Baghdad Jim And The Tea Partiers


I know that the larger part of the furor over Baghdad Jim McDermott’s attempted lecturing of the Tea Party witnesses at the House hearings yesterday was over his apparent feeling that any organization that applies for tax exempt status should be asked what they pray about but I want you to hear another snippet that is even more telling. Go to this video and listen to the full 5 minutes of partisan dumbass if you like but the money quote is from 2:44 to 2:48 when Baghdad Jim said:

Here it is in writing:

…and with your application, you are asking the American public to pay for that work…

Were these groups asking for funding from the federal government?

No. They were for exemption from taxes.

It is clear that Baghdad Jim sees taxes as the government’s money and any exemption is the government “paying” for Tea Party activities. Wonder how he feels about the 47% who pay no income tax – are they similarly receiving a free ride from the government?

Another galling thing is when he brought up Newt Gingrich being assessed a $300,000 fine for moving money between  his GOPAC organization and another…the galling thing for me is this – Baghdad Jim wants to project an image of righteous outrage, but:

The alleged Saddam Hussein spy money that paid for Rep. Jim McDermott’s trip to Iraq in 2002 came after a stranger called a Seattle anti-war activist and offered to finance the prewar visit.

The Seattle activist, Bert Sacks, said he was making arrangements for the trip at McDermott’s request when he got the call out of the blue from a man who identified himself as a concerned Iraqi-American.

Federal prosecutors believe the money was illegally funneled from Saddam’s intelligence officials, through an unnamed intermediary, and to a Dearborn Heights, Mich., activist named Muthanna Al-Hanooti.

The Justice Department has said McDermott and two other Democratic congressmen on the trip did not know Saddam’s regime paid for it. They have not been accused of any wrongdoing.

Michelle Malkin in 2008:

Federal prosecutors say Saddam Hussein’s intelligence agency secretly financed a trip to Iraq for three U.S. lawmakers during the run-up to the U.S.-led invasion.

An indictment in Detroit accuses Muthanna Al-Hanooti of arranging for three members of Congress to travel to Iraq in October 2002 at the behest of Saddam’s regime. Prosecutors say Iraqi intelligence officials paid for the trip through an intermediary.

In exchange, Al-Hanooti allegedly received 2 million barrels of Iraqi oil.

The lawmakers are not mentioned but the dates correspond to a trip by Democratic Reps. Jim McDermott of Washington, David Bonior of Michigan and Mike Thompson of California. There was no indication the three lawmakers knew the trip was underwritten by Saddam.

Baghdad Jim. I know it was a long time ago – since Jay Carney thinks Benghazi was a long time ago, he would need carbon dating to find this…but Baghdad Jimmy loved him some Saddam action once upon a time.

9 thoughts on “Baghdad Jim And The Tea Partiers

  1. “The Justice Department has said McDermott and two other Democratic congressmen on the trip did not know Saddam’s regime paid for it.”

    “The Justice Department” ?
    Would that be the same Justice Department that wiretaps law abiding American citizens with no evidence of wrongdoing?
    Would that be the same Justice Department that forum shops Judges to sign wiretap warrants when they seek a magistrate’s blessing?
    Would that be the same Justice Department that charges reporters with “conspiracy” for reporting on the Obama’s administration wrongdoings?

    That Justice Department?

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