Republican Party Imploding? Good…Couldn’t Happen To More Deserving Group Of People.

Republican Party in danger of imploding?

So says Anthony Martin of The Examiner:

A series of circumstances are gradually emerging that strongly suggest that the Republican Partyis in danger of imploding, of destroying itself from the inside.

The proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back was Marco Rubio’s push to pass the new amnesty bill in the U.S. Senate. Radio host and attorney Hugh Hewitt discovered that the bill was actually written by the staff of Chuck Schumer, the ultra liberal Democrat from New York.

It is a well known fact among true conservatives who also happen to be attorneys that Schumer is one of the most diabolical members of Congress — and one of the smartest. The bill passed this week by the Senate that grants amnesty to millions ofillegal aliens is the brain child of Schumer. And it is very telling that some of the most well-known Republicans in the Senate supported it whole heartedly, such as McCain, Graham, Rubio, Ayotte, Alexander, Corker, Collins, Murkowski, and others who have been designated as part of the GOP elitist establishment.

But Rubio was a Tea Party backed candidate. So was Ayotte. And already they have betrayed the values associated with the Tea Party.

Further, it has not helped Republicans to hear the news that one of their favored potential presidential candidates for 2016, Jeb Bush, will present the Liberty Medal to Hillary Clinton. Such actions only seal and confirm in the minds of conservatives the suspicion that the country needs another Bush like it needs a hole in the head. And it needs another Clinton about as much as it needs two holes in the head.

Joe has already pointed out where Palin has said that she is considering leaving the Party.

I left after the 2012 election debacle.

One of the reasons that I have been against a “third party” is because there isn’t really room on the national stage for more than that. A while back, I wrote that there really doesn’t need to be a “third party” –the Republican Party needs to be killed and replaced:

Back in October of 2011, Joe and I were going at it pretty hot and heavy about the creation of a third party. As my esteemed granddaddy, Baker T. Goodwin, would say, I’m still agin it…but this time with one caveat – that this “third party” must be a replacement party for the GOP and the very, very few elements remaining in the Democrat Party that still appreciate Constitutionality – if there are any (if there are, they are kept carefully hidden from public view).

So I’m re-posting this part of our exchange because I believe that this theme is very true:

If conservatives don’t learn how to play the long game, we should get prepared to settle in for more Democratic presidents and Congresses for years to come. Then we can all come back here after 2012 and commiserate about how much losing sucks and bitch about liberals…or we can start working a plan so that our kids won’t have to have the same conversations. Our choice.

We simply can’t change to be Democrat Lite or we all might as well sign up for membership in Komrade Karl’s Kremlin Komedy Klub – the KKKK. His ideal features one party rule, too…

It is for this reason that I have advocated a two stage approach to building a conservative “third party” (really a “replacement” party) that includes activism within the Republican Party in the near term and a longer term strategy of electoral victories at a local and state level. In the near term, there is not enough differentiation of the policy stands to prohibit the Republican Party from co-opting conservative positions to dilute the impact of a conservative movement – the evidence is in full view with the adoption of many of the Tea Party positions in the 2010 mid-terms and the subsequent “watering down” of those positions to fit a more “establishment” mold.

If any political party is to have longevity, it must have the support mechanisms and the organizational support for the long haul.  There must be a strong foundation, not only in ideology but on the operational side as well. We can be confident in our convictions but unless we can win elections, we will just be relegated to writing and talking about it – sort of like what I am doing now… This requires playing the long game. Flash mob politics won’t get us there and lasting parties can’t spring fully formed on the political landscape as if they were Athena springing from the cloven forehead of Zeus. They have to be built to last from the bottom up.

Democrats do understand the long game:

The liberals and Democrats understand the long game; they have been chipping away for decades. They don’t see change in 4 year presidential term increments, they look 40 years out. They realize that American politics are rarely an exercise in paradigm shifts, a rapid lurch to one side or the other. Political evolution, slow and steady, is the process by which long term change is implemented and cemented. Most conservatives want a tectonic shift in 2012 – ain’t gonna happen, folks. 2012 is just the next battle. It can start the transformation but it won’t BE the transformation any more than Obama was the singular liberal transformational event for the Democrats.

To support the “long game”, I also support the repeal of the Seventeenth Amendment of the US Constitution. This amendment changed the selection process of the Senators from a vote of the respective state legislatures to direct election by the electorate. It is my opinion that this diminishes the power of the states and dilutes the ability of federal reform and control to come from the state level. Repeal of this amendment would make the elections at the state level far more important in the national scheme and would provide the opportunity for the success of a “third party”. This would generate much more attention to the local ans state elections and but more local skin in the game with respect to who gets elected. Career politicians would not be able to camouflage their true colors until they got to the national stage the way that they do now. Until this happens, my opinion is that a “stand alone” third party is simply not possible at a national level.

