Trust the System? What System?

OK, so the boss thinks I don’t trust the system, and that I am a fool, and all sorts of other neat things that malign my character.  That’s OK, Alinsky doesn’t bother me.  I answer to reason, and reason tells me there’s no reason to trust the system because the system no longer exists.  Consider this:

1 – We have a President that is NOT constitutionally eligible to be President and NOTHING has been done about it.  No, I am not talking about his birth certificate, or the fact that his SS number was issued in Connecticut, or that no one at Columbia can remember him, I am talking about the fact that he was born with dual citizenship which means – according to the Constitution – OBAMA IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT BECAUSE HE IS NOT AND CAN NEVER BE “NATURAL BORN.”

2 – We have a President who has and continues to openly commit high treason.  The Constitution says treason is providing aid and comfort to an enemy of this nation with who we are at war.  I have repeatedly posted the links showing the video of our Intelligence community telling Congress in Oct of 2011 that the Libyan rebels were Al Qaeda, yet Obama armed them and even gave them direct U.S. military aid.  THAT IS THE CONSTITUTIONAL DEFINITION OF TREASON!  Yet nothing is being done.  In fact, it continues with Benghazi and Syria.

3 – The President and high ranking members of his Administration did, with full knowledge and pre-meditation, create a LIE that was used to destroy the life of an American citizen who made a film which this President and his Administration used as a scapegoat for the Benghazi incident.  Parole violations aside, the President swore an oath to protect EVERY American’s Constitutional Rights, and he trampled all over them where this man is concerned.  If this is not a “high crime and misdemeanor,” what is?  And nothing was done.

4 – Obama has given himself the power to assassinate American citizens – WITHOUT DUE PROCESS – simply by saying he “suspects” them of being a terrorist.  Then his Administration classified people who are nothing more than his political enemies as “potential terrorists.”  And NOTHING has been done.

5 – This President’s IRS used its power to crush political enemies and suppress political opposition voting and NOTHING is really being done.

6 – This President’s Intelligence Agencies were directed to ILLEGALLY spy on reporters and NOTHING has really been done.

7 – Eric Holder has run guns to Mexican Cartels so the Administration could use the resulting crimes those guns would be used in to violate the 2nd Amendment.  Holder forgave Black Panthers who were already convicted of voter intimidation.  Holder has LIED to Congress.  And NOTHING has been done.

8 – Obama violated U.S. bankruptcy Law in the auto bailouts and NOTHING was done.

9 – Obama extorted BP – TOTALLY AGAINST THE LAW – and NOTHING was done.

10 – Obama has mandated that ALL Americans MUST buy healthcare just to be legal.  There is no way this is Constitutional, yet the SCOTUS allowed it under HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE circumstances, and NOTHING was done.

11 – Obama has set up DEATHPANELS, his advisors openly admitted that is what they are, and the news is now starting to fill with the first stories of Americans being condemned to death because they do not meet some bureaucrat’s requirements to receive care – and NOTHING is being done.

12 – This President has REPEATEDLY gone around Congress and the SCOTUS to use “regulation” to do what BOTH Congress and the Supreme Court said he could not do – and NOTHING has been done.

I could go on, but this is more than enough for a rational person to be skeptical of our “system.”  Those who know history and who are honest with themselves about what they are seeing under this President have even more reason to doubt the system.  After all, if you are a long-term reader of the RNL, you know that the Left’s been trying to destroy our society so they can rebuild it according to their designs.  What more indication of deliberate attack on our society can one want than the list I just gave?  Or do we need Obama to set Washington on fire and fiddle on the roof of the White House before we’ll see what is happening right before our eyes?

But hear me, and hear me clearly.  I AM NOT GIVING UP, nor do I expect those who still embrace individual rights and liberty to give up.  What I am saying is the game has changed, which means the rules have changed.  We need to stop trying to use the system to correct this decay.  That only serves the purpose of those destroying us.  We need to start looking outside the box for ways to appeal directly to the people, for only massive public push-back will stop this.  Also – AND HEAR ME – violence CANNOT be part of the solution.  Force, yes – but peaceful force, like MLK used during the Civil Rights movement.  All violence will do is hand our enemies the excuse they need to end us.

28 thoughts on “Trust the System? What System?

  1. Never said you were a fool. I said your ARGUMENT was simplistic, unnecessarily siloed and full of monomaniacal pronouncements. I did say that you were hysterical and that you had lost it because you think you are the “Last True Patriot”. I don’t see “fool” in there anywhere. I usually reserve that one for Imam Greg.

    I believe it was you who assigned yourself the title of “fool” in a previous post.

    But I’ll add martyr to that now.

