Why Does The Left Always Want To Silence People?

If you are among those who are awake and paying attention (and I assume this is the vast majority of RNL readers), no doubt you’ve heard a Leftist crying about how the right wants to censor or silence their voice.  But have you ever noticed that, when it comes to the part that really matters – actions, not words – it is almost always the Left who tries to use force of some kind to silence their opposition?  And do you ever notice the smug, arrogant and condescending air these people have about them in just assuming that theirs – a numerically minority voice – is somehow superior to the opinions of the masses and, therefore, should be allowed to trample the free speech rights of others?

Well, silencing the opposition is what these three stories are all about – up to and including the use of govt. regulation and laws to eliminate an entire business that is in competition with them.  I just thought I’d bring them to your attention because, unless you watch FOX News, you’re not likely to see them.  And even if you do watch FOX News, there are stories you will miss unless you also include the “new media” in your daily routine:

Pelosi Bristles at Reporter’s Pro-Life Question, Actually Cites Her Catholicism in Defense of Abortion

In this story, Pelosi is trying to invoke her supposed faith as a barrier to more questioning.  Not only that, but she is assuming to be superior to the Pope in that she has turned the Church’s doctrine on its head in the effort to shut down that questioning.

Want a Peek at How Liberal Journalists Interact Amongst Themselves? Check Out the Alleged ‘Journolist’ Listserv Right Here

This story is about the true feelings and opinions of the vast majority of those in the “main stream” (i.e. legacy) media who call themselves “journalists.”  In it, we find that many of these “journalists” honestly believe and openly called for the government to forcibly shut down their opposition, including all of FOX News (among themselves, that is – never publicly).  You should watch the video clip in this story.

[NOTE: Hannity claims “we” broke several stories, including the Black Liberation Theology story.  In reality, that story came to FOX via Bill O’Reilly, who in turn got it from his contacts in the new media.  This is just another example of the establishment media trying to take credit for the great work being done by the new media.]

‘Know Your Role and Shut Your Mouth’: Hannity Segment Devolves Into Finger-Pointing, Name-Calling Schoolyard Fight

And this story is a perfect illustration of the claim being made in the last story.  It shows one of these self-appointed, elitist “journalists” losing her temper, forgetting she is on the air and telling another person to shut up and mind his place.  What we should note is that she not only thinks she has the authority to tell him to silence his voice, but that she has the authority to tell him what his “role” is in society and the media.

Note also that she is not alone in this: often times, when the liberal in any debate is losing and knows it, they will reveal their true colors.  Obama has even done this on several occasions.  Which leads to something else we can learn from this: if a person has to hide who they really are and what they really believe from the public, they should not be considered a “good” person, nor should they ever be considered for public office.  In both cases, they have demonstrated – through their actions – that they will lie and, therefore, cannot and should not be trusted.

27 thoughts on “Why Does The Left Always Want To Silence People?

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  2. Tamara Holder is a complete “down for the struggle” Obama supporter. Literally NOTHING he does is wrong according to her……She is also the Gal who has repeated asked Hannity ( on the air) to introduce her to a Good Conservative guy because all the Liberal guys she’s dated are losers. But the FOX host let it get out of control and fall to her level.

    Speaking of the Left Trying to Silence people…… I watched the Documentary ” For the Record..Episode One : Surveillance State “… There were 4 NSA-Intelligence whistle-blowers in this presentation who said virtually the Same things that Snowden did……… MONTHE BEFORE HE DID !!

    So now there are charges of espianage etc against him ??????????? …… anybody can see 4 different HIGHER level folks saying the same/similar thing.

    • Don,

      I know. I posted the link to the timeline on this. It has been public knowledge for YEARS! It is similar to the story about that “CIA” operative that Bush’s people supposedly outed (or that reporter — who cares). They are manufacturing stories for the purpose of distraction/control.

      What I like is that the indictment and all the proceedings are going to be in secret. Fair trial? HA! me tinks not 😉

      • What is it about “Secret Courts” and “Indefinite detention” that the ranks and File Democrats don’t get ??? What happened to all those “Civil Rights” walkers / Workers from the 1960s ????

        The Left and even the Rank and File Left seem to have no morality at all….it is all about power for their party. Or about what Gov’t check they can get it seems. At least the Right’s Base is criticizing their “Leaders” like Rubio…..McCain etc….

        Where are the Good Democrats…..the supposed “Patriotic” Rank and File Democrat Base criticizing THEIR Leadership ??????

        • Don,

          It’s not just “Democrats.” This is a failing in human nature: the desire to be in charge. As I see it (me, speaking for me), this is the result of people losing focus on the mission (i.e. preserving liberty, upholding the original intent of the constitution, the fair administration of the law, etc) and substituting a different agenda. That could be “social justice,” but it could also be “national defense.” Both are goals within the confines of the Constitution — IF they are done/achieved using constitutional means. But the moment the ends start to justify the means rather than sticking to the ideals that govern what means are and are not acceptable: well, at that point, we all cross the line in the direction of tyranny. This process knows no Party association.

          • Yah I know Joe everybody does it.

            But the fact is Today the Libertarian Base and the Right Base IS questioning and crirticizing their leadership….or a Certain significant proportion is….

