Melting Pot or Slag Pile…

That is what we have to decide in America today. Does this nation want to be the ‘Melting Pot” that we are proud of as a Nation. A Nation that invited those who wanted a better life for themselves and their posterity. Those that came to this Nation to make their lives better and by doing so made America better. People who wanted to not forget where they came from but by remembering where they came from could take America that much better. Or do we become a “Slag Pile” of a Nation.Slag Pit A nation where people come to this Nation to used what politicians and the powerful can give them with no regard to the benefits to give back to a Nation that allows them the privilege of entry into this sovereign Nation. People who’s wretched existence is scraped off the molds and has no redeeming value to the Nation at large but to be a drain on those who chose to be a part of America and make America better. Those of the latter are concerned not with making America a better place by their acceptance into the very countenance that made America great, but to only be here because the morally bankrupt have promised to allow this refuse to stay as part of a grand bargain that allows the promisors to remain in power thus bringing down an entire Country.

Read more about amnesty and immigration at the Dryer Report.



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