americans identified with them, according to the polls. Of course, the two parties had to react to that. The Democrats reacted by trying to destroy it through rhetorical attacks. The Republicans tried to nullify it by absorbing it into the GOP. Yes, we got some “tea party” candidates into the House. That’s good. It’s ultimately ineffective however because there are too few of them to make a difference. The good ones are tired and ready to go do something else now and the others have become good little GOP drones.

    I like Ted Cruz. I wonder if I’ll like him by 2016. Probably not because I liked Marco Rubio too and now he’s not looking all that conservative anymore. They are under tremendous pressure from their party to conform and if they want to get anything done, they pretty much have to make nice, so they fall for the GOP angle and then they get Stockholm Syndrome and that’s the end of it.

    So, the only answer I see is my own way. I don’t belong to a political party and I vote for the candidate, not the platform. I recognize that party is how politics is played, but I think it’s a mistake, so I’ll probably never become a member of a political party, but I may support third party candidates.

    “Not at this time” doesn’t work. We’ve been saying that since Perot messed up the 1992 election. He did mess it up, right, by drawing away conservatives from the GOP election. Of course, he saved us from four more years of a bad president with Mr. Bush 1, so …. Would Romney have been substantially better than Obama? Yes, probably, but would he have been substantially better than John McCain or Bush 2? NO! But we need a president who is substantially better than those. We need an Alan West or a Hermann Cain or a Sarah Palin with a bit more intestinal fortitude. We need people like them in Congress too. But the GOP won’t give them to us. The GOP in Alaska tacitly kicked Joe Miller to the curb and secretly supported Lisa Murkowski in the 2010 general after she lost the GOP primary.

    Come on, Don, be the smart man I know you are! The GOP is never going to give you what you say you want. And that attitude of “well, it’s not time for a third-party to win because it might cost the election going to a Democrat” is the reason why third-parties don’t win. If we all had the attitude of “wow, my vote counts and I’m going to vote for the very best candidate around regardless of party” we might change the course of the country. We have to stop listening to the propaganda that says “Don’t vote third party because a GOP progressive is better than a Democratic liberal.” Really? Where is the evidence that a GOP progressive is going to do anything toward dismantling the federal behemoth? Do we just keep electing GOP progressives who will continue to grow government at a slightly lower pace than a Democrat, hoping that someday they’ll let us vote for a conservative who will make a few inroads into reducing government before he’s out of time? Oh … yeah .. that’s what we’ve been doing since Reagan retired.

    How’s that working out for us?

    • It is not my attitude that wins elections … it is the Political Machinery acting on a large scale. Like it or not America has been a Two-party political machine since 1828. And data shows that 3rd Party’s hardly ever effect congressional elections. The Tea Party did in 2010 because it became organized and directed its’ efforts toward Changing the GOP slate of candidates. It is a MYTH that the 2010 TP win was some organic grass-roots achievement.

      So this “vision” you have has NO example historically since 1828 …. and in fact the Democrats absolutely LOVE your kind of talk ( as do the McCain-Rove-Bush RINOs) because it virtually insures a Progressive win …. and a win so Big that we will be controlled by Democrat Progressives for 70 years at least. So yes it is better to be in the fight, than adopt a position out of “Principle” and effectively give up the field.

      Your characterization of people like me who want to continue the fight being motivated by ” A GOP Progressive is better than a Democratic Progressive” is one-dimensional. And it doesn’t reflect our Reasons in the least ….. said enough times, your characterization become itself Propaganda.

      Do we keep electing GOP Progressives you ask ? …… No we elect people like Gohmert, Gruz, Lee and Rand Paul……and people like Palin and Bachmann, And THEN DEFEND THEM !!……For instance, what DO the Conservatives and TP in Alaska do about what happened to Joe Miller ? THAT should be the Target….those in the GOP that went after him….the Mechanism…..Publicity should be ongoing highlighting the Sleaze-Machine that is Mu rkowsky…..this is exactly what the Powers That Be did to Palin and the TP in general…..and the Conservatives should also be doing it, keeping it in the public eye. But they just back off…..like bringing a knife to a Gun-fight.

      Finally….this Organic approach you champion already has a modern example….and that would be the Parliaments and electoral processes of Europe, with their myriad “principled” parties that lead to coalitions.

      Hows THAT working out for them ?……well it will work out exactly the same for us !

      • Don,

        So, you have already surrendered to the “practicality” of CENTRAL CONTROL!

        Sadly, I fear you hold the majority opinion on this issue, which means…we have already lost — because we abandoned and refuse to return to the FOUNDERS’ example.

        OK, but don’t tell me I am the one who is pushing the nation down the path of destruction when I’m just trying to get us back on the path our founders showed us is the BEST — and only — working path to preserve individual rights and liberty along with self-rule.

        • No.

