Chicago for ALL of America

Tell me something: do you think we can use the vote to “take back” Detroit?  Can we use the legal system to “clean up” Chicago?  Can we use both to turn California around?  If you believe we can use these methods to do any of that, then you’ll have to explain why none of it has worked so far and why those places have gone farther down the hole of socialism.  However, if you are realistic enough to realize these cities and that State are most likely lost to us, then you need to understand something: this is what is coming for the entire nation.  What’s more, they have told us what they intend to do — and how:

Obama told us what he was going to do to this nation:

Maxine Waters has told us what this means:

Waters also told us what the “Big Brother” data base created by PRISM will be used for:

Obama even confirmed this:

And the IRS scandal further supports the fact that Obama can and will use the U.S. govt. to punish his political enemies.  But it is much more than that.  He used the IRS to suppress campaign fundraising and voter turnout.  Add this to the well documented voter fraud that is so intimately connected to Left-wing organizations such as ACORN, and Democrat regions like Philadelphia — where some areas had more votes than registered voters and NONE of them for a Republican and you can see the “Chicago way” is already a national program that has been largely implemented.

Remember, this man and his agenda are connected to Obama and his agenda:

But then, I’m spinning conspiracies and making things up.  Obama never said his agenda was the same as SEIU’s agenda:

History tells us that man has never made a weapon he has not used.  History also tells us that power — once acquired — is never peacefully relinquished.  Make no mistake: the ruling elite have built a weapon with all this spying, and now they will use it.  And once they pass amnesty and add 20+ million more DEMOCRAT voters to the rolls, we will have one-Party rule for as long as we can see into the future.  Once you have that — one-Party rule — you won’t have a Fascist-like system in this nation; you’ll have the strongest Fascist nation that has EVER existed in the history of man.

Talk Amongst Yourselves:

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