            But there is NOTHING , ANYWHERE coming from the Democrat Base that is criticizing THEIR Leadership……The FACT is it is one sided in this issue. And there are no Democrat Groups out there arguing FOR a return to the Constitution, preserving Liberty or ANYTHING at ALL…except one-sided criticism of the Quote-unquote “The Right “……..I’m not talking about what should be…but what is.

            If I’m wrong….show me the Democrat or Liberal Group that is protesting their Leadership, protesting the Government Spying, Suppression of the Vote through the IRS…ANYTHING. Anything similar to the Tea Party or other Conservative groups Criticizing Rubio, Ryan, McCain and the various Governmental overreach……..Thus I ask where are all the So-called Civil Rights zealots from the 1960s that were so outraged over Gopvernment excesses etc…….. I think this is a reality that needs to be said and recognized.

              • Yes….There’s a GREAT VIDEO…if you can find it put it Up !! State Senator ,… Elbert Guillory I think … what he says speaks to everyone really. And he does Count !…..Notice though …He changed party…in a way that proves my point…. He couldn’t say what he said and REMAIN a Democrat !!

                BUT….BUT…He is ONE person……There are no Organizations of Professed Democrats / Liberals that come out and Criticize the IRS….Criticize Shumer …etc……THAT is the Difference…..

            • “show me the Democrat or Liberal Group that is protesting their Leadership, protesting the Government Spying, Suppression of the Vote through the IRS…ANYTHING.”

              Well, the ACLU (which people here generally like to pretend is a liberal organization) is suing the Obama administration. And for some quick examples, there’s this: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/jun/08/obama-response-nsa-surveillance-democrats

              And this: http://www.pointofview.net/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=22701&news_iv_ctrl=1201

              And this: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2013/06/07/liberals-obama-at-odds-over-nsa-programs

              I trust that with a quick Google search you can find many more. Perhaps you should read a wider variety of sources.

              And this:

              • The three articles kind of make my point. The Guardian is a UK publication not US….the Point of View atrticle spoke of a few Left politicians being critical but nothing of substance . The UsNews article does mention a Group ( which is what I was refeing to). So I thank you for highlighting that…..It was the “Progressive Change Campaign Committee” and they gathered 20,000 signatures for ads to go after Di Fienstein.

                This is a Good thing…..perhaps a slight glimmering of a change……..One would hope that such an organization could Join with those TP and Conservative Groups Profiled and then Targeted by Obama and the IRS.

                I regularly read the Guardian and USNEWS btw.

                Nonetheless the Level of Outrage is but a whisper from the larger Left…..and there as yet is no concentrated and continual Criticizing of Key Left politicians…..as there is and has been from the right about Right Leadership……..But let’s hope there will be MORE efforts and consistant efforts like the PCCC !!

                The ACLU is Liberal…..started by known communists……..when it hits home they are stung and stinging back……As they should in this case.

        • Left , right, libertarian….whoever is in control wants to concentrate power under their control. Bush and the Patriot Act< man what a misnomer. Hand written warrants, made out on the spot, and if you tell anyone you got it you and they are both SOL.
          But, you can take this all the way back to Lincoln , or Jackson.
          Lincoln arrested news editors who dared disagree with his war policies, and shut down newspapers. ( no wonder Obama likes Lincoln so much) I have done some research about him supposedly putting out an arrest warrant on a supreme court justice, but verification of that seems to go both ways.
          And remember , Bush 41 was director of the CIA

          • If you want some really good reading Ralph….look up Prescott Bush……then the Walker Banking family.

  3. Why do those on the Right ALWAYS negate their point through gross oversimplification, using dumb overgeneralizations such as “always”? 🙂

    • I guess for the same reason that when one conservative issues an idiotic quote about rape or abortion, the left hangs that albatross around every conservative’s neck – or maybe when someone on the right says something like “these are dark days” and every conservative is a closet racist.

      Neither side is immune.

    • OK …I’ll bite….

      Because it’s FUN and is the polar opposite of “Never”….and almost “always” is apropo of the Left’s position on just about “everything”.

      • I’d like to know why people think they have a point by claiming others have “over-simplified” things? My experience has taught me that those seeking to complicate matters are usually in the same boat with those who have to deceive people to get what they want. Complication is nothing more than another form of obfuscation/deception. It really is that easy. After all, the founders didn’t need to write a complicated document to found the greatest nation in human history, nor did God need to write complicated laws by which we can all govern ourselves.

        The darkness simply doesn’t understand the light.

        • You have perfectly described the whole Process Surrounding this Democrat /Liberal inspired Rubio-McCain Amnesty Bill that they’ve ..Deceptively” Renamed …ONCE AGAIN….the “Corker Amendment” .

          Over 1,100 PAGES !…..Of Complicated Deception on what should be at least two Separate Bills…..

          (1) We already have Law to secure the Border on the Books NOW…..and it is the “LEGAL” obligation of the Federal Gov’t to do it…..They are flat out refusing to………..
          (2) We already have Immigration Law and Law concerning Illegal entry on the Books NOW…..and “LEGALLY” they should be enforced……But the Federal Gov’t refuses to enforce these as well.

          We don’t NEED another 1,1000 Bill !!…………Amnesty is just another ObamaCare !…………Costing us Trillions more and undermining the Consritution in the process.

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