Bring On The Hurt, Bring On The Pain

A good friend to the blog and frequent commenter, DonAmeche, wrote in a response to a post:

But I can tell you this …….We the People aren’t getting out of this without some Pain.

It is already started with the Profiling and illegal intimidation of the Tea party and Conservative and Christian Groups. It has already started with the Wiretapping of the AP and FOX and the intimidation of Berstein………. It is already starting with the ability of the President to Kill Americans because of the LABEL Terrorist ( defined by those in power )……it is already being set up further with Centralized Data Collection centers on American Citizens…..Whether “defined” as legal or not.

The “Pain ” has already begun …….. will it progress to the point of evryday pain felt by those not in the Favor of the Gov’t as in all Totalitarian systems ???

Perhaps ithe only thing going for us at this time is that Americans now have the CHOICE over which pain to endure……. the Pain of fighting for the Constitution and the Republic……….or the Pain of selective Tyranny. Either way The Pain is inevitable at this point. And people are afraid of Pain.

How right Senor Don is. This morning, I received this description of a presentation given in the UK, sponsored by my alma mater, the Institute for Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland:

MD Professor Arturo Bris and Jon Moulton were talking about different countries, but they had a very similar message.

Government is too big and is preventing the stagnant economy from recovering. Government debt is too high and threatens to make future generations poorer. Getting the economy back on track will require tough measures that politicians have so far been unwilling to take. Sooner or later, pain is inevitable.

Professor Bris and Mr Moulton, a leading UK venture capitalist, shared the stage at a recent event organized by the IMD Alumni Club of the UK and hosted by law firm CMS Cameron McKenna.

Their presentations were entertaining but carried a serious warning.

Focusing on his native Spain, Professor Bris said the only solution to the current problems is a strong structural and cultural change that convinces people not everything is free.

“Cutting government spending is the only way of changing the culture. People can’t live as well as they did before. Southern European countries will become poorer, but the cheaper labor will attract foreign investment in the Spanish economy so the country can export goods and services to the rest of the world,” he said.

Mr Moulton was similarly gloomy about the UK, which is also struggling to emerge from recession.

“The public sector is too big, and the UK government just doesn’t want to deal with it. So the private sector becomes smaller and is less of a motor to drive things forward,” Mr Moulton said. “It’s a very immoral thing to do, running a big deficit. We’re living better today at the expense of those who follow us.”

Both speakers said prolonged economic stagnation could lead to a dramatic change in political leadership in some parts of Europe.

William Warren, President of the UK Alumni Club, said the discussion attracted a full house because it was timely and thought-provoking.

“This was a terrific event with two top speakers, and the turnout reflected the high level of interest. Besides our UK alumni, we also had about a dozen IMD alumni from other parts of the world, including Singapore,” he said.

“…the only solution to the current problems is a strong structural and cultural change that convinces people not everything is free.”

The members of what co-blogger augger calls the Free Sh*t Army will not surrender easily.

6 thoughts on “Bring On The Hurt, Bring On The Pain

    • The lady at the end was exactly right; “they didn’t laugh that much”. Maybe it was a wake-up call to some in the audience.

      See, we’re paying the price for waiting until 2008 to free all these American, er, African slaves.

    • Oh the Pain….”the Humanity .” …………….Speaking of New Jersy and Big Bags of Hot Air.

      Oh wait….we weren’t speakin of Chris Chritie were we…… my bad …. :- ).

      It is the same…… I learn from the Best !

  1. Pain ? Pain?

    Yeah I thought I recognized that “turn of Phrase” from somewhere ….. Might right-Brain prolly !

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