Time to Start Jailing Our Govt. “Leaders”

IF the Republicans actually cared about the nation, about their oath of office, even about individual rights and liberty, they would be going for this government’s throat like a great white in a bloody feeding frenzy – but they’re not.  I don’t mean Obama, I mean the entire “big government” so many in the Republican Party claim to hate.  Here, I’ll show you how easy the pickings are right now.

Start with this:

Flashback: Intel Chief Told Senate in March the NSA Does Not ‘Wittingly’ Collect Any Data on Americans

A top U.S. intelligence chief said he stands by his Senate testimony that the National Security Agency does not collect data on Americans.

Here is the proof that this man lied under oath:

NSA Whistleblowers’ Startling Claims: Records on 3 Billion Calls Collected Per Day — And It’s Not Just Verizon

“NSA has been doing all this stuff all along, and it’s been all these companies, not just one,” William Binney told news program Democracy Now on Thursday. “They’re just continuing the collection of this data on all U.S. citizens.”

Intelligence Cmte. Leaders: NSA Has Been Collecting Verizon Phone Records for SEVEN YEARS

That’s it, that’s all the Republicans need.  Go find James Clapper, grab him by the nap of his neck, drag him before Congress, charge him with contempt and perjury and convict him, THEN THROW HIS ASS IN JAIL AND FINE HIM INTO BANKRUPTCY!

What’s more, do not give him any immunity.  Instead, go after anyone and everyone connected to him who can have the slightest charge legally attached to them, prosecute them, fine them into poverty and – if legally possible – throw their asses in jail.

Then go after that “Ambassador,” Rice – and everyone else who testified to Congress that Benghazi was caused by some video.  Charge them with perjury and contempt, and open them to personal civil liability from the family of the man they framed for their refusal to defend our Embassy and Embassy personnel.  Let that filmmaker sue each and every one of our government officials into bankruptcy – Obama included.

Start using the law to go for blood and do not let up until the enemy is dead.  That is how you serve your nation.  But will the Republicans do any of this?  No, no, because, as Lindsay Gramnesty says:

Lindsey Graham: I Don’t Mind Verizon Giving My Phone Records to the NSA Because I’m Not ‘Talking to Terrorists’

And he has help in the Republican Party.  Apparently, breaking the law and trampling the Constitution and Bill of Rights is OK – as long as it keeps you “safer:”

Congressman Rogers: NSA Monitoring of Verizon Thwarted ‘Significant’ Terror Attack

Now, Republicans, hear me and hear me well:


That is the ugly truth, and as long as you keep buying their BS about having to vote for them or not having a chance against the Democrats, YOU WILL KEEP PUTTING THEM BACK IN POWER – and they will keep playing you for the suckers you and I have been for far too long.

Instead, I have an idea that will drag them kicking and screaming to doing the right thing.  Start calling, emailing, GO SEE your Republican Reps, and local Party bosses.  Scream it in their face that they either go on the offensive, throw their re-election to the friggin wind and cut the throats (LEGALLY) of the people destroying this nation, or you will never vote R again.  Tell them you will start writing in Steam Boat Willie, and make them believe it because you start doing it.

Yes, I mean be ready to write in Steam Boat Willie in 2014 (Steam Boat Willie, NOT Mickey Mouse – they are NOT the same mouse 😉  ).  Seriously, what do you have to lose?  If they do not use this golden opportunity, why in the hell would YOU believe they EVER will – unless you’re as insane as the Left?

Anything less from any side is subversion — because continuing to do what we have been doing since Reagan or before is continuing to work toward the destruction of the Constitution.  No one who is politically awake can claim ignorance or innocence any longer.

21 thoughts on “Time to Start Jailing Our Govt. “Leaders”

  1. It just doesn’t matter any more. There are no Republicans or Democrats, just TOTALITARIANS. And they do not want to lead ….. or govern. They want to RULE.
    Elect a Tea Party candidate, within 2 years, they are corrupted to the mainline.
    All we can do now is build our compounds, and fence them. As they used to say ,Horse high , bull strong, and hog tight.
    Hunker down and keep our mouths shut.
    I am out.
    What I have been fighting against for more than 30 years, is here.

    • If we patriots do not “hang together”; we most definitely will be hanged separately.

