The Face of Evil

I’m going to tell you – straight up – I am finding more and more difficult to write about politics when everything I see in this world tells me we should be talking to people about GOD!

Evil is real, but too few of us even know how to tell the difference between good and evil anymore – probably because we refuse to talk about GOD!  But I’m going to tell you: if someone is telling you that something that you know is true is not what you know it to be, and/or they are telling you something else is what you know it is not – that person is on the side of evil.  Here is an excellent example:

We were told that we need a national, govt. administered healthcare system because our doctors are cutting off feet just to make more money:

in case the link doesn’t work

Yet, the same man who told us this defends those who actually cut off feet and commit murder for money.  Even more, the same man who claimed we need to have national healthcare in the hands of govt – HIS hands – pushes the financing of those who cut off feet and murder children for profit:

Gosnell abortion-murder trial focuses on jars of preserved fetus feet

Here is another example.  The same man telling you that his national, govt.-run health care plan is NOT funded by a tax – denying the very definition of a tax in the process:

in case the link doesn’t work

If you will deny the definition of a word, then you are telling people that something is not what it is.  This is evil.  But it is worse.  In this case, this man knew he was lying because he sent his people to argue that the govt.-run health care IS run by taxes:

Obama Administration Forcefully Defends Health Care Law’s Individual Mandate

The Obama administration forcefully defended the constitutionality of the individual mandate on Friday, the key provision of the health care law that requires individuals to buy health insurance by 2014 or pay a tax penalty.

And then there is another point from that last video clip.  Did you notice how this evil man justifies govt-run health care on the grounds that we shouldn’t have to pay for the care of others?  So why does he argue for welfare?  Disingenuous = lie = evil.  it is that simple.

Today, I heard a radio program run the list of lies this man has told since he was elected and it took more than 2 hours to complete — and still did not cover everything.  This list also illustrated that the people telling these lies — when caught in their lies — lashed out and tried to destroy those who were trying to reveal their lies.  Again, this is an attempt to destroy the truth and that is evil.

People, we need to face reality: our nation is being run by evil people.  And evil cannot do good — period!  (nor does a “good” people elect evil; evil begets evil).

7 thoughts on “The Face of Evil

  1. That is the reason I quit doing very much politics over a year ago! Evil grows every day and people are so blind and willing that it is sickening! God bless you!

    • Kells,

      All His sheep hear His voice. His voice is truth. If you do not see/recognize the truth, you are not among His sheep.

      Which means you belong to whom? And what does that individual represent?

      • Joe,
        I’ve been thinking about this alot lately. Many, will never listen, or be open to “truth” or “reality”.

        Seekers of truth, have to be open to understanding and reality, even when it’s not what one expects or wants to learn.

  2. God gave us ten simple laws that allow “all men” to know what is evil. The Ten Commandments were provided to reveal to man what was evil in his sight. If man wants to ignore it then he needs to be ready to suffer the consequences of his actions.

    Today we have millions of man centered laws and they do not define it any better than the 10 God gave us. Most of the laws today in fact try to justify evil. Examples: abortion, homosexuality, the current tax system, attempts to destroy the US Constitution and Bill of RIghts, school curriculums forced on public school system, EEOC rules and regulations, DOJ, EPA & IRS all overstepping their legal authority, the US Congress allowing the Executive Branch to violate law without any restraint, the US Supreme Court where 4 out of the 5 are completely Godless people (Ginsberg, Sotomayor, Breyer, Kagan) and if Obama has the opportunity to replace Kennedy will wing 5 to 4 and have the votes to further his leftist agenda at will using the Court.

    Face it, the US Government is controlled by evil people. Anyone that does not realize this is part of the problem.

      • Education system is busy indoctrinating our young in WHAT TO THINK,
        instead of teaching our young HOW TO PROBLEM SOLVE.

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