Cultural Suicide Of The West: Victor Davis Hanson

Hanson writes (and please read it all over at National Review):

Multiculturalism — as opposed to the notion of a multiracial society united by a single culture — has become an abject contradiction in the modern Western world. Romance for a culture in the abstract that one has rejected in the concrete makes little sense. Multiculturalists talk grandly of Africa, Latin America, and Asia, usually in contrast to the core values of the United States and Europe. Certainly, in terms of food, fashion, music, art, and architecture, the Western paradigm is enriched from other cultures. But the reason that millions cross the Mediterranean to Europe or the Rio Grande to the United States is for something more that transcends the periphery and involves fundamental values — consensual government, free-market capitalism, the freedom of the individual, religious tolerance, equality between the sexes, rights of dissent, and a society governed by rationalism divorced from religious stricture. Somehow that obvious message has now been abandoned, as Western hosts lost confidence in the very society that gives us the wealth and leisure to ignore or caricature its foundations. The result is that millions of immigrants flock to the West, enjoy its material security, and yet feel little need to bond with their adopted culture, given that their hosts themselves are ambiguous about what others desperately seek out.

A while back, I wrote:

I would suggest that it isn’t diversity that makes it more difficult to assimilate; rather it is the celebration of diversity and the elevation of it as a goal over all others, especially that of assimilation.

Over the past several decades, we have seen “diversity” become a primary goal for society, academia and the workplace without an iota of attention to actually blending that diversity into a unified America. We have actually encouraged people to maintain that same social and cultural segregation that is equivalent to the racial segregation that was struck down by Brown v. Board of Education in 1954. The American “progressive” members of government and society have heaped scorn on any attempt to critically discriminate and debate the compatibility and appropriateness of people or cultures to the American experiment by adopting a “who are we to judge” attitude. This attitude creates the illusion that all cultures are equally beneficial and should be added to the American melting pot resulting in a “Balkanization” of American society.

Hanson poses some very poignant questions:

  • Why did the family of the Boston bombers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, even wish to come to Boston? If they really were in danger back home in the Islamic regions within Russia, why would members of the family return to the source of their supposed dangers?
  • Why for that matter did Major Nidal Hasan, a Palestinian-American citizen whose family was welcomed into the United States from the war-torn West Bank, so detest his adopted country that he would kill 13 fellow Americans and injure 32 others rather than just return in disillusionment to the land of his forefathers?
  • Why would Anwar al-Awlaki, another U.S. citizen, whose family was welcomed to the United States for sanctuary from the misery and violence of Yemen, grow to despise America and devote the latter part of his adult life to terrorizing the United States?
  • The United Kingdom is currently reeling from the beheading of a British soldier by two British subjects whose fathers had fled from violence-prone Nigeria. Why did they not return to Nigeria, carve out new lives there, and find their roots?

Why indeed.

Answers to these questions would clarify our issues with Islamic inspired terrorism. Unfortunately, we have a culture and a political elite that is so self-involved in political skullduggery in the quest for power to be bothered to even ask them. The fact is that they already know the answers but are afraid to acknowledge them out loud – because once spoken, they become real.

56 thoughts on “Cultural Suicide Of The West: Victor Davis Hanson

  1. This is so disingenuous. It completely ignores the Muslims civilians who have been killed by the U.S military.

    I don’t support the muslim extremist clannishness, of one civilian death on their side should equal one civilian death on the other side.

    This post is a red herring, just another right-wing faux-issue, brain feed for the rightist. It is a waste of paper that entire books like this are printed. There is an entire industry dedicated, to creating right-wing brain feed. Michael Savage, Mark Levin and company are not intellectuals, but entertainers. Whose job is to make you feel outrage.

    • Karl,

      “It completely ignores the Muslims civilians who have been killed by the U.S military.”

      Thank you, with this comment, you exhibit everything important about you.

    • Since they don’t wear uniforms and fight from behind women and children, how can you tell an insurgent from a civilian?