          Only about half of elligible voters Voted. So I would say there is a huge majority of voters who are discouraged. And of the Conservative voters it was probably MORE than 50 % discouraged into NOT voting.

          And those “Conservative/Libertarian” Voters want exactly what describe … a return to the BEST path. But there HAS to be a Center. If a person like Cruz had been running…. or a Palin without the RINO McCain ball and chain…………. then I think there would have been more voters out and even some cross-over Democrats….some of whom I believe are Real patriots. Remember 5 Million LESS voted for Obama…….and of those that did, there was peobably at least a Million that were Fraudulent…….so it is probably more like 6 million Democrat voters who came out in 2008 Stayed HOME in 2012.

          A significant % of them would go for a True Constitutional Patriot …. I really believe that.

          • Don,

            For a constitutional Patriot — YES! But they are tired of the Party-first types, and, like me, I believe more and more of those you are looking to will stop voting for the people in BOTH Parties — and for the very reasons I’ve been describing: because there is no practical difference between the two Parties anymore.

      • Don, I posted on my blog about what’s going on in the GOP in Alaska, but in brief, the GOP changed its leadership, then the progressives fought back and now, well, we’ll see what happens.

        Alaska is weird. The Republican Party is the largest political party in the state — more than twice as many members as the Democratic Party — but 58% of registered voters in Alaska are undeclared/non-partisan. The majority of those are conservatives and, like me, have become convinced that the GOP is not representing us and actually hasn’t for a very long time.

        Joe Miller has announced as a candidate against Mark Begich for the 2014 senatorial election. If he survives the primary, I expect an independent write-in candidate to win and to immediately declare for the Republicans as soon as they are sworn in — just like Lisa.

        Because Alaskans choose to maintain their partisan liberty, conservatives do not have control of the Alaska GOP, but many of us vote in the primaries.

        To become a GOP member would, for me, be a violation of my principles. The GOP does not represent me … and frankly, I think most Alaskan conservatives feel that way, which is why so many of us are non-partisan/undeclared.

        • For what it’s worth the GOP doesn’t represent me either……. But Palin did and Cruz and Lee and Gohmert do, and to certain extent Rand Paul does….Bachmann did. And they weren’t “independent” nor 3rd Party.

          What should be happening I think NOW in Alaska….is a very Vocal and Public Dialogue about the Murkowski campaign … and a counter-campaign to make sure it doesn’t happen again…..Highlight IN PUBLIC the Sleaze…..take out TV ads NOW…asking “Is THIS what we want to happen again in the Alaska GOP ??? “…..Things of that nature.

          • The main problem, if you can call it that, is the folks who are actually fed up with system are outside of the GOP. As I said, 58% of registered voters are non-partisan/undeclared. The GOP knows we NP conservatives vote in their primaries, but they also know we cannot influence their conventions. For years, they thought of us as a safe group of volunteers who really didn’t want to influence their progressive plans. Then, Frank Murkowski royally pissed off Sarah Palin by appointing his daughter to the Senate seat he’d just vacated. You see, Sarah was on the short list for that seat and Frank elevated Lisa from the third bench. He made an enemy not just of Sarah, but of many who had always considered Alaska largely immune to nepotism. Sarah and her friends launched an ethics probe that went nowhere because there were no ethics laws per se. She kicked ass in one of the boards that the oil companies and big companies like VECO had to answer to..That overturned corruption in the Legislature, which catapulted her into a position to go toe-to-toe with Frank for governor. It really wouldn’t have mattered who was going to run against him/. But the AK GOP didn’t expect that she’d win the primary. She was running against former governor Tony Knowles who had screwed Alaskans big time in the last few months of his administration, so Sarah was bound to win, The whisper mill says that Randy Reudrick and others in the GOP encouraged Andrew Halcro to run as an independent certain GOP voters would reject Sarah. When it did happen, they started plotting to undermine her administration.

            Ironically, she was a great governor until McCain asked her to be his running mate. I think she would have been still doing a great job for us if that had not happened. But as you can see, this battle for the soul of the Alaska GOP has been going on at least since 2004 and is likely to continue. I don’t choose to join the fray. I’ll vote for the best candidate in the primary and if they don’t win, I’ll vote third-party.

            The very fact that Lisa won as a write-in candidate says we non-partisans can shake things up when we choose to. Of course, that was a bought-and-paid-for manipulation of the Native vote and the labor unions. Our goal in 2014 is to get rid of Begich and then to start planning a long fight to get rid of Lisa.

  6. Oh, and if we do elect a third-party into Congress and the Presidency, we have maybe 10 years before we need to switch to another party so that power hasn’t had a chance to corrupt the first third-party yet.

    You see, I’m a non-partisan. I don’t trust any parties. I think the tree of liberty might be best watered with the blood of partisans every decade or so.

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