      The NSA has been collecting ALL of our communications for more than a decade. They know our thoughts and secrets. They will come after all of us one by one, create lies that all of us who are patriots are “home grown” terrorists… and

      This will take time, but this is the beginning of the end, for “the government” or “the people”…

      Separately, “the people” will “lose”… A great awakening is occurring, probably for the first time since the 1700’s.

    • Texas is right Ralph.

      United We Stand Divided We Fall ………Once again the Founders were correct !

      • Joe
        too bad there weren’t people like y’all 30 years ago. I have been in the faces of representatives, state senators, city and county commissioners. Now, I’m just tired. WE did lose it. I spent a great deal of time in Tallahassee, on the Capitol steps and inside the offices. I’ve lobbied for and against laws. My first campaign was against “no – fault” auto insurance. But I didn’t get real fired up until the hostage situation in Iran. Since then it has been an uphill battle all the way. I thought the Tea Party fight in 2009 and 2010 was the start of something , but it was just a fizzle. Big change in the House? not really. Same shit , different faces. And the momentum fell apart with Romney. Do you think it was a coincidence that a pretty much unacceptable candidate won the primary. I’ve written letters to reps and senators, and called, contributed to party committees, worked on campaigns. Hell ,Joe, I’m a card carrying member of the RNC. Meaningless.
        Read the book of Daniel. Our fate is sealed. We can campaign all we want, but when we turned our backs on God (as a nation) we became slaves to the evil. Salvation now lies with Him. ADONAI ELOHIM. J_H_V_H.
        Daniel 5: 25 through 28: And this is the writing that was written, MENE, MENE, TEKEL, UPHARSIN. This is the interpretation of the thing: MENE; God has numbered your kingdom, and finished it. TEKEL; You are weighed in the balances, and are found wanting. PERES; Your kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians
        We have been weighed in the balance and found wanting.

        And I don’t need to re-read the Declaration any more. I have been yelling from the rooftops since Carter was in office. Now it’s in the shitcan , and now everyone wants to get to it. Sorry ,my friend,I am just worn out.

        • I hear you. Feeling that way myself, at the moment. But we know who wins in the end — and that we are tasked to do His will until then. Find strength there, my friend. Ephesians: put on the full armor of God 😉

        • Ralph & Joe, Utah, Don, Kells, oh heck, All Americans;
          I went to law school because I believe in American principles.

          “We” have been screaming from the hilltops all our lives understanding and warning of what we knew would be true, to now have confirmed for us we were correct.

          The average, go about daily life “American”, will now awaken, remember “us” and think, “oh shit”, these “nuts” are not “nuts” after all…

          I’m gonna take a deep breath, partake of my favorite beverage, and rest up for the coming tsunami…

        • Raiph,

          I understand and agree with everything you’ve said.

          Take some time……………….. But we need yah …. ;- ) .

  2. “Time to Start Jailing Our Govt. “Leaders” ? It’s past time but it will never happen, they are all the same and will never jail each other. These hearings are just a waste of time and resources that could be spent better if they actually cared about the American people and the American way of life.

    • The Hearings can have legs if people Stand up Together……. Remember the 1960s …. it took many marches throughout the Country.

      Glenn Beck is right …. what we are fighting for (and should be marching for ) is the “Civil Rights” of our time !!

  3. Here’s the rub, B.: Whenever I write, I am answered with a form letter. I’m just wondering how this letter of warning to vote for Steamboat Wilie will somehow get their attention. I suppose I could get myself arrested by enclosing it with a BC; that would get their attention, but I have no desire to hang out in the hoosegow….

    • Snail-mail, personal visits whenever you are close to their local PHYSICAL office. Let us know, we’ll all get together and start making it a part of our weekly routine. But you and I and the rest of us will have to recruit like mad. This ONLY works if they start seeing numbers they can’t count (that’s why the TEA Party scared the hell out of them).

  4. You all can vent your opinion and frustration however you want. But nothing is going to get done. To solve all this bickering among our elected official, and Commander in Chief. We need to put someone who has worn the uniform and has served honorably into Office. Vote/Veteran … “You fought for your Country You have the right to say how it should be right.

    • Voting vet doesn’t guarantee better government any more than any other ideology. The ONLY thing that will ‘fix’ things is this nation turning back to the principles upon which this nation was built, and that would require a return to God.

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