      Muslim casualties were incurred in a state of war and many were incurred as a direct result of the actions of their own people, i.e. placing mortar installations on hospital roofs, rocket launching sites in residential areas and weapons caches in mosques. The US military’s ROEs are heavily weighted to avoid civilian casualties to the point of putting them at high risk.

      I wasn’t aware that New York City, Shanksville, PA, Washington DC, Fort Hood, TX or Boston were in declared war zones…

      I guess your job is to try to lower our IQ by 50 or so points.

      • I’m pretty sure the Iraqis did not know Iraq was a declared war zone. I’m pretty sure Yemen is not a declared war zone.

        Your reasoning is awful, if civilians are killed in war it is OK. But if civilians are killed in a terrorist attack it is not OK.

        Terrorism is awful and I am not justifying it. But, if you fail to recognize the reasoning for the attacks, you won’t be able to stop it.

        By repeating red herrings, you get no closer to stopping the killings.

        • At least it is reasoning, not ignorant emotion.

          Iraq has been a war zone since 1990. Yemen? The US has given notice to all terrorists and has the support of the Yemeni government in its actions. The USS Cole was attacked in the Yemeni port of Aden in 2000.

          I never said that killing civilians is OK, what I said was that in war, there are rules of engagement that are expressed so that both military and non-military assets understand the risks. Terrorist have no such rules.

          The purpose of a military is to eliminate the enemy, the express purpose of terrorism is to kill civilians. We go out of our way to protect civilians, the terrorists see them as a tool, a shield to be used to protect themselves.

          • 1983, Beirut, Americans and French stationed as part of the UN International peacekeeping force during the Muslim’s murder of Christians in Lebanon. Reagan and his advisors were un-enlightened to why WE were attacked. They learned the hard way. Obama and his muslim advisors in the DHS and military, know exactly what they are doing in purposely removing all truth from the teachings of American security forces of Muslim history and atrocities. ISLAM continues to make war upon America and the West because we are not Muslim and Sharia based.

            Muslims attacked the Marine Barracks in Lebanon, killing 299 Marines and French.

            America was not making war upon anyone…. Never has, to believe otherwise is to believe LIES.

            Karl, you are either ignorant, a fool, or evil..

            When Thomas Jefferson was in government and The President, ISLAM attacked America first attacking US shipping on the open seas, kidnapping sailors and stores, and demanding ransom.

            The Christian Crusades were the RESPONSE to continual, Muslim attacks and aggression.

            Karl, you blame America for the violence of the war ISLAM DECLARED? Karl you blame America for the hundreds of Iraqi’s murdered by Iranian provided bombs? You support the forces which seek to destroy America.

            Thank you Karl for showing your true colors.

          • So should the entire nation of Iraq and Yemen evacuate? If a civilian dies, it is their fault for not leaving their homeland.

    • Karl, you must be from an alternate universe. It is hard to believe that a living, thinking human person would find much to argue about in this essay. But, you do so by distorting the thrust of the entire essay.

      First, it has nothing to do with Muslim extremism and the attacks on the West that this hateful ideology, cum religion fosters. It has to do with whether we retain our own culture, or do we sacrifice it to some fantastic notion of multiculturalism. For centuries this country has welcomed immigrants with open arms. Those who came were looking for something better than the conditions they left. Consequently, we expected them to adapt and assimilate to our culture. The change that has come about in our practices is that confused people now believe that it is incumbent upon us to adapt to the immigrants, and incorporate the very mores that they fled..

      I would suggest a remedial reading course, but I suspect that your brain is firmly rooted in left wing cement.

