The Rubber Band of Reality: Cultural Change in the UK Coming?

This is the reason that I think we can win electorally and that the car is fine, the “progressives” just have been driving it in reverse, using diesel instead of gas and carrying too many passengers. Joe has made the accurate and salient point that “progressives” always reveal themselves (agrees with my Law of Diminishing Liberal Intelligence) and when all the “feel good” veneer is stripped away, they get killed by their greatest enemy – basic common sense – aka Natural Law.

“Progressivism” and its core ideologies of socialism, Marxism and communism, all depend on the ability of a particular class to create the perception that man can alter reality, that natural laws can be bent to the point of breaking – that is what dialectical materialism and post-modernism are all about. The world and actual events aren’t reality, how each of us perceives them creates our own reality – this is nothing but wanting to create a way to put a square peg in a round hole without using a pocketknife though a little thing called “wishing” – unfortunately for the adherents to these ideologies and philosophies, reality acts just like the free market (because the free market is real) when correcting for artificial distortions – it snaps back and whacks them in the face.

In many ways, government is a distortion of Natural Law – that’s why Jeffersonian republicans wanted to limit it as much as possible.

What follows is, of course, a shot by the right leaning Telegraph in the UK at the perilously leftist Guardian newspaper but it is based on legitimate survey data in Britain and they weave it into a good, ole fashioned beatdown:

There’s a great example in the Guardian this morning of what Americans call “gee whiz” journalism, as in, a piece of news greeted as if it’s jaw-droppingly sensational when, to the rest of us is, it’s bleedin’ obvious. I’m talking about John Harris’s belated discovery that “the yoof” don’t share the values of the liberal, Guardian-reading metropolitan elite. Incredible as it may seem, they’re not pro-immigration, pro-welfare or pro-redistributive taxation. According to Ipsos MORI, only 20 per cent of 18-34-year-olds agree with the statement “the creation of the welfare state is one of Britain’s proudest achievements”. How dare they?!? Most amazingly of all – to Harris, anyway – is that Generation Y don’t blame the “Con-Dem cuts” for youth unemployment. Haven’t they been listening to Len McCluskey?

The most telling passage in the article comes at the end, when Harris meets a 27-year-old in Warrington who’s just got a job after a bout of unemployment thanks to the government’s Work Programme. Harris asks him whether he thinks his joblessness was his fault.

“Yeah,” he says. “I do. I think I should have applied for more. I should have picked myself up in the morning, got out, come to a place like this – tried more. When you’re feeling down, you start blaming the world for your mistakes – you feel the world owes you. And it doesn’t. You owe the world: you have to motivate yourself, and get out there, and try.”

Similar to the responses we get around here, it isn’t the fault of socialism, it is because our modern socialists – like Obama – just aren’t doing it right:

Harris blames “Thatcherism” for the proletariat’s false consciousness – and the fact that Labour hasn’t been a proper socialist party since Tony Blair ditched Clause IV. The “up-by-your-boot-straps Conservatism of Norman Tebbit and Margaret Thatcher” (yah, boo, sucks) went “largely unchallenged during the New Labour years” and is now accepted by millions of young people as “a simple matter of fact”. Echoes here of red daiper baby Owen Jones, whom Harris singles out (alongside public schoolgirl Laurie Penny) as a beacon of hope amidst all the gloom. Owen thinks “the rightwing media” is to blame for brainwashing the lumpen proles. If only the poor sods read the Guardian or the Independent, then they’d know THE TRUTH which is that the millionaire-Tory-Bullingdon-Boys-ruling-class have a vested interest in keeping them down.

It is the fault of “the rich” that you can’t get a job – sound familiar?

Sounds like our very own Komrade Karl.

Look, I lived there for almost three years and I can tell you this: if the youth in the UK can get it, the youth in America can as well. Everything that Obama wants to implement here via fiat and legislative tricks – Obamacare, “green energy”, overweening government, the war on coal – has already been tried in the UK and now the young people are reaping the results.

There may be a way out of this mess yet.

One thought on “The Rubber Band of Reality: Cultural Change in the UK Coming?

  1. If they are not to far entrenched in the ideology. I say this because there are many “kids” in their 20’s with college degrees working at minimum wage jobs that still praise Obama. There chatter consists of bitching about Fox news and conservatives. Then there are those (like my son) who have broken from the spell and are pursuing higher goals.

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