MORE “Legal” Transformation of America (and Loss of Liberty)


In Keeping with Utah’s idea of re-blogging stories from other blog sites, I am re-blogging this one because it illustrates how our courts and government are being used to undermine our system of government and culture:

MICHIGAN: On its way to becoming the first Islamic sharia-compliant state in America

PLEASE, read this blog post.  Then understand this: SHARIA IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE U.S. CONSTITUTION (or that of any of the States).  Sharia is not compatible with the principles and ideals of individual rights and liberty.  Sharia IS theocratic rule — exactly what the Left “claims” to oppose.  So, why are so many on the Left helping to push Sharia in our nation?

When it becomes State/National/government policy, the support for Sharia in our society amounts to subversion.  Now, ask yourself why so many people connected to CAIR are also connected to the Obama Administration?  And remember, the U.S. government has declared CAIR a terrorist organization.

DOJ: CAIR’s Unindicted Co-Conspirator Status Legit

FBI Reaffirms CAIR’s Terrorist Ties


Obama’s Ties To The Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian Magazine: Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrates Obama Administration

Benghazi & Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood & CAIR Connections on Uncommon Knowledge 8pm ET

More Obama Betrayal: Administration Admits “Hundreds” of Meetings with Hamas-CAIR

Is Newly Appointed Libya Investigator an Islamist-Sympathizer With Ties to CAIR?

The Brotherhood Ties That Bind Obama…Washington Too…Egyptian Mag Spills The Beans…Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

11 thoughts on “MORE “Legal” Transformation of America (and Loss of Liberty)

      • I can’t stand all this pandering to jailbirds. Why the hello aren’t they given bread and water? Now we’ve got to pay for their sex changes and their fraudulent IRS returns? Next I reckon the hoosegows in Dearborn’ll have prayer time too, huh? 🙄

        • Society owes a prisoner nothing but food, BASIC medical care and to refrain from torture or cruel and unusual punishment — NOTHING more. While in jail, a person has no rights under the social contract they violated — not until AFTER society says that person has paid their debt. Until that debt if paid, all we owe a prisoner is basic natural rights of a person who has been caught attacking us.

    • I live in Michigan and often have to visit Detroit for work. It’s really something. Our “leaders” are like the lawyer in the movie End of Days…(he helps bring Satan into the world and expects to reap right-hand-man benefits but then…).
      Call me Taylor, “It’s a madhouse!”

  1. Guess if I wind up in the Joint, as a White Cracka they will agree to my meal requirements. Let’s see. For breakfast I would like a good French Roast coffee with 1/2 teaspoon of natural raw suger and just a touch of half & half. I’d like the morning edition of the Wall Street Joirnal to check up on the current business events as well. After I have settled in I need Egg’s Benedict and a side of lighty grilled country ham.

    Now for lunch, just kidding.

    • “As a White Cracka….?? Youe …You mean “Creepy assed Cracker” Right ??

      That’s the new official Politically Correct term to use for Whites ……. the Liberal Media has just told us.

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