      • Oldflyer,
        I believe that Karl (a self avowed Marxist) simply wished to redirect the discussion away from “multiculturalism” and toward the USA as “evil incarnate”. And with that aim in mind he has been successful. Instead of a discussion on the lack of new wave immigrants trying to assimilate into the American “melting pot”, we have been pushed to a debate on Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists.
        Utah asks a thoughtful question:” Why not just return to your homeland,perhaps disillusioned, but just leave?”
        Our Komrade Karl wants to paint US as the guilty “Satan” (He forgets that the embassy attacks and USS Cole bombing , and any number of other attacks all pre-dated our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, and that we actually armed the mujahideen in Afghanistan to fight the soviets)

  2. After watching several videos of Muslims over there, I would have to agree with one Muslim reporter who said they were all being brainwashed. (I’ll hunt down her video if anyone’s curious) Thing is, I think the Americans are being brainwashed. I can prove it. Ask someone who the AG is, then ask them who won on American Idol. I’d be screwed on the second question cause I’ve never seen the show.

    • Kells is right. Brainwashed. It’s that simple. These terrorists are not deep thinkers. We should be focusing on the extremists who put these ideas in their heads. Shun them. Hunt them down. Etc.

      We also ought to take a closer look at the immigrants who want to embrace a civil society, and see what they bring to the table.

            • She is a gem. It is people like that who remind me that it’s not about where you come from, but who you are. I wish I could speak like that. That takes a lot of courage, more than most Americans could probably imagine.

              A lot of terrible events come from that part of the world, but she reminds me there is some beauty and poetry to it as well.

              Seems to me the numbskulls hold many of the high offices in religion and politics, while it is everyday people who reveal there can be a peaceful simplicity. We should bring more attention to those people.

              Likewise, those who pulled out their cameras for the Woolwich murder, and the media that published the videos, ought to be ashamed.

              • Amen, Justin!!!! Actually, what you have said confirms that there are good Muslims. I know that with Christianity, it doesn’t quite work out that way, as we are to love them, but try to convert them (hey, no choppin off the heads!) but, I think oftentimes people forget humanity.

                • Good is as Good does…..

                  If they are Good they will / would publically join in condeming violence done in their names ( religious affiliations).

                  • It is not hard to find Muslims who condemn the Woolwich murder and who appear to be making a good faith effort to live peaceably.

                    • Justin,
                      um, really? The news reports were full of apologism for a crime with no mention of the JIHAD reasons for the brutally gruesome, bloody, slow, and tortuous murder. While other people watched and filmed…. WTF ?

                      That sure as hell wouldn’t have happened here in Texas. And that is why Jihadi’s do not do that in Texas, except “gun free zones” like Fort Hood, where the soldiers are disarmed while on base.

                      If Muslims were truly outraged, all the news agencies airwaves would be full of muslims condemning these actions and explaining how this Jihadist was merely a psychopath mislead in his quest to fulfill their muhammad’s teachings.

                      Instead, we heard “crickets” …from Muslims.

                    • Do let’s show and Tell…..

                      What America is hearing is Crickets chirping and seeing is Public displays of disagreement by “Good” muslims attended by ghosts.

                    • Blame the media.

                      On their own site, S&R condemn the attack, and provide links to countless others who do as well.

                      This is from the Muslim Council of Britain:

                      British Muslims, haunted by the spectre of the 2005 7/7 London bombings, unequivocally condemned the gruesome murder. Hundreds of prominent imams came up with an unambiguous public condemnation and Britain’s largest Muslim umbrella body, the Muslim Council of Britain, issued a statement describing the killing as “a truly barbaric act that has no basis in Islam and we condemn this unreservedly”.

                      What motivated the killers to carry out this shocking act? Were they deranged, online fantasists, hyper-radicalised, over-politicised; or were they inspired by the ‘evil ideology of ‘Islamism’, as some vocal Islamophobes want us to believe? This needs deeper research and proper remedy. It is now clear that they were within the MI5 radar and were known to be radicalised by now-banned Al-Muhajiroun group run by Anjem Choudary, and created by Omar Bakri Mohammed; one of the killers was even offered a job by MI5! Worries will be expressed about MI5’s role in dealing with Muslim extremists and also how these extremists slipped through their net.

