7 thoughts on “Bob Hope: Best Line Ever

  1. If others are like me I can no longer see any Youtube links on TRNL…..just a Black screen.

    It would be good to post the Title of the video along with the Video so we could google it…..I think this is the one about Democrats as Zombies Knowing not what they Do Right ?? If so that is a GREAT one

        • Shite. It converted the link to direct access. If putting it in quotes doesn’t work, google :”Greatest Line Ever Against Democrats”


          Didn’t know it was blacking out. I’ll work on that.

          • At least putting up the Title . Because anyone could just Google it !

            Hopefully others will start Titling too…Hint Hint.

            As an aside…Melfamy’s “Love of the Sandwich” picture continues to come through OK.
            Which is a Good Thing…;- ).

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