Bill Ayers: Try The Bamster For War Crimes

Oh, my – how the mighty Drone King has fallen.

Bill Ayers thinks Obama should be tried at the Hague for war crimes…but then he thinks every American president of the past century should be tried, so it isn’t like he is singling his buddy out for special treatment. Of these presidents, he says:

Every one of them goes into an office…an office dripping with blood.

Ayers is nothing but a scummy old hippy in academic robes.

Video at Real Clear Politics.

12 thoughts on “Bill Ayers: Try The Bamster For War Crimes

  1. Ayers is merely practicing the 180 degree rule.

    “Scummy hippie” is a complement.

    Ayers is a murderer.

  2. And people wonder why I claim liberalism is a mental disorder …

    And then there’s this gem from Obama’s favorite rapper, Lil’ Wayne …

    Yeah man, feeling that luv for America, right there … yO!

  3. Wonder if Ayers and Obama can share a cell together! Then we can pipe in 24/7 Lil’ Wayne rap. If things get too bad for them we can send in a little spiritual help. Rev. Jackson, Sharpton, Wright and my favorite Rev. Louis Farrakhan. If a fist fight insues we will get Jimmie Carter to negotiate and on conjugal night Bill Clinton will host. What a merry band of brothers.

    • Why should they share? Of the 90872093840293482309484209348 Obama phones we’ve purchased, certainly they are entitled to 20 of their own … each.

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