                    • The Media deserves a lot of Blame….but if there were Protests ….the Media would put that up front and center.

                      If S&R are Salmaa and “friend” you are refering too…..they (He/She) stated CLEARLY they WOULD NOT CONDEM the violence. The other references of “protest” are the typical “Official” Statements that carry no weight beyond the Gesture.

                      True Protest…. by the average muslim…..made loud and clear PUBLICALLY and widespread….is a message between the Average muslim and the average non-believer….it is a direct communication at the societal level which bypasses Officialdom….the Media etc. The Protests against the Vietnam war are a Good example…it was Unmistakable what the position of the protestors was………this sort of thing is obvious. And it is obvious that the Vast Majority of mohameddans DON’T view the violence as bad……their message of tacit support for Jihad is VERY clear and becoming clearer with each passing muslim atrocity….Boston, London ad nauseum.

                      The Basic Fact is that the muslim world will have to Police and Censor this type of action itself…..failure to do that highlights the VAST differences and dislocutions between Western Culture and Western Democrcies and the very heart if islam itself. Without this self-policing by islam of its inherent violence……..the reality that muslims are at war physically, culturally and philosophically with the Western ideal of democracy will become more and more Clear and evident, as they hope for the events which will bring on the World-wide Caliphate so they don’t have to deal with non-muslims any longer. Because the caliphate will just kill the non-believers or enslave them.

                    • I also agree that the media does deserve much of the blame because they have come to see themselves as protectors and not reporters. Rather standing alongside society, researching, documenting and disseminating facts, they have decided to pick sides and determine what should get reported, what is important and who is right.

                      In my mind, that never has been the role of a free press. It is not really the job of the press to assign motive or be the determinant of truth, it is the role of the individual in society fulfill that obligation. The press is there, not to be impartial but to report and discover facts that the everyday citizen cannot.

                      There is a place for the media to do agenda journalism/assign motivations and that is on the editorial/opinion pages – but our press has turned the entire reporting activity into opinion. I can’t read a single article today, right leading or left, that I don’t have to stop to question the motivation for the conclusions drawn.
                      The other issue that drives this is the insane lack of detail and context in the age of TV sound bite, 24/7 “journalism”. Rarely does the rank and file of America get anything more than a 2-3 minute dose of an issue at a time and even the “news magazine” shows devote a scant 10-12 minutes on even very, very complex issues.

                      The issue with reporting on Islam is the journalism industry wide opinion that there is nothing to fear – even when the perpetrators tell us directly why they did the deed, the media wrenches itself into contortions to find alternative “reasons” – and when they can’t, they avoid reporting on it at all. I did a search yesterday and found not one single US outlet that reported on the conflict between Sunni and Shia Islamic sects in Syria. Not a one.

                      Wouldn’t this be helpful in understanding Islam?

                      One would think so.

                      But instead of actually reporting it, the media accepts their own premise that any negative reporting about Islam will cause a “backlash” from the uneducated, uncouth rednecks in America…when the opposite is true. The uneducated, uncouth rednecks in America with whom I have shared many years as one of them are actually some of the kindest, most tolerant people in the world. The do not like being given short shrift for they possess a great deal more common sense than most reporters, they respond aggressively to unknowns. In my experience, they are very good at cause and effect and get very tired of being patted on the head by their supposed betters and told not to worry about Islamic terrorism when they see people getting blown up while terrorists yell, “Allahu Akbar!”

                      In absence of intelligent reporting and information, it doesn’t take long for even the least educated among us to figure out that 1+1=2.

                    • When was the last time someone protested a murder? But I think these protests are apropos to the discussion:


                      If you look at S&R’s site, you’ll see they are two young girls whose interest in trying on make-up probably trumps religion. Given the choice between a caliphate that wouldn’t let them show their face outside a burka, or a civil society that let them worship as they please, pretty sure they would choose the latter, along with the crowds of Egyptians who wish they could have Mubarak back.

