If Everybody But You Is Crazy, It Might Not Be Them

Tim Graham at Newsbusters does a round-up of criticism that comes from the fever swamps of the left. This week, he captures this classic bit of projection and self-loathing at the Daily Kos:

The presidency of George W. Bush brought into sharp focus just how fucked up this nation is. Greed, theft, torture, lying the country into war – it was eight long years of everything that could go wrong going wrong. Still, I was tempted to believe that Bushco was an aberration, a misguided, mistaken and confused lurch into national insanity caused, at least in part, by our being attacked on 9/11. And to some extent this is true (though the SCOTUS theft of the 2000 election preceded that neocon wetdream). But the problem runs much deeper than that. It wasn’t just a crazy asshole in the White House, or a Supreme Court crazy enough to put George W in charge. It was a country chock full of crazy assholes – greedy, short-sighted troglodytes with no sense of history and no allegiance to civilization or the human race to which they putatively belong. You pay a price to destroy education, wallow in greed and oppress people.

We could have used the airwaves and the mass media to educate, uplift and enlighten. We could have supported, improved and enhanced every aspect of public education, rather than hustling cheap bullshit that no one needs and manipulating people into doing the will of the supremely unscrupulous. With the same level of effort of those who worked against the greater good, we could have built an ever-improving society rather than the toxic stew we have been given by the greedy and short-sighted bullies we have allowed to dominate us. We could have done it all so differently. But noooooooooooooooooooooo.

The left owns the Presidency, owned Congress for 4 years, the Senate for 6 years, they own the broadcast and major print media, have their own networks in PBS and NPR, command the education establishment and academia and yet somehow, these are all overcome by the right wing minions of a presidency that ended 4 years ago.

Sometimes you want to tell people like this guy that if you think that everybody but you is crazy, you might want to consider the possibility that it isn’t them.

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