We Have Them In Texas, Too…

Liberals, that is.

Here is a snippet of an op ed piece from my local paper, The Woodlands Villager, by a gent named Jim Farrell. Mr Farrell is described as:

Jim Farrell is a recent retiree and longtime resident of Oak Ridge North. He had spent close to 50 years in the aviation industry (five airlines) and moved through the ranks from union officer to Labor Relations and Human Resources management positions. He has been a student of politics all his life.

Looks as though Mr. Farrell is also a lifelong union man and Democrat. He writes:

What has happened to your dad’s GOP?

Of the four presidents on Mount Rushmore, two are Republicans. The chance of another Republican being placed on that mountain dwindles daily as the far right (Christian Coalition, Tea Party, etc.) continues to exert undo influence on the once formidable “Grand Old Party.”

Back in the 1950s, Republican President Eisenhower signed The Federal Aid Highway Act (1956), which was the foundation of our national highway system that we all drive on today. However, the John Birch Society, a radical right-wing organization with little following at the time, were very much against this law. That did not care for “public work” programs or for President Eisenhower. The founder of the John Birch Society, Robert Welch, called the former American general and supreme allied commander during WWII “a dedicated conscious agent of the Communist conspiracy.” Really?

It continues on in this manner with the standard Reagan bashing and then he winds up for the big finish, predictibly praising Lincoln and a progressive Republican:

Once upon a time, the Republican Party had the likes of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt to show our country what kind of leaders they could produce. Today, sadly, there is no one in their midst who can shine a candle to those leaders. The GOP has become the party of “Do nothing” and “Stand still.” To the contrary, as President Kennedy once said, “Change is the law of life. Those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

I responded in the comment section with a modified version of a response to a Maureen Dowd column that basically says the same thing a year ago here:

Respectfully, Mr. Farrell, it’s actually all about forced perspective, isn’t it?

If you climb into the stands at a football field and see two kids standing 50 yards apart and the only thing that you know about them is that they were once standing on the field together, it is pretty hard to tell which one moved away from the other. Without a reference point, you don’t know if one student moved right by 5 yards and the other moved left by 45 yards to create that gap.

You seem to be saying that the Democrats have always stood on the 50 yard line, in the very center, while the Republicans have sprinted to toward the right end zone and are now doing a goose-stepping victory dance in an SS uniform while waving a Nazi Party flag.

Why is it that the political left never stop to examine that reference point, they never lament how far left the Democratic Party has drifted, how they are much closer to communists they are than they were a short 50 years ago. There is no doubt that there has been a leftward drift in the mainstream Republican Party but the gap between the Republicans and Democrats was created by the Democrat lurch to the left, not the Republican swing to the right.

Republicans have proven to be big spenders as well, just not as big as Democrats. Reagan had to raise taxes to keep up with a Democratically controlled congress that wouldn’t stop spending long enough for the tax cuts that Reagan initiated to get the economy going – even with his tax cuts, government tax receipts grew – and the Democrats spend every dime…and then some.

The more salient question is what has happened to the Democrat Party of my father – it has become a tool of collectivists, statists and statolatrists, the party of death (abortion) and drugs, the party of appeasement and weakness. It has become the party of redistribution and “social justice”, of social engineering and class envy.

It looks more like Karl Marx than John Kennedy.

Perhaps that is the question that should be asked.


5 thoughts on “We Have Them In Texas, Too…

    • John F. Kennedy would not be welcomed in either party today. Progressives are controlling both parties.

      The current immigration bill exhibits that fact.

      The American people have been mislead for decades and only the “constitutionalists” and the “tea partiers” understand what Utah wrote copied below:

      “The more salient question is what has happened to the Democrat Party of my father – it has become a tool of collectivists, statists and statolatrists, the party of death (abortion) and drugs, the party of appeasement and weakness. It has become the party of redistribution and “social justice”, of social engineering and class envy.”

  1. Lost me at union officer, but I read his article anyway.

    Reminds me of similar garbage from NYT’s token ‘conservative,’ David Brooks.

    Contrary to the Birchers’ claim, Eisenhower deserves the benefit of the doubt. He was probably not conscious of being an agent of Communism.

    Farrell deserves credit for reminding us how much of a liberal Nixon actually was.

  2. I grew up in a DFL household and my father and grandfather were both union members. They would be stunned to see the Progessives of the Obama Administration and they would not have anything in common with them. Both these men believed in balanced budgets, Christian Principles and lots of hard work. Welfare was a dirty word to them.

    BTW, John Kennedy would not be welcome in the Democratic Party today either as he was very anti-communist, he also cut taxes.


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