By Jove! I Think I’ve Got It!

For the last few days, M. has been moaning and groaning about solutions to our current political state. In my view, the biggest problem is apathy. How do you get people interested in politics? I suppose you could get a bunch of stars together to condemn the second Amendment in order to sway voters; like this:

Or, you could do something a lil’ more interesting….Gawd……zilla! I’m a genius!! Here’s my solution: A political game show like no other!

Step 1 – The stars will listen to a House or Senate proposal bill.

Step 2 – The stars will then listen to lawmakers opposed to the bill.

Step 3 – The stars will divide based on who they agree with.

Step 4 – The stars will go to D.C. and listen to the arguments for/against the bill. (This is the beauty part, because the stars will be allowed to ask about the pork in the bill, so the ding-dong dummies better have read the damn bill as they will be on national television!)

Step 5 – The stars will make their argument to the American people.

Step 6- After the public’s votes are tallied, the winning stars win a nice trip to exotic Syria paid for by the govt. (A lil’ Kells humour.) Actually, the winning team will have a donation sent to the charity of its choice. The winning orator will win, I don’t know, a date with their favorite congressman/woman?

There are these times when I really just want to kiss myself because I’m so damn clever! Think of it: The stars can try to push their liberal agenda, but they will lose the game. The congressmen will have to be on their toes because now everyone and their brother will be tuned in to CSPAN. The public will be arguing back and forth on the bill, and talking politics will be as common place as talking about who won on American Idol.

If you don’t think my idea rocks then you’re obviously living in a van down by the river. That said, I would love to know how it could be improved upon. I notice on reality shows, they seem to evolve as the season goes on. Also, I haven’t thought of a catchy title yet…….

20 thoughts on “By Jove! I Think I’ve Got It!

  1. How about “Discourse with the Stars”?
    Or “Battle of the Network Stars…Mental Midgets Off-Script”

  2. I’d be for sending anyone who applies for welfare benefits to live in the Bangkok slums for a week – then they would understand what poverty really looks like.

    And I have groaned but I’m saving the moaning for later.

    • Speaking of benefits, here’s a rich and true story: Kid decides to get a gage piercing in his ear. He gets tired of it and yanks it out. It becomes infected and he must have surgery (which he does) to the tune of $800. No worries. The family is on Medicaid. Sadly, the sister has gone through with this same piercing……….moan away, baby.

      @Outsider; I especially like your second title, but I worry about the lack of “flashiness”. We must play to the general public! Think Flashy!

      • 24 hours to read 2000 pages? Plenty of time.

        Actually, Kells, it would be great entertainment to see the Kardashians, no, the Osbornes slogging their way through one of these monstrosities.

          • According to RedState that was the case with amendments to Obamacare, with Pelosi and Reid running the show. Some groups want to pass a bill to make it a mandatory 72 hours to read a bill. I like Rand Paul’s idea, giving the Senate one full day for every 20 pages.

  3. No, the biggest problem isn’t apathy. Almost all of the people I associate with really care about what is happening to our nation, but much like Utah’s “moans and groans”, few people have any clue at all about how to turn this mess around. The country (and politicians) has gotten to the point where it is going to take major changes to get back on track. How do you do it? I have been reading Utah’s posts and I agree with him totally. Just getting all of those people who do care headed in the right direction with a sense of purpose is going to be the trick.

      • “Um, hello! I just solved the problem in one fell swoop.”


        How are you with cooking Fried Chicken?

              • Chicken frying in butter, chicken fat, bacon fat and country ham fat.

                The recipe was taken from old Southern cookbooks, from the 1700s and 1800s. They would take lard and any sort of scraps they had around of country ham or bacon, they would throw that in the pan and infuse it into the lard, then they would fry it very, very slowly.

                The last stage of the cooking process is cranking up the heat and throw in half a pound of butter. That butter just melts and goes crazy and browns and just makes that skin so crunchy and delicious.

                The result looks like this:

    • This site has provided some of the most eloquent and well thought out discussions to be found anywhere today on the subjects of our history and our current situation. I’ve been a quiet student and admirer of the work of Utah, Joe and the regular contributors and commenters here.

      floridacracker49 is right. The question is “What do we do to fix it?”

      The good news is that there are more of us (who are not apathetic) than most people think who are eagerly waiting to go to work to correct our course. I say let it be me who pays the price to restore our country…not my children.

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