Obama Wants to Starve the Rain Forests and Kill Christmas Trees! (OH! and Freeze/Cook Poor People, too)

Do you remember how Democrats said Republicans wanted to starve children in the 1990’s just because the Republicans wanted to cut the amount of INCREASE to school lunch programs?  Well, I think we should fight fire with fire – only, in this case, the title of my post has the added benefit of being TRUE!  Hehehe J

Obama calls CO2 a “pollutant.”


Well, that “pollutant” is what keeps plants alive.  It would be like calling your oxygen a  pollutant and then saying we need to get rid of it.


(I used a picture so the liberal readers will understand)

What this is about is simple: R-E-D-I-S-T-R-B-U-T-I-O-N  O-F  W-E-A-L-T-H-!

And it is not ME saying this – it is OBAMA’S PEOPLE:

Obama Science Czar Called for Carbon Tax to Redistribute Wealth from Global ‘North’ to ‘South’

(CNSNews.com) – John P. Holdren, who then-President-elect Barack Obama nominated as director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in December 2008, called just five months before his nomination for a global climate-change agreement that would allow wealth to be redistributed from countries in the global “North” to countries in the “South.”

So, how do they do it?  Well, they start by attacking 50%+ of our electricity in the U.S.:

WH Climate Adviser: ‘A War on Coal Is Exactly What’s Needed’

Which means we have to pay higher energy rates and carbon taxes, both of which are designed to make energy costs skyrocket:

BTW: this means Obama is trying to kill poor people.  YES, HE IS!  If the poor cannot afford to heat or cool their homes, people will die.  See:

Why People Die During Heat Waves

[H]eat waves kill more people in the United States than all of the other so-called natural disasters combined. More than 400 Americans die from heat-related illnesses in a typical year. Annual mortality from tornadoes, earthquakes, and floods together is under 200. Since heat waves inflict damage on the nation’s major cities, well within the range of most media organizations, the lack of visibility or panic is all the more mysterious.

Deep freeze death toll rises to 48 as eastern Europe is battered by heavy snow

   Severe cold snap kills at least 48 people across region

  Ukraine: 18 die of hypothermia, 500 people seek medical help

  Poland: At least 10 people dead as cold reaches -26C

  Serbia: 3 dead and two missing; Romania: 4 people dead; Bulgaria: 1 dead

But here is the kicker: Obama and his friends will all get rich as they starve the rain forests, kill Christmas trees and cook/freeze poor people to death.  How?  Well, by funneling $BILLIONS to “alternative energy” businesses that NEVER work and by trading in the new carbon tax credit market they are creating (and will control…and have inside knowledge of…and can manipulate via legislation and regulation).  I mean, really, just look at how well it has worked for Algore.

Ain’t it a biotch when you use real science, real facts and real reason against the Left?  🙂

3 thoughts on “Obama Wants to Starve the Rain Forests and Kill Christmas Trees! (OH! and Freeze/Cook Poor People, too)

  1. “cut the amount of INCREASE”

    Operative words folks. Now imagine how utterly besides themselves these liberals would be if anyone actually cut spending by one single red penny.

    The existential meltdown would be a certain crisis for them.

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