Meet The Victors

press conference3Obama has announced that the U.S. has once again surrendered to the very foes we as a Nation have been fighting since the attacks of September 11, 2001.  While our foe has been at war with us much longer than that, this Nation was jarred into the realization that evil is out there and they want every American dead and will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal.

Well after over a decade of fighting against the Taliban, Barack Obama has declared the war over and we, the United States of America, give up and want to negotiate a peace between us, the Taliban and the U.S.

There should be much rejoicing throughout America as the War On Terror has been declared over by Obama, but the American People know better.  The American People realize that just because one side of a conflict wants the hostility to end, unless BOTH sides agree to that, NOTHING is settled.  And the Taliban have not changed anything in the way the conduct their daily operations or how they treat the Peoples in the areas that they operate.  The Taliban is still the murderous thugs they have always been and continue to harass and intimidate the local populace exactly where the U.S. forces will be pulling our as part of Obama’s plan of surrender.

Find the rest at the Dryer Report.


5 thoughts on “Meet The Victors

  1. A massive squadron of bacon grease-bearing crop dusters might change the proverbial landscape. 🙂

    I suppose it would be a preferable outcome somewhere between water-boarding, and drone strikes. lol

  2. I heard tonite on Levine’s show that Obama has sent US Troops to Egypt and Syria to Train the MuslimBrotherhood in putting down their People’s protests ???

    The President of Peace…..where is Code Pink on this ????

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