The Evil Party and The Stupid Party

M. Stanton Evans said this in a presentation for a group of Washington interns at the Heritage Foundation in 2007:

The other thing is … don’t get too bogged down in party politics that [are] very superficial and lead you to directions that I think are really not the right direction. Of course, some of our Republican friends are not always the best guides philosophically on certain issues. I won’t get into personalities.

I will recite a little story that I think sums it up. It’s a true story. Back after the fall of the Soviet Empire … [Eastern European leaders] came to Washington to meet with our Congress to find out how we do it. God help them.

They were puzzled by our system. … In Europe … there are a lot of parties, 10 or 11 parties, and they don’t quite understand the two-party system. And so they met with a Republican Senate staffer, and asked him to explain our system. He said, “Yes, we have two parties here, and only two. One is the evil party, and the other is the stupid party.” He said, “I’m very proud to be a member of the stupid party.”

He said, “Occasionally, the two parties get together to do something that’s both evil and stupid. That’s called bipartisanship.”

So, don’t get too involved in political parties. Maintain some independence from the party line.

If there was any doubt of the worthlessness of the Republican Party, it is this terrible immigration “reform” bill. It is filled with pork, does nothing to protect the border and everything to make illegal immigration a permanent condition – adding 46 million immigrants – the bill even includes money to pay for legal services for illegals…

This is nothing less than foreign interference in American domestic policy. We are bending our own laws and policies to compensate for the lack of freedom and economic success of Mexico and these 46 million people are bringing political ideologies from that culture with them. It is nothing less than a state sponsored invasion – and one that the taxpayer is paying for.

Steven Hayward writes at Powerline:

I’m actually in favor of some sensible immigration reforms, and believe the GOP could handle this issue in a way that would make liberals howl (start with including some anti-multicultural poison pills in the law, and then debate the matter openly).  But increasingly this bill looks to me that it is this decade’s equivalent of the Panama Canal treaty of 1977: if it passes, it is going to end several political careers, starting with Rubio’s.  Howard Baker’s Panama Canal treaty vote not only killed his presidential ambitions, but also eliminated him from serious consideration to be Ronald Reagan’s running mate in 1980.

Sipping water during his SOTU rebuttal was not a career-ender for Rubio – but drinking the “comprehensive immigration reform” Kool-Aid will be.

5 thoughts on “The Evil Party and The Stupid Party

  1. So what to do about this? Fire up the TEA party base to kill this bill and then put all of th eprogerssives out of office. Show the sheeple in the simplest, most personal terms, how they are being led to serfdom.

    • I’m thinking central or south America,
      They allow us to immigrate, we bring liberty…

      The people will love us, the marxists will execute us….
      Damn that won’t work…

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