Taking The “Affordable” Out Of The Patient Protection And Affordable Healthcare Act

Under Obamacare, Californians opting for the “Silver’ package, the “standard” coverage, already know that they will be hit with higher premiums – but now CNNMoney reports that they will also have a much higher deductible than they likely had under their old plans. They can now expect to pay $2,000 out of pocket before the “insurance” kicks in:

Until now, much of the debate swirling around Obamacare has focused on the cost of premiums in the state-based health insurance exchanges.

But what will enrollees actually get for that monthly charge?

States are starting to roll out details about the exchanges, providing a look at just how affordable coverage under the Affordable Care Act will be. Some potential participants may be surprised at the figures: $2,000 deductibles, $45 primary care visit co-pays, and $250 emergency room tabs.
Those are just some of the charges enrollees will incur in a silver-level plan in California, which recently unveiled an overview of the benefits and charges associated with its exchange. That’s on top of the $321 average monthly premium.

For some, this will be great news since it will allow them to see the doctor without breaking the bank. But others may not want to shell out a few thousand bucks in addition to a monthly premium.

“The hardest question is will it be a good deal and will consumers be able to afford it,” said Marian Mulkey, director of the health reform initiative at the California Healthcare Foundation. “The jury is still out. It depends on their circumstances.”

It has been clear for some time that Obamacare was designed to give free care on the backs of people who were already paying for their own plans and the younger set, who are typically healthier and if they purchase insurance, they purchase protection for catastrophic occurrances.

Many have maintained, your truly included, that Obamacare is designed to destroy the American health insurance system to the point that the government becomes the payer of last resort, thereby creating the excuse to go to a single payer, socialist healthcare system like the UK.

The first step will be the hue and cry for more subsidies to help people cope with the higher premiums and deductibles.

2 thoughts on “Taking The “Affordable” Out Of The Patient Protection And Affordable Healthcare Act

  1. Single payer was the plan all along. The Affordable Care Act was designed specifically to set people up to take the presumed lesser of two evils. Now I have my food (stamps), housing (Section 8)and all my medical (Single Payer) for free.

  2. The SCOTUS was correct on their ruling that it is a tax, but they should’ve taken it a step farther by saying it is unconstitutional because it didn’t originate in the House. I don’t understand why our representatives don’t jump on that as their primary reason to repeal. Have they? Did I miss it?

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