THIS Is the Goal of the Immigration Push

There are many additional reasons the elites are pushing the Amnesty bill, but they are “bonus” benefits.  This is the real goal:

video clip here

Think — R-E-D-I-S-T-R-I-B-U-T-I-O-N-!

This is exactly what Progressives have said they wanted, and it is being done exactly how they said they would do it (this, and by pushing business over seas through higher taxation and regulatory costs of labor).  This is why I say we need to 1 — Learn our history, especially that of what Progressives have written to other Progressives 2 — Accept them at their word, even if it sounds subversive/treasonous and 3 — Look for policies that work toward their stated goals and, when you find them (not if, but when), fight those Bills/Policies and get the people pushing them out of government: not just elected government, but entirely out of all government — lobbying included.


2 thoughts on “THIS Is the Goal of the Immigration Push

  1. Joe.
    couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly. Only one change I would make, let’s quit calling them “progressives” or “statists” or Democrats, and call it what is is. Marxism or Communism. Letting them define the terms , lets them control the argument. Every time we see a quote from one of these enemies of freedom that aligns with a quote from Marx, we need to point it out and draw attention to it. Make them admit who they are.

    • Ralph,

      My apologies. I use the term for the sake of convention. If it matters, you’ll find I have written several posts tying all these “isms” to their original source, and that would be the Fabians. Even Lenin came from the Fabians. The only one that is really different is Fascism, but that’s still in the same family of govt. control by “scientific” administration.

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