    That’s what I hate about good ole cryin’ Glenn Beck. He is right 99% of the time but his message is lost because he has developed a bit of a martyr complex.

    This post exemplifies the thing I find so distasteful about hysterical pronouncements like this – your first item:

    I am talking about the fact that he was born with dual citizenship which means – according to the Constitution – OBAMA IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT BECAUSE HE IS NOT AND CAN NEVER BE “NATURAL BORN.”

    …shows that you have entered Alex Jones/Prison Planet territory and what follows are exactly the type of comments used to discredit anything valid that people on the right say.

    I love you like a brother but I’m just not on board with you and Alex.

    • “…shows that you have entered Alex Jones/Prison Planet territory and what follows are exactly the type of comments used to discredit anything valid that people on the right say.”

      No, it shows that you do not care about the law as much as you say. Texas — A LAWYER — already PROVED — LEGALLY — that this is true.

      It also shows that “they” have you trained: if it even hints of “conspiracy,” you run from it. So they can speak clearly and openly, and when people try to warn, you turn away because they are “conspiracy kooks” and you’re a “serious person.”

      Hey, what the heck, I bet you’d have told Patrick Henry he was hysterical and had lost it, as well…

      • So the martyr complex comes with a side of self-aggrandizement, I guess.

        Appeal to authority. Wow, pulling out all the rhetorical stops, huh? With all deference to Texas and his law degree (another degree that I don’t have) proved nothing, you think so because you parsed and sorted out agreement in his examples with your position and ignored that in his very same comment acknowledged that they had a procedure by which they evaluated the LEO charges BASED ON EVIDENCE.

        Patrick Henry hysterical? Not so much because the Crown was perpetrating its tyranny right out in the open in a personal way. You are ASSUMING that the NSA is and everything you listed is supposition – just because it isn’t moving fast enough for you, it is WRONG!

        Love the use of capital letters by the way. It adds a nice touch to the hysteria.

        Run from conspiracy? Oh, my God. You have really convinced yourself that you ARE the Last True Patriot, haven’t you?

        Keep in mind that all I have counseled is patience, not that I have said that all this is hunky-dory and we should ignore it. I’ve never argued for a different endpoint than you propose.

        I’m not going to presume that augger agrees with me but it appears he is counseling the same.

        So, I’ll ask you, Mr. Last True Patriot, what are we to do? What is your suggestion to remedy all the items you have listed as failures? You don’t like mine and if you have proposed one, I haven’t seen it.

        Praytell, kind sir, enlighten us.

        • Utah,


          Defining Natural Born Citizen

          House Report No. 784, dated June 22, 1874, stated, “The United States have not recognized a ‘double allegiance.’ By our law a citizen is bound to be ‘true and faithful’ alone to our government.” It wouldn’t be practical for the United States to claim a child as a citizen when the child’s natural country of origin equally claims him/her because doing so could leave the child with two competing legal obligations, e.g., military duty.

          I “appealed” to Texas because you are being irrational. You have rejected a definition, and there is no more clear way to determine what is than the freaking definition.

          BY DEFINITION, Obama has dual allegiances because he has(had?) dual citizenship. Therefore, HE IS NOT AND CAN NEVER BE A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN! Or doesn’t the COngressional record — cited above — mean anything, either? is it “hysterical” too?

          • That’s rich, you calling me irrational.

            I respect you both, but unless I missed it while I was being irrational, I didn’t see that the point was made.

            Well, I guess I must be as confused and stupid as many over the last 100 years then buecase, as a memorandum to Congress dated April 3, 2009, written by the Congressional Research Service (CRS), states:

            Considering the history of the constitutional qualifications provision, the common use and meaning of the phrase “natural-born subject” in England and in the Colonies in the 1700s, the clause’s apparent intent, the subsequent action of the first Congress in enacting the Naturalization Act of 1790 (expressly defining the term “natural born citizen” to include a person born abroad to parents who are United States citizens), as well as subsequent Supreme Court dicta, it appears that the most logical inferences would indicate that the phrase “natural born Citizen” would mean a person who is entitled to U.S. citizenship “at birth” or “by birth”.

            And there happens to be a mountain of case law that supports that having one parent as a citizen qualifies no matter where the birth occurs. SCOTUS has never directly ruled on the terminology, so they must be stupid, too.

            …or maybe just in on the conspiracy.

            • I thought we covered the natural born citizen issue a LONG time ago, and that you would have this in mental file. Should I take your comment here to be a confirmation that you didn’t read any of those posts back then?

          • As far as Texas’ argument on the 4th Amendment, he is spot on – if they didn’t obtain a warrant, if they listened to content and if the data/records that the got are considered personal property which, as Andy McCarthy points out, they have not traditionally been.