                    • Utah,

                      Very GOOD post !

                      Justin’s point about the Media in this instance falls FLAT on its face…..because, ala your post, any protest against mohameddan violence would SERVE their ( the Media’s ) agenda of projecting muslims as peaceful, normal people.

                      His post directly below yours shows his agenda is the same as the muslim apologists ( soft peddle islamic violence )…. and also expresses his own alignment with the Propaganda of the press…….that being, The Boston bombings, the London muslim assasins’ Profiling of the British Soldier for a target and the Ft Hood muslim mass murderer as nothing more than mere murders unworthy of protest.

                      And once again pushes a site written by people who State they WILL NOT CONDEM JIHADISTS.

                      I think we see clearly that 1+1 = 2 with our friend “Justin” also.

                    • First, that’s not what S&R said. The operative words were that they would not “join you” … in anything, and who can blame them? It is pretty clear from their own words these girls do not condone murder in the name of their faith, but you still want to pin blame on them due not to their actions, but their identity as Muslims. To be fair, do you take responsibility for every murder in the name of Christ, and overtly protest until you get the attention of the media?

                      The idea is not for the media to soft-peddle violence in the name of Islam, but to be specific about who is responsible.

                      A man kills in the name of X. Therefore, X is violent. What kind of logic is that?

                    • Justin,

                      From this exchange of posts it is clear you are an Active apologist for islam and for mischaracterizing islamic violence. There are no Christian jihadists….but you set up a false argument as if there is. If someone doesn’t condem killing in their name …. they are complicit and cowards.

                      You and the site you keep Spamming and Trolling for are revealed as little more than a verbal arm of the jihadist movement itself . Kitman comes to mind.

                      And when the next muslim butchering happens with cries to allah and his perverted prophet …..we in the West can be sure the “Good” mohemeddans will be silent yet again , assuring the world it has nothing to do with islam.

                    • Somewhere in the heart of Pakistan your Muslim doppleganger peruses KKK websites and draws the conclusion that all anglos would like to exterminate his people.

                    • Bingo Justin !!

                      You just fell into your own trap …… Websites ( KKK or otherwise) are NOT the same as actual real world Murder and Death.
                      Muslim murders are in the tens of thousands already this year world-wide. And increasing within the West itself.

                      And there ARE no doppelganger Don’s in the mohemeddan world ….. the Brain-cell titers for mohameddan-worshippers just don’t add up …. it’s a brutal reality Justin….but it’s the Truth….. ;- ) .

                    • It would have to be a Multiplicative function Justin …… simple addition wouldn’t get it done in any meaningful time frame.

                      Glad I could help … :- ) .

              • Don’t like the mohameddan handi-work getting out huh Justin.

                One wonders if you feel the same way about the Abu Ghrab photos ??

                • I see where you’re going with that, DA. It’s enough for me to know that Dahmer was a cannibal. Personally, I don’t need to see the pictures.

                  My understanding is that the Woolwich murderers requested to be filmed, and some bystanders obliged … in a sick, pathetic way -if you ask me- that made those bystanders complicit … unlike the woman who bravely denounced the murderers in their presence, or the woman who tried to comfort Lee Rigby. (Where were the men, by the way?)

                  At the same time, let the truth come out. I am opposed to the way the media suppresses news from, say, Egypt regarding abuses and murders. There ought to be a responsible way to report on, say, filmed beheadings. The images are intended to be inflammatory and to instill fear and hatred, so I think the media needs to be careful not to sensationalize or be a mouthpiece for the nut-jobs. But there is a widespread tendency to condemn entire cultures based on the acts of a few. Where is the morality in that?

                  • I think you are engaged in either SELF-deception…… or Taqqiyah.

                    Censorship is censorship…….. At the Time the Truth DID COME OUT……. instead of filtered through either YOUR sensibilties and criterium or the Governments.

                    I don’t really know what you are refering to WRT the *Woolrich muslim Murderers* request to be filmed……. When, where, who ??

