Our Second, Extra-Constitutional, Literally Underground Government

To keep to my assertions that we can and are traveling down a road that will add the United States to history’s list of nations that became enemies of mankind, and that the evidence is out in the open – if we would only look for it and recognize it for what it is – I give you another story that supports my argument:

For secretive surveillance court, rare scrutiny in wake of NSA leaks

The public is getting a peek into the little-known workings of a powerful and mostly invisible government entity. And it is seeing a court whose secret rulings have in effect created a body of law separate from the one on the books — one that gives U.S. spy agencies the authority to collect bulk information about Americans’ medical care, firearms purchases, credit card usage and other interactions with business and commerce, according to Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.).

“The government can get virtually anything,” said Wyden, who as a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee is allowed to read many of the court’s classified rulings. “Health, guns, credit cards — my reading is not what has been done, it’s what can be done.”

Essentially, this is an admission that our government has set up a Star Chamber.  Now, if we support this, we are accepting a de facto nullification of our Constitution and the protections it was meant to afford us.  There is absolutely no Constitutional authority for the “legal structure” which supposedly authorized this program and the others like it.  Therefore, it is extra-constitutional and, by any reasonable accounting, illegal under the Constitution.  However, if we support it anyway, that is an act of assenting: agreement with this new, independent and secret legal system.

[NOTE: technically, if we say the Constitution is still the supreme law of this land, then it doesn’t matter if Congress said this is legal, the President agreed and the Supreme Court upheld it, it is still illegal under the law because the the creation of an extra-constitutional system of government is defined as subversion.  Subversion is illegal under both the law and the Constitution.]

Now, I ask you, where is the historic example showing us that, once such power has been obtained and consolidated, those in whose hands it rests have willingly surrendered that power?  Unless such an historic example can be presented, I would assert that it is prudent to assume the opposite: that the reach for still more power will continue.  Therefore, by what reasoning should we believe that we can use the system these same people control to force them to surrender that power?  At best, the only thing we will do is provide a weaker faction within these self-appointed elite the opportunity to use public opinion to wrest power from a stronger faction.  Either way, the power will remain with those ruling elite.  Neither side will return it to the people without some application of force.

This is why I have been saying that we MUST find a means of applying force without resorting to physical violence, as that would only provide them with the excuse they are seeking to openly do away with the Constitution and declare themselves “emergency powers” as they have already suggested they should do.

7 thoughts on “Our Second, Extra-Constitutional, Literally Underground Government

  1. I’ll tell ya what we do. We vote all of these imbeciles out, and elect Bill the Libertarian Angel for president!

    Then again, I think it would be perfect if I were the president. M. could be my chief of staff (so he could tell me what to do,) B. my defense sec. (since he knows all that military stuff,) Texas as my AG (since he can interpret all that legalshmegalise,) FL as my SOS (cause everybody loves FL, and he can smell a rat,) Augger could be my personal physician (I hear he’s good at playing doctor,) Daddy could be my VP (everywhere he goes, he will give a great spiel,) and Dusty could be my press sec (if things get outta line; he throws em a joke.)

    Oh, let me relish this fantasy……………………….Dang! I forgot a presidential masseur!

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