Obama and Friends Call To America…Wreck It

Remember back when as part of the deal to raise the Nation’s Credit Debit ceiling a “Select Bi-partisan Committee” was formed to work out a deal to find a way reduce the deficit and balance the federal government budget.  Well as was planned the members of this committee could not and were never going to come to an agreement as to how to implement spending cuts.  That was why those picked to be on the committee were selected.  Instead of creating a plan to cut the federal budget they should have been tasked to invent time travel in 20 seconds or less.  Either way no solution was found and the sequestration phase of the agreed upon process was allowed to be implemented.

Here is a little primer on the Budget Control Act and what it means to you and me…another step back in time please.Obama Sequester


For the full report please go to…

The Dryer Report

One thought on “Obama and Friends Call To America…Wreck It

  1. Yeah, come to think of it, I’ve only heard about the cuts to the DoD. I do recall some EPA lawyers being fired, but I don’t know if that was due to the sequestration.

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