If you have not read Orwell’s “1984” in the last 12 months, go get a copy and read it NOW!  You are living in a world that far surpasses the one in this book and I doubt you even know it.

We now have:

TV’s that watch you as you watch them.

Cell phones that know where you are, track you, and can be used to listen to you and see what is around you without your knowledge.

Computers that will report everything you look at, read, and all chats/emails you send.

Credit Cards and Debit Cards and Electronic Checking that report on everything you buy (unless you use cash with a merchant who has no cross-supporting systems in their store).

Cameras that watch you while in public, can identify you – specifically – and automatically report on your location/activities.

Power meters that report your water, gas and electricity usage, and algorithms designed to help them determine whether or not you have a visitor.

They can also:

Track your library usage to see what you read/watch there.

Monitor all your land line calls – if you still use them.

Map your friends and family networks and identify changes in your normal behavioral patterns.

Add all this together and consider that they do not have to reveal everything, they only have to use the pieces of your life they need – put together in whatever way they need for their purpose – and they can pretty much make a case against you for diddling your baby sister. Now, suppose they bring such a story to you and tell you to “get in line.”  What do you do?  Or, better yet, let’s look at what else they can do to control you:

They have access to all of this same information for every member of your family, your kids.

They control your health care.

Control our media.

Control our schools and universities.

Control our economy and banking system.

Control our energy and food distribution systems.

They can send the IRS after you until they ruin you.

They can use regulations to take or prohibit you from using your property.

They can make a reason to take your guns, your driver’s license, your business or business/professional license.

They have so many laws on the books, ALL of us can legitimately be charged for several crimes every day.  They can actually find and prove them now.

Now, tell me you are free?  Are you scared yet?  If not, you’re a fool.

There is only one way to be free, and that is to belong to the Shepherd, because He has given control over this world to Satan, and we are seeing Satan’s hand in everything this government is doing.  What’s more, if we do not stop this government now, Glenn Beck is correct: this nation will become the greatest evil mankind has ever known.


Here is an example of exactly what I’m talking about:

Senators Demand Answers on Why EPA Released Farmers’ Private Info to Environmental Groups

21 thoughts on “CONTROL: THIS Is How They Do It

  1. What is the solution to this problem?
    Cut the deficit?
    Lower taxes on the rich?
    or the ‘jeffersonian option.’

    The only thing that can stop the purveyors of communications technology from spying, is making the public become the owners of the telecommunications. Full disclosure and democracy in the means of communication. In contrast to a private company handing over information as ordered by a secret court that is the arm of the bourgeoisie state, that is doing so to protect ‘rights.’

    Only democracy can solve our problems.

      • Joe,
        Thank God for Karl. Every time I am tired, and beaten, and ready to pack it in: along comes a Karl. My blood pressure goes up , and my pacemaker has to work double hard to keep my heart rate at a manageable level. And I get fired up again.
        Karls answer to everything is Marxist “democracy”. He obviously missed the news footage of “democracy’ in action in Wiskahnsahn(say it through your nose for the true Wisc. sound). Mobs of thugs screaming “this is what democracy looks like” (me watching on tv saying “yup”) and defacing the Capitol bldg.
        Yep ,Karl (Komrade Karl?) that is exactly what “democracy” looks like.

    • Karl’s solution is the French revolution’s mob rule by an ignorant, immoral and Godless group who snuffed out “enlightenment”.

      The guillotine comes to mind.

  2. We’ll one things for certain if Karl had his way. Within a couple of months nothing would be working.

  3. The irony is that we are a nation that adores super heroes. In our literature, art, music, film; we exalt those who are good and who conquer evil. So why the hello do we have this govt.?

    Diddling your baby sister? WTF?

    • Revolution will only provide them with the crisis they are seeking. In fact, that is why they are pushing us so hard: to try to get us to react that way.

      And if you try it, you WILL fail…because we are not the people we need to be to stage a successful defense of our rights through arms. No, we need to stick to the law and civil protests — but PEACEFUL PROTESTS! We need to win the hearts and minds of those who have sold themselves to the Left if we are going to win our liberty again. Anything else and we just hand mankind over to a long, LONG period of darkness.

  4. J.B.
    here you have hit the nail squarely on the round piece designed to be struck.(the head) Open violence will be met with martial law, and the start of full totalitarian rule. (see Boston Marathon Bombing)

    • Ralph,

      Sadly, I have lost a few friends who disagree with me. They want revolution. I just can’t seem to show them that, without the proper understanding in the people at large, all they would be is the flip side of the very coin they claim to be resisting. 😦

      I am trying to do my part to lay that foundation. Have you seen my other blog yet?

  5. J.B.:

    We need to meet regularly, face to face, with our representatives. Not call, not e-mail,… face time. We need to demonstrate (in numbers) regularly, and about everything. (See Occupy-everything no single issue , just a large # of people) It gets attention. Our government reps (city , county , commissioners, State reps and senators, national reps and senators) need to become so familiar with our faces, so that every time they see us they say , “holy crap, what did I screw up this time?”
    We should not only know who they are, but what the names of their office staff are.
    We are a large number , but we tend to be ….well…conservative in nature. We should remain fiscally and constitutionally conservative, but we need to be a little radical politically, read “Rules for Radicals”. I am not suggesting we become Alynski-ites, just knowing the other guy’s playbook is a big advantage in predicting where they will go next.

    And finally , we need to organize ourselves. The Tea Party groups that met were great. Our group was large, but we didn’t collect dues or have any financial footprint at all. No IRS involvement. What we did have was 12 Republicans, 15 Blue Dog Democrats, 5 Libertarians and 3(count em ) Yellow Dog Democrats. (for those not of the Southern Persuasion, a Yellow Dog Democrat will vote for a yellow dog before they will vote Republican) And that is what helped Steve Southerland beat Allen Boyd. I am not saying we got him elected, only that this is the mix he got because District 2 voted man instead of party.

    WE must meet regularly, and discuss issues, and hear from reps and commissioners, and dog catchers, because every office is important. Go to city and county commission meetings, and see first hand the BS that passes for government. When your representative is in your town, organize a demonstration at his or her office.
    These are the things that work, and grind you down physically.
    But remember I Thessalonians 5:11 Therefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also you do.

    and Galations 6:2 Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.

    • LOL, My Congressman, Steve Southerland, CRINGES when he sees me now. Guess that means I am doing something right 🙂

      And yes, we do need to support each other. Thanks for pointing this out. 🙂

      • Will Rogers said, “There’s no trick to being a humorist when you have the whole government working for you.”
        and Mark Twain said ” No man’s life , liberty, or property is safe while the legislature is in session”

        Leads me to believe that the problems with government are not new, or ever solved.

  6. ralph,
    You have the answer! I can remember when I was going to College and studying Government, had to visit my State legislator. Got to be a weekly visit and his staff guided my efforts for me to convince my class to support my stand on California Proposition 13, Property Tax Reform.

    History tells me that Revolution (armed insurrection), will not prevail in America. The democrats tried it in April, 1861, and suffered the greatest disaster in the history of the party. The mental defect (Progressivism/Liberalism/Communism) of democrats will always destroy their movement to tyranny. Consider the current events plaguing the democrats today.

    As Limbaugh says, “Leave a bag of excrement in front of a democrat and he will leave a TV camera to stomp on it.”

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