Increased Sexual Assault in Military DIRECT Result of Liberal Policy

As usual, the Left is using the military to conduct their social engineering experiments and then blaming the military personnel when their ideas prove to be the failures that military commanders told them they were before they were enacted.  The latest in this long list of Left-wing failures is connected to the sharp spike in sexual assaults in the U.S. Military.  If you are watching the U.S. media, you can’t miss the story.  But here is the REST of the story — the part the “news media” won’t tell you:

‘I was in the middle of the viper’s pit’: Soldier describes gang rape as male-on-male sexual assault in the military increases

Some soldiers keep silent about male-on-male sexual assault because they don’t want anyone to know, don’t think anything will be done or are afraid of retaliation.

But nearly 50,000 male veterans screened positive for ‘military sexual trauma’ at the Department of Veterans Affairs last year – up from just over 30,000 eight years ago.

That’s right: the spike is the direct result of homosexuals in the military, which is the direct result of Left-wing political policy being forced on the military to the detriment of military effectiveness.  Some might even say that — because it was KNOWN this would happen, and because the Left was warned this would happen — the Left has done this — in part — to weaken the U.S. military and, thus, the United States.  I suppose they just see this as a “two-fur.”

12 thoughts on “Increased Sexual Assault in Military DIRECT Result of Liberal Policy

  1. B., I don’t think it’s gay men that are doing this. It’s just not the gay way. I believe these fellas are just sadistic homophobic bullies who are probably in the closet.

    • Not the “gay way?” Homosexuals are notoriously promiscuous and pushy (I know, we had one on my tank in Desert Storm — until he grabbed my welder on the ass and was almost killed for doing it).

      Sorry, kells, but first-hand experience here tells me that there is much more to this than “homophobia.” That’s a cop out on the level with “You hate Obama because you’re racist.” It does nothing to explain the issue; only creates a shield that makes it OK to attack those who object to others forcing their will on them.

      • I’m sorry, but I have a gazillion gay boyfriends, and I know that they will flirt and make a straight man very uncomfortable, but they are not rapists. What the hello was a welder doing on your ass?

        • I had a welder assigned to my vehicle, and the gay corpsman grabbed him on his ass. I suppose the corpsman thought he was just “flirting,” or having fun making my welder feel “uncomfortable,” but it led to a real-life mutiny that almost cost that corpsman his life. That wasn’t homophobia. If it was, they would have never allowed the man on the tank to begin with. It was what happens when you FORCIBLY mix these lifestyles.


        • You are just flat-out Wrong Kells.

          50,000 male-on-male sexual assaults and you claim …”They’re not gay….they’re just Homophobes who are in the Closet”…..In the Closet ???…..So they’re GAY.

          Your comment also is a kind of Anti-straight …. you might not be aware of it. But claiming rape isn’t the Gay-way …. is basically saying rhetorically….rape is perpetrated only by NON-gays.
          And further….in todays PC world… “Flirting and making people uncomfortable” is supposed to be “Sexual Harassment”…………..So you are once again actually admitting that this sort of Behavior IS IN FACT the Gay-way.

          • Don, when I say that I have a lot of gay friends, I’m not speaking in terms of a handful. I have easily 50+ gay friends. Do I think gay men rape? I’m sure, but I also believe they are not the majority of rapists. Statistically, it is the straight man who wins that.

            But your thought is that these fellas that gang raped the actor are gay because they brutalised a man instead of a woman? They had forceful and non-consensual anal intercourse? I’m sorry, but rape is rape. It’s a heinous demeaning act that I refuse to put solely on gays.

            To be honest, I should very much like to know their sexual orientation. I bet you they’re straight.

            • LOL, let me see if I have this right. You are saying that the rapists are straight males who are so homophobic they are raping other men???

              I guess Kells is saying gays can scare straights gay, too.

              See, it’s gays after all 😉

              Sorry, Kells, but you were begging for that one 😀

              • These boys could very well be homophobes;I don’t know. I do know that they are animals who derive pleasure by dominating an innocent. It is about control. Do you wonder why they acted as a group?

  2. The sexless military experiment has now hit apogee. It is a total failure and if continued will ruin the best fighting force that has ever existed. Those with morals and common sense knew what would happen so its no suprise. One must remember its not by accident but by design.

    From my contacts currently serving morale is at an all time low. They have a President, I refuse to give the recognition as CIC, that detest those serving, what they stand for and what they fight for. The command leadership is in disarray and does not have the fortitude to resign in protest rather than serve a self serving tyrant.

    • Chhelo,

      Most of those in command now are political appointees. The majority of our warriors have been purged. History speaks very clearly as to what sort of catastrophe usually befalls nations which do this.

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