The Police State

My wife and I were driving from Houston to my father-in-law’s place up in north Mississippi yesterday and listening to Neil Cavuto’s show on Fox/SirusXM. Mark Levin was on and The Daily Caller captures the quote that we talked about the rest of the way up I-55:

“I tell you what I make of this — we have the elements of a police state here, and I’m not overstating it,” Levin said. “When you step back and realize the Supreme Court the other day ruled 5-to-4 that law enforcement can take DNA from you even if you’re arrested — by the way, you’re arrested even when you’re stopped for a speeding ticket, and Scalia was right, concerned about a national database. That goes way over the line of our traditions.”

Levin is absolutely right…and as Joe pointed out in his last post, while Obama is ushering it along, this isn’t about him or Bush individually – it is about all of our leadership at the federal level – it is about government.

Hell, we have a monstrous government so large that the number one excuse for the recent spate of scandals is, “the government is too big for us to know everything”. The fact that we actually have a President admits that he doesn’t know what is happening in the government he leads is ridiculous – especially when people like me have to sign an annual statement certifying that all 700 people in my business did everything right and if they didn’t, I am liable (Sarbanes-Oxley compliance).

Remember when I said that the IRS is the most significant of the scandals and the reason I gave?

It is the most significant because this is a regime using its powers to go after individual citizens, citizens chosen specifically due to ideology. I pointed out how one of its minions, Baghdad Jim McDermott thinks that seeking to legally avoid taxes is tantamount to the government funding – that somehow the avoidance of paying a tax is the government paying you by allowing you to keep your own money:

…and with your application, you are asking the American public to pay for that work…

This coming from a government filled with tax cheats like the former chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee (responsible for writing tax legislation), Charlie Rangel:

Charles B. Rangel, Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, the committee in charge of writing tax policy for the entire nation, “forgot” to pay taxes on $75,000 income he received from his rental property in the Dominican Republic.

This is coming from a government that focuses on you and ignores its own issues:

President Barack Obama has preached that all Americans should pay their fair share in taxes, but a government report finds that tens of thousands of federal employees — from staffers in Congress to federal agencies and even Obama’s executive office — collectively owe the government billions in back taxes.

Data from the Internal Revenue Service found that more than 279,000 federal employees and retirees owed $3.4 billion in back income taxes as of Sept. 30, 2010.

The data showed that 467 employees of the House of Representatives, or about 4.2 percent of the workforce, owed more than $8.5 million. In the Senate, 217 employees, or about 3 percent of the workforce, owed $2.13 million.

Obama’s staff was not immune, either, with 36 people in Obama’s executive office of nearly 1,800 workers — about 2 percent — owing the government $833,970 in back taxes.

Yes, that’s $3.4 billion – billion with a “b”.

This is coming from a government that protects its own:

It was tax day for the nation Monday and on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, Republican lawmakers sought to hold accountable the small percentage of federal workers and contractors who have not squared their tab with Uncle Sam.

The House voted unanimously to pass a bill that would deny federal employment to contractors who are seriously delinquent on their taxes. But Democrats blocked a second bill that would have ended employment for federal employees who have not paid their taxes.

Actions speak louder than words. Watch what they do not what they say.

Levin is right when he says that our constitutional republic is dead and that we are living in some altered state of governance.

It is about 50 years overdue but it is time to dismantle the federal government.

7 thoughts on “The Police State

    • There are only three ways – massive amounts of people stop paying taxes – go Galt as it were, open rebellion or secession – there is no legal or electoral recourse now, the federal government is the enemy of liberty and individual freedom – it has to go.

      • If everybody were’nt on board to not pay taxes, i assure you DHS would come for the minority that chose this route. A peaceful secession is the way I see it. But, I seriously doubt the govt. is going to let its producers off the hook so easily….

        • Repeal the Current Tax Payment Act of 1943. I’m telling you, if this is done and we have the power to legally withhold our taxes, this shit stops 15 minutes after that happens.

          • I thought you wanted to ixnay the 1913 tax reform act. off on a tangent, did you ever visit a place called Arthur’s Seat? It has beautiful views and a place where you are to write a message in stones.

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