Take for example the current makeup of the state legislatures – Republicans control 26  state legislatures, assuming that each would vote for 2 Republican Senators, the Republican’s would have had control of the US Senate since 2010 with at least 52 votes to go with a majority in the House. If you look at Republican “leaning” states, it is possible to contemplate that a 60 vote “super majority” wouldn’t be out of the question. Tell me that this wouldn’t be an attractive proposition for conservatives!

Voting for the lesser of two evils does guarantee the election of an evil, we do agree on that – and a two party system does propagate this potentiality. I will vote Republican in 2012, maybe not because I am fully supportive of the nominee but because of a more general support of a philosophy. I wish that were not the case but electability must be considered because if you can’t get elected, you can’t govern.

Kill it. RINO’s like McCain, Graham and now Rubio and his little cabal are all more comfortable playing with their little mates on the left than with “wacko birds” anyway.

Light the fuze.

Whigs in 2016.


15 thoughts on “Republican Party Imploding? Good…Couldn’t Happen To More Deserving Group Of People.

  1. It will be hard to proudly say with a straight face, “I am a Whig, and I’m proud.” I believe if several factions united, (Libertarians, Independents, Constitutionalists, disgruntled Republicans) there could be a viable third party……with a different name.

  2. I’m out, 2012 ended my support for for the RP for it’s failure to choose someone that had a track record of smaller government. Romney was not viable for this reason alone. Unfortunately, we did not even have one qualified person in the primary. Until such time people at the local level have had enough nothing will change. Just look who sets on City Councils, School Boards and othe local groups. Most everything they have done for the last 50 years involves taking more control from the citizen and higher taxes to fund it. That’s another story all in itself.

    How embarrassed Rubio must be now that Obama has called to congratulate him. Obama’s laughing at the ineptitude and just helped drive the stake deeper into Rubios chances of being re-elected. The Party of Satan just one upped the Party of Stupid one more time.

    I vote “Yea” for the destruction of the Republican Party and rebuilding some thing new from the ground up based on our founding principles of the Republic. It may take 10 to 15 years, if we have that much time left, but with the a Democrats “New Reich Party” in control, aided and abedded, by RINO’s, the country will have the stench of tyranny emanating from DC on a grand scale.

    I refuse to vote for any person that ever supported abortion, same sex marriage to include civil unions, higher taxes, not closing the border, welfare at the Federal level, and interventionist Militay actions where the “Real” security of the US required it. That’s a war that ends in “Un-conditional Surrender.”

  3. “-the Republican Party needs to be killed and replaced:”

    I support the idea in those words. I just wish we could kill the Republican Party and replace it with NOTHING! Start a movement toward independence and pull an Alinsky by astrocizing anyone and everyone who advocates Parties. Paint them as the enemies of individualism or something like that. Just do to them what they have done to us — only with truth.

  4. I’m with Joe. Kill the Republican Party and don’t replace it with anything. Go back to the old “ticket” system for elections. Yeah, it will make counting elections more complicated. Big whoop! We’d get candidates who would run on their own beliefs and then be forced to lead based upon what they said they believed prior to the election. Majority party rule would end. Groups of individuals would, no doubt, form coalitions within Congress, but those would be temporary. There’d be no overarching party leadership that’s pulling strings from behind the curtain.

    Replacing the Republican Party is only going to end up with a party by another name that acts an awful lot like the Republican Party.

  5. The Problem with all this is that WE will be doing this and the Liberal / Democrats WON’T…….so basically it will leave the entire field open in 2014 to the Democrats…..Game done …finished foe good…..the Goal of the Democrats to entirely wipe out opposition is complete.

    And the GOP will be gone and so will any opportunity to change anything……and I mean ANYTHING….Amnesty will ensure a Population loyal to the Federal Government NOT to States…..they will “Vote” away Sates Rights and and we will effectively BE Mexico …..with a One-Party Rule of Elites.

    The Current GOP Leadership know this and are doing Nothing but Jockying for position in the New Paradym……THIS is the meaning behind Rubio, Ayotte, McCain and Soon Boehner’s Treachery ……….. I am angry and disappointed beyond belief with the GOP…..haven’t contributed since 2008 ( only to Tea Party candidates )…………..But I can see this from a mile away……………Unfortunately I still think we need to RE-DO 2010 in the 2014 MIDTERMS and keep Changing the Dynamic to BUILDING a new Platform ( Party) slowly.

    Respectfully…………Joe’s plan cannot work in todays political Reality……..Europe is the Perfect lab test……Numerous factions which always succum to Progressive Statism….Because Communism DOERSN’T play by anybody’s rules but their own…………….. Just ldumping the GOP at this time will satisfy the urge to “take our balls and go home” feeling but serve no real purpose beyond that and give the Political Advantage entirely to the Leftist Redistributors.

    The Process of leaving the GOP and starting a New 3rd Party has to be WELL thought out and startegized ….. reactions will only get Re-Actions of the opposite from the Left… , they will strengthen their efforts in a Bid to wipe the ir opposition from the Battle completely.