                    • My sensibilities tell me that when people commit heinous acts to get attention, don’t give them any special attention, other than what is necessary to subdue them. Essentially its complying with the terrorists, broadcasting their message.

                      Second part I heard on the radio or saw on TV, probably some pundit, so I don’t have links. Supposedly they were asking bystanders to take out their camera phones.

    • Kells, it is the same story as always. When people seek to retain power, they will try to unite their people against any enemy, real or imagined, to take the heat off themselves so that they can continue doing what they are doing. Batshit Asshat in Syria just did it when he claimed that Israel was the cause of the fighting near the border.

      When a man is poor, ignorant and hungry, he will believe anything that keeps him from feeling powerless. Unlike the American Republic, these Islamic imams and the leadership in the Arab and South Asian countries don’t give a shit about the people…and that is one thing that pisses me off about people blaming the US – we break our backs to take care of the lowest of our population. If you are not Arab in the Middle East, you are nothing and are treated like dirt even if you are Muslim. The Arabs hate Persians…and hate Palestinians even more. Indian and Pakistani workers in the UAE are invisible except for the brightly colored uniforms that they have to wear to signify that they aren’t Arabic.

      Life is cheap outside the western world. I’ve seen people step over a dead body on the sidewalk in India, a non-Arab driver beaten for a minor traffic accident with an Arab in Dubai and a factory manager in China brag about only killing 5 workers in a year (he saw that as an improvement).

      It has been said that all of this will end when they love their children as much as we love ours – well, they don’t and there are those who see children as expendable workers and those who are see being killed or dying for Allah as the ultimate honor – because it is much better than living the way they live.

      • They are not being taught morals. The morals over here are decaying. I do believe it will be imperative to have a Christian in the WH in 2016. As it stands, we have a gay atheist dhimmi. Just my opinion…..and I’m stickin to it.

        • Ooooooo. You are so going to get a visit from the DOJ, the IRS and the FBI…an maybe some other acronyms that I don’t even know about.

          I disagree a little. They are being taught morals…from what I can tell, the Islamic moral code is much, much more strict and defined than the Christian moral code. The difference is that they are being being taught that this code can be selectively applied as the situation, race or religion demands and doesn’t have to apply to everybody the way it is taught in Christianity. If we kill, even in the name of God, it is a sin that we must bear and ask forgiveness for, if a Muslim kills a Jew, no forgiveness is necessary because Muhammad teaches that to kill the infidel or the People of the Book is not a sin at all.

          • Did you say …..disagree?! 😯 Can you say that a wee bit louder because I’ve got a deaf right ear and a very hot right hand. Let’s go, baby…..

            “The difference is that they are being being taught that this code can be selectively applied as the situation, race or religion demands and doesn’t have to apply to everybody the way it is taught in Christianity.” Please tell me about your educational experience in Muslim schools, specifically the Middle East.

      • Utah and Kells,

        Not to worry, as long as we have secret weapons like these in the works……the mohameddans will be contained for sure ……

        • I worked up quite a sweat this morning with the Prancercize. (I broke down and bought the boxed set a while back ago!) Trust me, Don. You will be as happy as Joanna if you get in touch with yourself.

          • Get IN touch….or Touch myself ?

            Do I need yoga pants to complete the Experience or will my old MC Hammer pants suffice..?

              • Won’t Fit !!….She thinks I’m FAT.

                Seriously I lost 18 pounds recently ….. eating ANYTHING I wanted, but being forced to watch Chris Mattews, Scarface Scarburough, Bill Mahr and old Al Frankin gigs …. scares the CHIT right outta you.

                Well I did actually lose the 18 lbs though … :- ) .

                  • I know luv….. that’s why I always kep a bottle of Jose Cuervo by me during … important meetings…. so there’s something to hold onto.

                    To quote from Man of La Mancha…….”I’m only thinking of you……what Ever I may do or say …I’m only thinking of you “…. ;- ) .

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