Found Us a Republican Enemy of Individual Rights and Liberty

Did you read my post about how we can identify enemies of individual rights and liberty within our government?  Well, we found one:

House Speaker John Boehner: NSA Leaker a ‘Traitor’

House Speaker John Boehner today called NSA leaker Edward Snowden a “traitor” who put Americans at risk by releasing classified information to the media.

You are NOT a traitor because you tell the American people its government is violating the Constitution, as well as the principles and ideals set forth in the Declaration of Independence that the Constitution was intended to preserve and protect.  Yet, somehow, the man who cannot see real treason when it happens right in his own House hearings (Benghazi) manages to find it in a man who tells us that he and his govt. cronies are violating our laws and founding ideals.

Yeah, go ahead and tell me again how the R’s are the answer to the D’s and I’ll show you the reflection of a person who has been charmed by the pied piper.

6 thoughts on “Found Us a Republican Enemy of Individual Rights and Liberty

  1. You could add…

    John McCain
    Jeff Flake
    Kelly Ayotte
    Marco Rubio
    Eric Cantor
    Mitch McConnell
    Karl Rove ( and his Patriot Act Bush buddies ).

    These are some of my Favs ….. others can add to the ever expanding list !

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