Da bamster Got Schooled, Da?

Click on the link, watch the video and you’ll understand why our media MUST protect Obama — or accept the fact that he is the smartest President we’ve ever had…right after the other 43, that is:

Putin throws down Obama

Consider adding Pravda to your daily reading.  There’s more truth coming out of Russia these days that the “land of the free,” and that should tell us something all in itself.

20 thoughts on “Da bamster Got Schooled, Da?

  1. I was beginning to wonder if the bloviating Obama would ever stop to let the interpreter do his job. While I do not agree with Russia’s position on the Middle East, it was fun to watch Putin give Obama the beat down … after their last meeting where Obama whispered in his ear “I’ll be more flexible after the election.”

    Sadly though, Putin knows what the American public do not … Obama is a joke, and is a joke on the world scene … thus makes us all look the fool as well.

    • Augger,

      Ah, this IS intended to be taken in the manner I hope it implies, but — after watching that exchange — I think Obama DID prove he was “more flexible” — and Puty-poot seems to have enjoyed him some of the benefits 😉

      • Yeah, that’s fine. It just doesn’t change the fact of how Obama is seen throughout the world.

        Even the writer had a cute name for him …

        • When was the last time the D’s had a president the world DID respect? And, if you come up with the same name I did, wouldn’t he be considered a “right-wing extremist warmonger” today?

          • Well, I know Franklin Delano Roosevelt was fairly respected throughout the world as he was a central figure of the world in the mid 20th century, but I am not sure his domestic policies would be considered right-wing extremism in today’s times.

            I suppose the later could be a point for debate.

    • Obama, ” … Uh … Uh. … Uh … Uh …”

      What a great orator !

      That’s Sarcasm. For those who continue to argue Obama is a great orator, well, “it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand…”

  2. I am in general agreement with you about Keeping an Eye on the Russian press. There has been some very good coverage there, Absolutely !!

    However it would be good for Americans to remember this little saying from the Russian people. During Reagan’s years There were two major newspapers in the Soviet Union…….Pravda = the Truth….and…..Izvestia = the News.

    The common saying on the street fron Russians was…….

    In the Truth ( Pravda)…there is no News ( Izvestia)….And in the News ( Izvestia ) there is no Truth (Pravda ).

    It was a way to get an important point across about Governmental control of the media by using a Pun.

  3. Absolutely. As a society we have lost our “Balls” , and the entertainment media continuously presents more and more the “pussified” male as the example.(there are exceptions, but they prove the rule)

    • How apropo.
      Self confident, women, ignore the media bs.

      Ironic; the “young working professional women”, having continuously dated the metro-sexual men, never get married or are happy because they never realize what they are missing with the pussified men…

      They awaken one day in their 40’s- up,
      Wondering why in the hell they never found a true partner in life.

      They were always looking in all the wrong places with the metro sexual crowd….

      True partners allow each other to be strong in their own ways and complement one another. Not suffocate each other requiring sameness.

      • You got it….And Self confident, accomplished, strong modern Women let guys win at cards too.. ;- ) .

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