Look At Upward Mobility

Do you have any Earthly idea what the hell that means?  That is the “slogan” on my GSA approved calendar for the month of June.  I’d feel better if it said something like “Look both ways before you cross the street”.  That I can understand and grasp the concept of safety that it is trying to convey.  But hey its just more of the crap that the government is pushing these days. You know like, hey it’s perfectly safe for 13-year-old female children, and yes they are still children at that age, to go into to any pharmacy/drug store and buy the Morning after pill without parental approval or notification.  Why?  Because the Obama Administration say it is perfectly fine and it would be worse if these children didn’t have access to this wonderful medication.  Now remember this medication is for EMERGENCY USE!  You know because you might have went out and had EMERGENCY INTERCOURSE!Plan C Box

Read more about it at the Dryer Report

5 thoughts on “Look At Upward Mobility

    • Kells, I don’t get how someone here could call rape or incest — the reason for the ruling on the morning after pill — “having emergency intercourse.”

      • I was referring to the Immigration Bill in the latter part of the article. As to his comment, he did say “might have”. That said, I do believe these medications should be by parental consent for minors. If it is illegal to have sex with a minor, how is it then legal for a minor to purchase an abortion pill?

  1. “If it is illegal to have sex with a minor, how is it then legal for a minor to purchase an abortion pill?”

    One problem comes when the person having sex with a minor is a parent (or stepparent).

  2. A stupid idea is a stupid idea why do you try to make excuses for a government that is out of control. The government has no business in parenting of the American family, when then can’t manage what they are suppose to manage. We have an emergence in Congress a total lack of common sense and not one of them has the balls to stand up against this looniness.

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