Don’t Look Now But….

Obama 5 Jun 2013Obama and his cabal are hard at it desperately trying to distract and deflect from the scrutiny of the Administration’s criminal activities.  The EPA is charging conservative groups for FOIA requests while giving liberal requests a pass.  The IRS is asking conservative groups for how many sheets of toilet paper is used per day and who is using them.  Former SecDef Leon (I have a secret) Panetta is revealing to the world our troop commander’s names in public endangering to retribution from terrorists. Kathleen Sebelius Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary, is giving America a preview of what is to come when Obamacare is fully implemented by denying a lung transplant to a dying 10-year-old girl. She’s saying that there are protocols in place for a reason and she can’t make that decision to maybe save that little girl.   Well thankfully a Pennsylvania Judge, made it possible for the little girl to be place on the organ recipient list so she might at least have a chance at a donor lung transplant.  Thanks for nothing Kathleen, I guess if the parents would have somehow donated to help bring Obamacare to life they might have been able to get some love from the No Health and Inhuman Services Department.  Because “someone live and someone dies” as determined by the Secretary of course.

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2 thoughts on “Don’t Look Now But….

  1. Just add another government agency to the list of spies, liars, assassins and reprobates working to destroy America.

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