Islamic Terrorism: 20 Nations Account For Over 95% Of Terrorism Activity

For the edification of our Islamic Useful Idiots and Fellow Travelers:

Christians in countries with Moslem majorities, or large minorities, are having a difficult time getting the rest of the world to recognize that most (as in about 80 percent) of the religious violence in the world is carried out against Christians and most of the violence is committed by Moslems. This is because the Islamic world, while unable to do much in terms of economic, scientific, or cultural progress, or even govern themselves effectively, have proven quite adept at convincing leaders and media organizations in the West that Islam is not the aggressor and is actually the victim. For those who have spent any time living among Moslems, this all seems absurd. But this delusion is real.

For example, it’s official policy in the U.S. military to eliminate any mention of a war between Islam and the West. This policy is enforced despite the fact that Islam, at least according to many Islamic clerics is at war with the West. The U.S. has officially maintained this since shortly after September 11, 2001, despite the fact that many Islamic clerics and government officials in Moslem nations, agree with the “Islam is at war with the West” idea. But many Western leaders prefer to believe that by insisting that such hostile attitudes are not widespread in Moslem countries, the hostility will diminish. To that end the U.S. government has, for years, been removing any reference to “Islam” and “terrorism” in official documents. This comes as a shock to military or civilian personnel who have spent time in Moslem countries. The “Islam is at war with the West” angle is alive and well among Moslems.

There is plenty of evidence. For example, twenty nations account for over 95 percent of terrorism activity in the world. Of these twenty (Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Sudan, Yemen, Iran, Uganda, Libya, Egypt, Nigeria, Palestinian Territories, Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Colombia, Algeria, Thailand, Philippines, Russia, Sudan, Iran, Burundi, India, Nigeria, and Israel) all but four of them (Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Colombia, and Burundi) involve Islamic terrorism. In terms of terrorism fatalities the top four nations (Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Somalia) accounted for 75 percent of the world total of terrorism related deaths. All of these were the result of Islamic radicalism, often directed at other Moslems and not just non-Moslems (infidels).

This has been the case for decades, and the Moslem world does not like to dwell on this fact. Many Moslem leaders admit that there is a lot of Islamic terrorism but insist that it’s all the fault of infidels (non-Moslems) who are making war on Islam, so some Moslems feel compelled to fight back. The catch-phrase Moslem leaders like to repeat is that Islam is the “religion of peace.” It is not, and the historical record makes that very clear.

Now, I’m no atheist intellectual but  I’m pretty sure that 95% is a high number, and surely too high for all of this to be just a misunderstanding of Peaceful Islam.

As I pointed out in a comment on another thread, when there are fights between Islamic sects that are based on the same tenets that causes them to attack us – and it is that the insufficiently Muslim – i.e. Jews, Christians, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist…and apparently any of the Sufi, Shia or Sunni depending on which sect you belong to…that should be exterminated there is a common thread.

When sects of the same Islamic religion kill each other for the same reasons that they kill non-Muslims, it is pure logic to deduce that it isn’t Christian oppression, presence of the US military, Israel, poverty or Coca-Cola and apple pie that is the reason. It is the religion itself.

7 thoughts on “Islamic Terrorism: 20 Nations Account For Over 95% Of Terrorism Activity

  1. A Great and Important Post !!!

    Bachmann and Gohmert were instrumental in sounding the alarm and getting the Info out about the New Official Military Policy DE-emphisising muslim violence. Glenn Beck put up “The Project” where-in muslim moles in the State Department and Hillary’s office as well as this New Policy were high-lighted. And they went after and destroyed Bachmann.

    People should watch on The Blaze the Documentary “The Project” …. it clearly shows the wide-spread war of organized international islam against the west. Organizations like CAIR, The OIC and the UN are involved in the Take down of the West, and the unreported large-scale Violence against Christians Utah presents is another Front on the war of islam against the West and Christianity world-wide.

    And as usual…..the Media and especially the US Media are complicit in the Cover-up.

  2. Or “KISS” also works.

    For almost all of history people were held as chattel by dictators, kings and queens. Then in the late 1700’s several men have a vision of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness and create the USA.

    Guess who gets mad? All of the forces of evil are unleashed and surprise 250 years later the world is about to re-enter the darkest age of it’s existence. All with the likes of the Religion of Peace, the Progressive, Useful Idiots, Low Information Voters, FSA Folks and Apostate Christian Church driving at 100 mph to get their as fast as possible.

    Thankfully, we have the Republican leadership slowing it down to 99.5 mph.

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