The NSA Spying Story Explains Why “Good” Representatives Always Seem to “Flip”

Have you ever wondered why, when we finally elect someone we KNOW to be a “good conservative,” or someone from the TEA Party, that, soon after they get to D.C., they seem to become part of the system?  And how many times have you heard people try to explain this “flip” with the same old tired excuses that they are seduced by power, or were more incompetent than we thought?  Well, the NSA Spying story is actually a better explanation.

People have tried to tell us for YEARS that the NSA records every piece of electronic data and all land line phone calls in this nation (as well as a large part of the rest of the world).  But we dismissed them as “conspiracy kooks.”  So, why aren’t we laughing at these same “kooks” now?  What changed?  Do you think the NSA just started spying on you?  Or is it that they just got caught?  Well, they have been caught for decades, but we were fed the same “conspiracy kook” lines and we bought them.  Now, the NSA is admitting they spy on you – why?


It is ALL about control.  Imagine what someone could make YOU do if they had access to everything you have ever done on the internet, every text, every tweet, every place you surfed, and every phone call you made for the last 30 years!  DO you have any skeletons you would want to hide?  If I told you to do what I said or I would reveal ALL those skeletons on national TV, what would you do?  And there you go: this is why so many people “flip” when they get to D.C. and try to do what they say they are going there to do.

Occam’s razor: the “they are just stupid and/or power hungry” excuse does not work.  Not ALL people are motivated by power, and not ALL people are stupid.  But ALL people have skeletons they wish to hide – ALL of us.  So the NSA Spying theory is a better explanation for why so many “good” representatives seem to go bad.  There’s only one catch:

Selling your soul to the devil here in this life will not save you from judgment in the next!

14 thoughts on “The NSA Spying Story Explains Why “Good” Representatives Always Seem to “Flip”

    • Trapp,

      Possibly, I don’t know. But I would be much more willing to accept this explanation than the same old BS so many other talking heads have been shoveling for these past decades. This one actually hunts — and we have hard evidence to support it.

  1. Ted Cruz is still giving em’ hell.

    And Rand Paul, but Paul has a lot of learning to do …

    Bachman is tired and giving up.

    Allen West, gerrymandered and stolen out of office.

    Any others?

    Half the country is too stupid or corrupt to care.

    We are so screwed.

    Wait, half the country might still give a shit when they realize little ole bloggers like us are not wearing tin foil hats.

    Judgment day is coming after all, isn’t it?

    Things are gonna get interesting.


  2. As I grow older & more discerning it seems to me that at times I can see the mask slip. Benghazi was such a time for me, I knew Clinton, Rice, Obama were lying thru their teeth, but I didn’t know why at first. Later as details of that night began to emerge it became very clear.

    I find myself praying for America a lot these days.

    • Trapp,

      If you were listening to Beck today, he tattled on Bush W REAL bad today. I will no longer grant W the benefit of the doubt. I know he is Progressive, but I once allowed that he was actually trying to do good — not good intentions, but actually do good. NO MORE! W is as evil as the rest of these people you named — and in the same way. And yes, I trust Beck far more than I trust the govt., media and anyone connected to them.

  3. This what happens when you vote for authoritarians.

    I’d note that the entire Democratic Congressional Progressive Caucus voted against the reauthorisation of the Patriot Act, Senator Bernie Sanders, one of the most progressive people in congress has voted against it since the beginning. Perhaps from this you’ll see that progressives tend to be the best champions of civil liberties after all.

    Now how does that gel with your ‘progressives are out to violate your “natural rights”‘ and ‘your (progressive) masters will discard you as soon as you’ve served your purpose’ theory Joe? You do agree that your privacy is your own property yes, and that progressives have been the strongest supporters of protecting it for you.

  4. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act or FISA is the Act that the Obama government is using to justify The legality of spying on you me and everyone in between.

    When this Act came up for reauthorisation in 2008 227 republicans voted FOR it while only 7 voted against, while 74 democrats (the blue dog/new dem/corporate whores), while 111 voted AGAINST.

    Get that? The huge majority of republicans voted to legalise your government indiscriminately violating our privacy by spying on us while a majority of democrats voted against legalising it.

    Voting record for the FISA act –

    • GET THIS!

      they take turns. If the R’s want something they know will make them look bad to their voters, the D’s vote for it. If the D’s want something that will make them look bad to their voters, the R’s vote for it.

      This is how it works, buddy — NOT the way you think it does. Real life observation supports my explanation — not yours. After all, YOUR PROGRESSIVE PRESIDENT simply declared his right to assassinate Americans WITHOUT TRIAL! Yeah, real civil rights types there. And he has a LOT in common with the father of the American Progressive moment — Woodrow Wilson!

      You are not going to be able to shovel this diarrhea pile up hill on this blog, my friend. WE KNOW OUR HISTORY ON THE RNL!

        • A rose by any other name…

          “Progressives” are authoritarians. Your Utopian machinations require that everyone participate in your view of “progress”, by guile, deception and corruption if language at first and when that doesn’t work, by force when necessary.

        • Oh, he’s a Progressive. What I think people are missing here is that ALL “Progressives” are authoritarians.

          The attempt to push the blame for our govt. excess away from Progressives is NOT going to work because history says it is SPECIFICALLY the Progressive movement responsible for the loss of our individual right and liberty.

  5. My advice to potential representatives is to do like Weiner and pre-emptively get it out there. After that its just bribes and death threats. Good luck.

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