Looks Like I Have Good Company

Sarah Palin floats idea of leaving the Republican Party

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the 2008 Republican nominee for vice president responded to a Fox News Channel viewer’s Twitter question Saturday about the possibility of her and conservative talker Mark Levin abandoning the Republican Party and creating something called the “Freedom Party.”

video in link

Now, if they can only get another “conservative talker” to put his arse where his mouth has always been (“Never let anyone tell you that you can’t do something about which you are passionate.“)

Rush Limbaugh: ‘Wait Until the Republican Party Hears About This’

21 thoughts on “Looks Like I Have Good Company

  1. Yesterday, my husband got an email from Rubio’s PAC requesting another donation. It would have been funny if we weren’t so angry. If Cruz, Lee. Sessions and some others join Palin I’d be happy to support a new party.

    • Me? No. What caught my attention was the fact that Levin is starting to think this way. People can dismiss my voice easily — I don’t really care. But Levin has NEVER been considered anything but a “serious” voice when it comes to such matters and, when you throw in that he is probably the smartest voice in conservative media, you really start to get somewhere. At least, you do in my book.

      • Believe me…..people see your voice as VERY serious…..You and other Bloggers. THIS is the reason for the Sick Comments From the likes of McCain ( the silly Dolt), Rove and Jeb Bush and even Dole…….They KNOW they are losing their traditional Base.

        Itis eveident throughout the internet.

  2. —Now, if they can only get another “conservative talker”—

    Still haven’t got the first one. Last I checked Levin is still very skeptical of a third party. He thinks it would guarantee Democratic control over everything.

  3. As I researched some more, I encountered the American Freedom Party, which is a white supremacy party. I love the idea of a Freedom Party, but the similarity probably is going to cause problems because you know how the media will distort it.

    • Aurora,

      Chances are, Palin and Levin didn’t know about that, or it could be someone is trying to coopt them. Either way, what matters is not the name of the Party they form (preferably, no Party), but that they realize the R’s = D’s now.

      • Keep in mind, B., that a third party will require numbers which will, in turn, fund the fight. I truly believe there must be a united front, else there is the rift that enables the Democratic party to once again prevail. I say this to you because you are so headstrong against the Libertarian party, whereas I have argued that the basic principles are after the same goal.

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    • Pretty much everyone here knows who and what I am, Ralphie; I’m a popular guy here (the regulars have featured me in half a dozen posts, so you could start with a simple name search on the site).

      We don’t know you, though. But come to think of it, until you offer something deeper than an inane insult, probably no one at the RNL is going to care who or what you are.

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