“Progressive” Pillow Talk

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time but it has sort of come back to the forefront of my mind ever since the recent spate of scandals popped up.

Have you noticed how much the administration of government is influenced by ideology?

We have posted about the familial media ties to government officials and bureaucrats – Andy over at AOSHQ rings up another one, noting the pillow talk ties between the former IRS director, Doug Schulman and his wife, Susan Anderson, the senior program advisor for Public Campaign, an “organization dedicated to sweeping campaign reform that aims to dramatically reduce the role of big special interest money in American politics“…in essence, a anti-Tea Party organization:

If you want some good entertainment this morning, go read Phil Kerpen’s Twitter timeline from last night. He’s gone through former IRS commissioner Doug Shulman’s leftist activist wife’s tweets and found some real gems.

Ace of Spades HQ

My question is this: since there is a contemporary conception that government should be secular, should not the administration of government similarly be without theological or ideological influence?

I must admit, I do not believe that elected government should be secular. I believe that religion has an active role in informing us about life and life’s decisions and should not be excluded from the debate floor – that is why I believe that the Founders enshrined the “free exercise” clause. I also believe that ideology is necessary as a function of our government, that being the presentation of opposing views in the quest for legitimate, practical answers.

But where I do believe ideology and theology should be left at the door is in the administration of government, that is in the agencies and the bureaucracies charged with the day to day responsibility of execution of the legislative actions taken by our officials.



3 thoughts on ““Progressive” Pillow Talk

  1. Thoughts …

    I believe these people are all crazy (censored) liberals. I believe their “big tent” ideology is all over the board, and there is absolutely no way in hell they can avoid the hypocrisies of their ideology. It’s flawed, and so are they.

    Meanwhile we get caught in the vacuum of trying desperately to understand the illogical irrationality of them, and their ideology. The question is, which of us really needs to be on medications? 🙂

  2. In any job, your ideology should be left at the door. This administration needs to be held accountable, and not reassigned to a different position in the govt. (that seems to be their idea of punishment.)

  3. Human nature (fallen in Adam) + lack of a moral anchor (Godless) = darkness (Evil) – They are incapable of doing good. There is no mystery as to why they do what they do. When in Satan’s camp do as he commands.

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