Into Darkness

I went to see the new Star Trek movie this weekend and, honestly, I thought it was one of the best written movies in the series – if not the best (as a brief aside: if you do not figure out who the bad guy is long before he tells Kirk his name, shame on you – you’re not a true treky).  If you are concerned with the state of our society, or have interest in movies that deal with right and wrong, GO SEE THIS FLICK!  Doubly so if you are a fan of the original TV show.  Like the classic TV series, this movie tackles the issues of our time head-on.

Essentially, the movie drives to the heart of what is wrong with our modern society: with all of modern man, even.  It is about putting personal agendas before the individual, justifying your ambition in your own eyes, and then convincing yourself of the misguided notion that the enemy of your enemy is your friend.  As is pointed out in the movie, this saying is attributed to an Arab who was beheaded by the enemies of his enemies.  If you are on the American left and you do not see the warning in this little piece of history in relation to the alliance between your Party and islam, maybe you will get it by watching the rest of the movie.

Without spoiling the plot too badly: let’s just say that “the best of intentions” will not insulate you from the evil that is still in siding with the lesser of two evils.  You are STILL standing with evil.

As I like to remind people:

When it comes to matters of right and wrong, if you are seeing gray, it is a sure sign that you are standing on the wrong side of right.

10 thoughts on “Into Darkness

      • When “you” can evaluate a “decision tree” and make a choice, then it’s “you are OPINIONATED !”
        Which is slang for “close-minded” and “don’t listen to them”… Don’t you just love “liberal-speak”?

  1. The First JJ Abrams ST movie was an amazing flick, Every cast member did a Fantastic job of creating the youthful versions of the Originals … expertly done. And I am a ST Fan….loved Every iteration since the original.

    BUT ….. the change of story arc from the long established / loved one was jarring and completely UN-necessary. ( Vulcan Blowing up ! ??? ). So I have come to the conclusion that this new series is more about JJ Abram’s Ego than adding to the ST universe. Thus I will see no more of this JJ Abrams self-indulgence.

    • Don,

      I disagree. The change in timeline allows the writers to go back to the original characters and start all over without having to worry about inconsistency in the story lines and STILL allow for major themes to “reoccur” in the characters’ lives — as they have with this latest film. This way, they even throw in the philosophical fate vs free will and continuum paradox jazz. Seriously, how could they have POSSIBLY done better? 🙂

  2. Interesting, considering your effort to tie this to make this a religious argument, that neither Abrams (Jewish by heritage) nor Gene Roddenberry (agnostic humanist) consider(ed) themselves to be Christian.

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