Somehow, I Don’t Think This Cleric Means “A Journey Of Internal Self-Discovery”…

…when he calls for jihad in Syria.

I think he means that the Mobro Sunni jihadis should open a can of good ole fashioned, Mississippi red-clay, hill country  whup-ass on those cannibalistic Iranian Shia mofos:

Muslim Brotherhood cleric calls for Sunni jihad in Syria

The spiritual mentor of the worldwide Muslim Brotherhood movement has risked further inflaming sectarian tension across the Middle East by using highly charged religious rhetoric to call for a Sunni “jihad” in Syria.

Yusef al-Qaradawi, who is based in Qatar and has been a leading voice supporting the Arab Spring, warned that Iranian Shia were trying to “eat” Sunni Muslims, who are a majority in the Muslim world.

He referred to Alawites, the followers of the Muslim sect to which President Bashar al-Assad of Syria belongs, as being “worse infidels than Christians or Jews”. He also used the deliberately contemptuous term “Nusayris” when talking about them.

He was particularly critical of the roles played by Iran, which is largely Shia, and the Lebanon Shia militia Hizbollah whose name translates as Party of God but which he called “Party of Satan”, in supporting the Assad regime.

“There is no common ground between the two sides because the Iranians, especially conservatives, want to eat the Sunni people,” he said.

Shit. Those f*ckin’ Alawites and Batshit Asshat are “worse infidels than Christians or Jews”.

Who knew?

But this religion is just sooooo peaceful. I don’t get it. They all pray to the same god, right?  I’m sure that good ole Yusef just misinterprets the True Meaning Of Islam™

Right, Imam Greg?

16 thoughts on “Somehow, I Don’t Think This Cleric Means “A Journey Of Internal Self-Discovery”…

  1. The Sunni/Shia split if used properly would have saved the US 10,000 plus dead and a couple of trillion dollars. Unfortunately, our leaders were not and are still not wise or smart enough to do anything else than throw lives and money at it to solve the problem.

  2. I am an atheist, you idiot. I don’t defend the religion, I defend the people against your ignorance and fear, Utah. I point out your lies, and your refusal to acknowledge them. You refuse to see the violence in your own mythological tome, or exalt it as if it is somehow more noble for christians to kill unbelievers than for other groups to do the same.

    • I’m searching the internet, Imam Greg, but I am having a hard time finding any contemporary Christian related terrorist violence currently in the news, and certainly not with the commonality and severity of today’s radical Islamists.

      But in your world, we are all responsible for the corpses in the ground when the argument suits you, correct?

      Yes, you might be a full time atheist, or a part time one when it is convenient to you. One thing is for certain though, you are an apologist sympathizer … like most of the chicken-shit atheists out there. You pick on the poor Christians because they won’t saw your head off … unlike your friends in the Mosque.

      Grow a pair, idiot.

        • Oh I see. Your parents where actually stupid enough to name you Melfamy? I’ve given my name here, but I beg to ask; what’s twisted in your logic when a terrorist isn’t a “hater”, but those that speak against it are?

          And that bullshit you threw at Utah about his daughter. Does that qualify as hate in your twisted mind?

          I do. Hater. 🙂

          • I defend people who aren’t here to defend themselves, you buffoon, big difference. you are a bully and and an ignorant and scared one at that, and I am a fighter for and speaker of the truth. You and your friends in here are out-and-out liars, who revel in twisting words and statements, who concentrate on the bad and ignore the good, in a decent and law-abiding segment of our population.
            You make me sick, Augger, , for deny it all you want you and your right-wing jerk buddies in here want nothing less than genocide or a mass repudiation of Islam.

            • Oh, you mean like Freedom From Religion?

              Newflash for you Imam Greg. The RNL is freely open to search engines, and people choose to come or pass us by. They can, and have, come to defend their positions … but acknowledging that does not help your bullshit, now does it, Imam Greg?

              Go back to picking on the 5th graders who want to pray before football games Greg. You and yours do better with them than grownups. If your sick, report to Life Management. There are people there who can help you.

              • That’s OK Augs, he’s just too smart for us. He would rather argue with you and me as if he is some kind of intellectual savior and friend of the downtrodden when all I pointed out is that there are fights between Islamic sects that are based on the same tenets that causes them to attack us and it is that the insufficiently Muslim – i.e. Jews, Christians, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist…and apparently any of the Sufi, Shia or Sunni depending on which sect you belong to…that should be exterminated.

                When sects of the same Islamic religion kill each other for the same reasons that they kill non-Muslims, it is pure logic to deduce that it isn’t Christian oppression, presence of the US military, Israel, poverty or Coca-Cola and apple pie that is the reason. It is the religion itself.

                But good ole Imam Greg sees right through that logic and into our bigoted, black souls – which seems a little odd since he doesn’t believe that people have souls at all.

                He believes he is guided by his belief in not believing and that allows him a special clarity to see the pure logic of the situation when in reality, his hatred of Christians and his emotions are preventing him from the seeing anything.

                Sad, really. Just another example of the Dunning-Kruger Effect, I guess.

                • Ok, that is really good Utah. Maybe I should take your tack instead of mine.

                  You just excoriated him on a level much better than anyone who stoops to his level ever could.