    • Don,

      Well, keeping to the 2-Party system only plays to the Progressives’ strength. After all, they run both Parties now, so how will you change things by destroying the R’s and replacing them with a new Party? Progrs will just take it over, too.

      With respect, I think you ignore the character of the people who support individual rights and liberty. By our very nature, we are individuals — NOT “community organizers.” SO, expecting them to play the Pros’ game and actually win is asking too much from them.

      However, asking them to be what they are — INDIVIDUALS — and to change the game, now THAT plays tot he strength of the American character 😉

      • Strategically what you are advocating Plays to the Progressives’ Strength …… it virtually assures what my comment describes. Politics unfortunately isn’t an “individual” activity. It is a game played with coallitions and associations…..which is the recognition that NO groupd completely identifies with another. You find common ground and go forward.

        Which is EXACTLY what the Left does …. the endless special interest groups that make up the left DO NOT agree on most things….nor socialize. La Raza and the various RainBow fairies associations are not sunday Brunch pals……………BUT the “Boys” are out in force supporting Weiner on *GayDay the Parade Way* in NYC….yelling “Weiner Weiner” as he walked by……………….Come election time they will vote as a Block, far outshining any “Individuals”.

        I’m not talking about ideals or should-be’s here …. I’m talking about Political realities ………. and the way to win. The fact is what happened in 2010 was Phenominal ……….. a re-start of the Golswater / Reagan backlash. And BOTH the Democrat / Liberals and the Establishment RINOs knew it… they have joined forces to KILL the GOP. Because 2010 was the beginning of a Take-Back. By infiltrating with people like RUBIO and AYOTTE, by forceing RINOs like RYAN to show their hand, by pushing RINOs like Christie and joining forces with the Gang of 8…..the GOP Leadership instills defeat and hopelessness in the Base……the Base leaves which leaves what’s left of the GOP to the Establishment once again……where they continue their Progressive game with the Liberal / Socialists.

        Those that have left to….”form a 3rd Party” are left to flop and flounder with Zero political power because they have no effective Exposure nor Political machinery to make any difference……………It is quite a Psy-ops Operation really. So in a way….deflatting their plans would be to REMAIN engaged within their party and RE_DO 2014…..then start methodically to Build a “Platform” that can realistically and consistantly challange those powers and be relevent.

        • When we discard our ideals by rationalizing them away on the guise of “reality,” then we cast aside our moral compass. From that point on, you will go where your desires take you and not where you had first set out to go. Jefferson allowed his desires to lead him astray, so, tell me, who among us is going to be immune from the same temptations?

          Don, this is an area where I see how doing it you r way has gotten us where we are and how continuing to do it the way you suggest will ever yield the same result. So I suppose we’ll have to just disagree on this issue. 🙂

          • Respectfully….you’re not addressing the arguments I presented. And set up the difference as if it were a disagreement when in fact there is agreement on key issues.

            The issue of strategy and of execution you don’t address…..which is the essence of what I’m getting at.

            Now I could go off and say something about you accusing me of “discarding (or encouraging others to discard) my (their) ideals” and “rationalizing” and using devices as “Disguises”……like some have been want to do in response to you ……. But hey I’m not gonna do that “Cause ( to paraphrase Christine Aquilar in Bourlesque )…That’s just not who I am “……. ;- ).

            Seriously, though….it is a response difference….as is what I’m getting at Politically in my above posts…..because we don’t disagree “ON THIS ISSUE”…..differ on execution.

            • Don,

              My apologies. I misunderstood you. I stand corrected (now, don’t tell SBJ or any of my other detractors I said that. They’ll accuse you of lying 😉 )

    • Hey, Don, come check out my blog where I have actually posted on Joe Miller.

      I like him personally — his wife was my son’s 3rd grade teacher and I know him. However, the 2010 campaign and aftermath bother me. Joe’s security detail (at an Alaska political event where security usually isn’t needed) handcuffing a journalist to a chair because he was asking uncomfortable question was a major error on Joe’s part. Alaskans like to ask questions of their candidates face-to-face and the last thing you do is refuse to answer. Not taking the loss to Murkowski graciously also didn’t set well with most Alaskans. His website reads like Info-Wars, which makes my stomach hurt. His background of having taken entitlements doesn’t bother me … people are allowed to grow and change their minds — but the attitude that he is owed a Senate seat because he almost beat Lisa just doesn’t work for me. An informal survey of Alaskan conservatives who are likely to vote GOP in the 2014 primary says they’ve vote for Mark Begich’s reelection before they’d give Joe the GOP nomination. That’s not a good sign for his electability.

      I am currently favoring Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell. He has many of the stands on the issues, his likeability factor is much higher and he’s a business man not a lawyer (always a plus in my book).

      Check out my page on the 2014 Alaska Senate race. I’ll be posting as things go along. I hope to catch all the candidates at the Alaska State Fair and talk with them in person.

  6. Oh, gee. The post that was getting the most comments has been taken down by the RNL — without explanation or correction, of course. Censoring Dusty and his commenters, boys? 🙂

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