            I’m certainly not a lawyer, so Texas will have to chime on on McCarthy’s assertion about how the 4th applies to such “third party data” and if it is considered “third party” at all.

          • Oh, yeah. I seem to remember asking what your plan was?

            Shall I expect that to come later in condescending lecture form as well?

            Time to put the cards on the table with a plan or all your hand waving is just that – hand waving.

            • So, you DON’T read what I write. Or are you deliberately ignoring the many times I have posted ideas as how best to deal with these issues so you can paint yourself as the saint here?

              • Joe,
                I am an old man, and getting older by the minute. I read the back and forth here , betwixt you and The Ute, and I have to ask myself where are we AND WHY ARE WE HERE?
                Being of the senior persuasion, I remember Watergate and the intensity surrounding it. Two things stand out for me.
                #1. the break in occurred June 17,1972 and Nixon resigned in August of 1974 that took over two years.

                #2. The media HATED Nixon. I remember Dan Rather standing and mocking Nixon at a press conference , with impunity!
                And the media whipped the country into a frenzy of hatred toward Nixon.

                The media is Obama’s protector. They have already dropped the Benghazi and IRS scandals. And boycotting the mainstream media seems not to work. They have been steadily losing readers and viewers for years.

                Perhaps a large drop in a short period of time could do them some damage. Maybe we could start a lame stream media boycot and go viral with tea party types.

                Hmmmm … could be worth a shot.
                Sorry , just thinking on the fly.

                At any rate, think about how, even with the lame os loathing of Nixon, it took more than two years for them to bring him down.

                • Ralph,

                  With respect, my friend, but we are already going on year 6. But you are correct: without media support, Obama would have been gone a long time ago. Well, without media and REPUBLICAN PARTY support, because the R’s sure as heck aren’t holding up their end of their duty to this nation and the Declaration/Constitution.

                  Now, how do we fight this? I have said it before, but no one thinks it will work. We use Alinsky against the Alinskites: RIDICULE! We have to openly laugh at mock and impugn the character of EVERYONE who is in denial of reality. the media, politicians, business leaders, teachers — EVERYONE! We need to isolate these people. We need to cling to truth and treat everyone who denies it as though they are lepers.

                  Now, people may say this won’t win any converts, but it has won many to the Left. So, really, all I am doing is advocating that we take a PROVEN method and turn it against those who perfected it.

                  Imagine the first time some idiot on the Left is running off at the mouth and a REAL Patriot turns to them in contemptuous indignation and asks:

                  “Have you people no shame? Really, don’t you America-haters have one decent bone in your entire collective? Not one?”

                  Then that Patriot turns and walks away. You see, the prize is NOT control of govt. If that is your goal, you are already on the side of the enemy. The prize is individual rights and liberty, and that means we have to play to the people — not the press, the law or the govt., but the reason and source for those things: the people.

                  • I HAVE my own copy of “Rules For Radicals” with the original dedication( to the first community organizer SATAN)’ and yes ridicule is a good start. Also making them live up to their own rules>
                    But it’s as I said earlier,With the media hatred, it still took 2 yrs. With the Obama ass kissers,(he must have a glass navel so they can see where he’s going) it’s gonna take longer. When I was in Vietnam we had a saying ” we have done so much, for so long, with so little, we can do anything with nothin”

      • I thought I presrcibed Panama Hats for youse Guys to Cool while playing in the Sun ??

        Guess we’ll have to get Augger to write a Prescription for them…..make it all official like.

          • A quick question to you sir. Has nothin to do with nothin. I have paid attention, and you are referenced as in the MD category. With a handle like augger, would you be a balloonitic? As I said. Completely off subject.

  2. Kells,

    Since we were the ones playing around in the sand box where we do not belong we should at least have the dignity to allow the religious refugees (those that are not Moslems) to come and resettle in the US. With 100’s being killed daily around the Middle East it is immoral not to help them.

    Just look at John McCain, biggest proponent of sticking our nose where it does not belong, and all he can do is ram an immigration bill down our throat for people not even being persecuted. He like most other politicians in DC are part of the 24% that trust the government because without it they would have no place to go when they wake up in the morning.

    That being said however, if Obama is involved the refugees would be 100% Moslem used to further balkanize the US and usher in his New World Order. After all who need more bigoted, mean spirited, racist and violent Christians to deal with.

  3. Yes …. The “Game” has changed…..

    Glenn Beck and MLKs Niece are right …. this ( Govenment overreach ala IRS, WP/FOX news, NSA, DOJ …ALL of it ) is the CIVIL RIGHTS movement. Massive Public Action is needed including on-going Marches.

    We need to FIGHT for our Civil Rights our Constitutional Rights !!

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