So, It’s Not You, Huh?

So, you work for the government: you’re an elected official; a bureaucrat; “civil servant;” member of the military; FBI; CIA; NSA; DHS; even law enforcement and the school system?  But you say you are not part of the growing tyranny that is government?  You say you do not agree with the growing evil, you’re just trying to do your job? Really?  Well, let me ask you a simple question:

Was the private in the SS “just doing his job,” or was he supporting the NAZI Party and everything for which the NAZI movement stood?

Before you answer that, remember: the SS was not the Wermacht (Germany Army).  It was a political military arm (think DHS).  ALL members of the SS had to swear an oath of allegiance to Hitler and the NAZI Party – NOT to Germany.  And violation of that oath would get you shot (and id did).  So, I’ll ask you again:

Was the private in the SS “just doing his job,” or was he supporting the NAZI Party and everything for which the NAZI movement stood?

If you say no, that soldier was responsible for the actions of the NAZI Party/movement, then you need to re-evaluate your own complicity in what is being done to this nation.  HOWEVER, if you say no, he was just a soldier doing his job, then look in the mirror.

That reflection you see is the face of tyranny!

16 thoughts on “So, It’s Not You, Huh?

  1. How long does it take for a fireman to watch a building burn and do nothing before he becomes responsible?

    Guilt by association? You bet your ass. There are no innocent bystanders here.

  2. With all the scandals being unearthed now, if nobody is tried and SENTENCED for these crimes, America might as well admit that the country founded in the 1700’s is history. And I certainly don’t mean removing someone from one govt job only to give them another one somewhere else in the govt.

  3. Joe,
    Have to comment about your post on the SS/Nazi Party and Hitler. There were many Germans in the Wehrmacht and civilian population that did not support the Nazi’s and Hitler. Two prominent Germans are Joseph and Georg Ratzinger. There were many German Generals and civilians who suffered execution for the plots of assassination against Hitler.

    I do agree with the theme of your comments that it is up to each of us regardless of our societal position to take an active part in the governing of our country. I had the miss implied attitude that if I supported active others (TEAParty, Republican Party), with monetary donations and voted, I was doing my duty. Joe, this is not enough. ralph has the answer on his post.

    When Obama, The IRS and the democrats have you on their list, you are effective in your efforts.

    • Edward,

      I am VERY aware of the history of Germany during WW II (it is my profession). This is why I was specific in singling out the SS and distinguishing it from the Wermacht. 🙂

      As for doing more: did you notice any of my other posts/comments where I specifically said we have to get in our representatives’ faces and go to local meetings, etc?

      I may be a bit over-sensitive here, but I sense that you missed quite a bit of what I have written. I’m on your side in all of this 🙂

  4. Joe,
    Am aware of your history, but current posts are answered in the manner of the idea presented. All of my posts are relative to the present and as many readers, I reflect that position. I too am a student of German History and although the Wehrmacht (old Reichswehr), were not as complicit in atrocities as the SS, Hitler gave free reign to most officers to loot and return to Germany any “prizes” confiscated from countries occupied. Most soldiers had regular packages of food and items not available in Germany sent home.

    I am glad to hear that you are as passionate as I am about getting in our representatives faces. It’s sometimes difficult to remind them that they work for us!

    I enjoy intellectual conversations. Thanks to you and the RNL for the challenges!

    • Edward,

      My friend, if I add ANYTHING of value to your world with my musings, I count it a blessing to have been able to serve.

      As for the Wermacht troops: allied troops were guilty of the same things. As we won the war, we tend to overlook the trouble our leaders had with allied troops raping and looting — especially in Italy. We were not saints, either. People are people, but the SS were a different breed.

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