I Hear Zebras and Wildebeest

The problem with living through history – especially where cultural change is concerned – is that the majority do not see the changes that are happening as they take place.  Most times, a society doesn’t become aware of the changes until decades after they already happened.  This was one of the marks of genius in our founders: they were well aware that they were making history and they made sure to record their thoughts and intentions because of that awareness.  Well, in our case, we were openly warned that our society was going to be fundamentally altered, and we ignored the warning.

Now, what the remnant among us who still value individual rights and liberty need to understand is that our enemy has vision and we are wearing bifocals and blindfolds.  If we are going to salvage anything from what has been done to us, we need to remove the blind folds and have lasik surgery to correct our vision.  In this case, that means educating ourselves as to who our enemy really is and what their agenda is.  We can do this, but it will require hard work and a great deal of courage: the courage to accept it and to stand up in the face of public ridicule, which is sure to follow anyone who actually stumbles across the truth as it has been proven – repeatedly – to be one of the best weapons of our enemy.  They don’t worship Alinsky for nothing.

In the past, I have tried to explain that we are under a concerted attack by people who have a very different vision from that of our founders.  This makes it all but impossible for anyone who still tries to adhere to our founders’ ideals and principles to see the threat as it really is.  Add the fear of being labeled a conspiracy theorist to our ignorance and the majority of those who might otherwise be expected to oppose our enemies will actually resist doing so because of nothing more than simple fear.  Well, if you hope to stop them, you are going to have to get past that fear, and it starts by accepting that you no longer live in the nation of your childhood memories.  The America we knew is gone and we have to face the fact that it is now controlled by people who want to be in charge of the whole of humanity.

Now, I understand that this will cause most people to think I have launched into the realm of conspiracy theory, thus making it likely I will be dismissed.  Fine, if you want to remain under the influence of the programming your enemies have instilled in you, ignore me.  But understand, you are no longer in America, so those hoof beats you think belong to horses don’t belong to horses.  You see, one of the reasons people fool themselves into accepting the lies that all conspiracy theory must be dismissed are based on the principle of Occam’s razor.  Basically, Occam’s razor says, if you hear hoof beats, don’t think zebras (i.e. conspiracy theory), think horses (i.e. stupidity and incompetence).  Now, don’t get me wrong: this is good advice – if you live in the land of the free and home of the brave.  But what if your society has changed around you and you have yet to realize that you now live in the wilderness of the Serengeti?  In that case, hoof beats mean zebras and wildebeest.

Well, I’m telling you that you no longer live in the moral society in which you grew up, and this is no longer the home of free and land of the brave.  Yes, there is a remnant of those people left in this land, but this land has become the wilderness of the Serengeti, and it is time we accept this as fact.  Then, start looking for explanations that make sense in a wilderness where the beasts are trying to take over the entire animal kingdom.  For example: look at the NSA spying scandal. 

I am not talking about whether or not it is legal; forget about that for the moment.  Just ask yourself if it makes sense.  Is it just a conspiracy theory, or does it actually explain anything?  Another posted paraphrased Einstein by pointing out that Einstein once quipped that, if you cannot explain your theory to the butcher so that the butcher can understand it, there is likely something seriously wrong with your theory.  Now, apply that to the claim that the NSA and govt. in general are using the information they are collecting to control those who are trying to fight our enemies.  Is the best explanation that everyone who doesn’t make sense is either incompetent and/or stupid?  Is it reasonable to believe that everyone we know to be a good conservative who suddenly turns RINO was just incompetent or stupid?  If so, then how did they ever get to a point in life where they were deemed successful enough to get elected?  Or, is it more likely that the govt. now has enough dirt on everyone and their family that they can use it to turn anyone to their will?  Which explanation makes the most sense?  Which one explains the sudden opinion switch of Judge Roberts?

Which makes the most sense: to believe you still live in the America of your youth while the Supreme Court is saying you do not need to even prove you are a citizen to vote and your Party is telling you to support a bill that will destroy your Party and the nation, or that you live in a wilderness where people are fighting over who will get to rule over the entire plain?  In the end, you have to decide: do you hear horses or zebras and wildebeest? 

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