When 47% Just Isn’t Enough

The Hill reports:

Many senators elected to leave Washington early Thursday afternoon instead of attending a briefing with James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, Keith Alexander, the head of the National Security Agency (NSA), and other officials.

The Senate held its last vote of the week a little after noon on Thursday, and many lawmakers were eager to take advantage of the short day and head back to their home states for Father’s Day weekend.

Only 47 of 100 senators attended the 2:30 briefing, leaving dozens of chairs in the secure meeting room empty as Clapper, Alexander and other senior officials told lawmakers about classified programs to monitor millions of telephone calls and broad swaths of Internet activity. The room on the lower level of the Capitol Visitor Center is large enough to fit the entire Senate membership, according to a Senate aide.

The Hill was not provided the names of who did, and who didn’t, attend the briefing.

We need to know who the 53 were – every Senator who skipped this briefing should be publicly tarred and feathered.

2 thoughts on “When 47% Just Isn’t Enough

  1. To paraphrase the Ameriacn Novelist Bret Easton Ellis……….47 % isn’t Just not enough….It’s “Less than Zero” in a Functioning Representative Republic.

  2. Reckon they’re just doing what they get paid for……nothin. Good thing they gave themselves a raise.

    Off on a tangent now, I was truly amazed by the response from Rep. Southerland to a friend who wrote to him. The sentence that stuck out in my mind was, ” We have no legal basis to impeach Obama.” It was truly a WTF? moment….

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