The Spirit of Moloch

I heard someone say something today that agrees with something I came to believe some years ago: that our nation is in the grips of ancient evil.  In this case, the person I was listening to was referring to the ancient god, Moloch.  Among the many things Moloch was known for was incrementalism: “If you will just give me this, I won’t ask for anything more.” Well, this is all well and fine – only, Moloch is never satisfied.  He always demand’s a little more and a little more – just like our Progressive friends.  In fact, there is no difference between the Progressives’ tactics and those of Moloch.

Moloch is also associated with child sacrifice – sort of like abortion.

But there is something else.  Moloch is directly connected to Baal worship.  I found this interesting because the moon god is connected to Baal worship, and Allah is a direct derivative of the moon god.  Muslims may not want to hear this, but it is true: Muhammad did nothing more than tell people that the moon god was the highest god – a god above all others.  In fact, that is what Allah akbar actually means: not “god is great,” but “Allah is greater.”  And that was why Muhammad was evicted from Mecca: because he insisted that the locals honor Allah as the greatest god – not the only god.  And this means Allah is connected to Baal worship, as is Moloch – and all of these gods stand in direct opposition to Yahweh.

Now, skeptics will scoff, but I find it interesting that, more than 3,000 years later, we are still doing the same things that the ancient people believed Moloch/Baal demanded of them.  As a sociologist, I see a pattern here, and patterns usually indicate common cause.  And, even if the spirit of Moloch is not the cause, at the very least, the fact that we have not “progressed” past the behavior of the ancients speaks to the wrongness of Leftist/unconstrained ideology and the correctness of unconstrained thinking.

8 thoughts on “The Spirit of Moloch

  1. The Battle between the Light and Darkness, Good and Evil…..the battle for souls is alive indeed !

    • Oh, and Allah has three daughters — or, a5 least, he did until Muhammad had to tell people those were “Satanic” verses. But then, that leads one to wonder: if Satan can take over Muhammad’s mind, how much of a prophet could he possibly be? I mean, can’t allah protect hi “prophets” from Satan so people can trust what the prophet tells them?

      Of course, Muhammad also said he isn’t and can’t be a true prophet because true prophets are decedent from Isaac and Muhammad claims direct decent from Ishmael.

  2. It also tells why Muslims will strap explosives’ on children and suicide bomb them.. Its a type of child sacrifice also …Then shouting Allah Akbar …which translates to Allah(Moon God) is the Greatest…..Meaning Greater than the Jewish God.

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