                  I guess I am nice enough to talk to him on his level, instead of talking down to him … you hater bastard. lol

                  • You can’t reason with a fool any more than you can argue with an idiot. Our buddy the atheist Imam has devolved to the level all progressives eventually get to, that of a screaming baby in a high chair covered in mushed up peas and carrots. It never fails that the charge of hate is motivated by hate, bigotry by bigotry and so on. An atheist is supposed to base their thinking on reason and logic but when reason and logic fails to support their belief, they always fall to the irrationality of emotion. They then become the equivalent of children throwing a tantrum in the toy aisle of Target: loud, obnoxious, selfish, angry at the world, uncommunicative and inconsolable.

                    This particular pathetic example of the dregs of humanity achieved such a level when he slurred my daughter.

                    He is inconsequential, a waste of your time – unless you are doing it for the pure entertainment value or you have an extra Popsicle to shut him up. People like the good Imam are incapable of understanding any logic, fact or opinion other than those that agree with them. He believes that he is alone in his crusade against the wrongs of the world, a bit messianic actually, and will dismiss anything as a “lie” that doesn’t neatly fit his notions of how things work. They believe that they are the sole arbiters of “fairness” – although I can’t recall a single time in over 2 years that the Imam has defended Christians – seems a little unfair to me…

                    They are simply incapable of enlightenment because they choose to remain ignorant.

                    We would be far better off if we dismissed idiots rather than elevated them to an equal perch with the sane by engaging them.

          • And that bullshit you threw at Utah about his daughter. Does that qualify as hate in your twisted mind?

            I was going for scrotum, Augger, that’s anger. Hate is taking poison and waiting for the other fellow to die.

    • @ImamGreg (melfamy): Ahhh, but you do defend Islam. The record is on these pages. Your motivation may be your atheism or simply the hatred of Christianity but the result is a defense of Islam in the face of facts otherwise. So far, you have proven yourself not to be some sort of impartial atheist but an enemy of Christianity and a defender of Islam.

      Point out my lies? That’s rich. All you have pointed out is your own twisted opinions. Your definition of a “lie” is “anything I disagree with”.

      Neither I nor my “mythological tome” is running around blowing up innocent civilians. I’ve never said that it is “more noble for Christians to kill unbelievers” – what we have pointed out is that there is a violence inherent in the teachings of Islam that is absent in Christianity – and that there are Muslims acting on it…and they are acting on it against each other.

      You are just a pathetic apologist who [wrongly] assumes that the “purity” of your atheism grants you some special intelligence that is not available to the rest of us.

      • The bible is full of violence, Utah, you are just too stupid to realize that Islam and christianity, judaism and Hindu, are all mythologies. Yet they all have passages extolling peace and beauty, love of family.
        You seem to think that your quotes are more important than any quotes that run counter to your argument. You reject the FACT that the Koran’s violent passages refer to enemies at the time the koran was written. Because you are deliberately fomenting a xtian jihad, there is nothnig you and B want more than to have a good reason to kill muslims.
        you are sick and pathetic people

        • Ahhh, it is only a myth to those who do not believe. As far as the Bible being full of violence, sure it is…I’m just not seeing it used as an excuse for murder and terrorism. How many Jewish and Christian suicide bombers have been walking in to markets lately, genius?

          “You reject the FACT that the Koran’s violent passages refer to enemies at the time the koran was written.”

          As a matter of fact, I do reject this because the Koran is being used TODAY to justify violence against non-Muslim and Muslim alike by other Muslims…and yes, I do believe my quotes are superior or else I would not use them as a basis for an argument. I want to win the debate, not prolong it.

          You do realize that since the Bible predates the Koran by several thousand years that negates your whole Koran point, right?

          I guess not.

          You are such a evil liar and incompetent. I have never wished to kill any Muslim and neither has Joe – what both of us have done is point out the evil inherent in the theology and how it is being used as justification to kill others. Defending yourself and your faith does not mean that I wish to kill Muslims.

          The “you just want an excuse to kill Muslims” is a fiction created and solely owned by you to make your excuses and appeasement sound reasonable in your own head.

          Perhaps the reason that you suggest that we want to kill Muslims is because that is the solution you arrived at.

          I hope you get your wish, they kill you first and you finally realize that it isn’t over when you die.

          • what both of us have done is point out the evil inherent in the theology and how it is being used as justification to kill others.
            If that were true then we would have no argument.
            However, you are lying.. You miss no opportunity to diminish the good that Islam has engendered, and exaggerate the bad to the breaking point.

            Cordoba was an oasis of learning and culture during its heyday, but all you concentrate on is the stupid idea that CAIR wants to build a mosque on the site of 9/11, because that is how muslims celebrate victory.

            Maybe they did that, but you are overlooking the fact that one battle does not a victory make. In fact, since al qaeda and bin Laden are in shreds these days, one could say that 9/11 is ultimately a symbol of jihadic failure .

            Kill me first, huh? And you aren’t looking for a war? You are a pathetically poor liar, Utah.however, no matter how execrable a human being you happen to be, I hope they, whoever, they are, don’t torture you slowly before finally sawing off your head with a rusty knife.
            Are you saying that the Bible is never used as an excuse for violence? Every murderer of an abortion provider will beg to differ, and so will your hero….

            “I’m driven with a mission from God. God would tell me, ‘George, go and fight those terrorists in Afghanistan.’ And I did, and then God would tell me, ‘George go and end the tyranny in Iraq,’ and I did.”
            There’s this from the Daily Mail, in 2009….The daily briefings about the progress of the war that Mr Rumsfeld gave to President George W Bush were illustrated with victorious quotes from the Bible and gung-ho photographs of U.S. troops, it has emerged.

            Read more:

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