Obama Is Supporting Muslim Violence Against Christians

Yes, that is exactly what this President and his Administration are doing: supporting Islamic terrorism and the murder of Christians in the Middle East.  His supporters will cringe and complain, but the growing evidence cannot be denied – not by those who are against Islamic terrorism and the murder of Christians, anyway:

Interfaith outreach in Syria: Obama-backed jihadists behead priest as crowd chants “Allahu akbar”

Graphic video in story

But this hatred is here, in the U.S.:

Tennessee imam: Jews and Christians filthy, their lives and property can be taken in jihad by the Muslims

Note also his words about jihad, quoting Muhammad: “I have been commanded to fight the people until they testify la illaha illa Allah [there is no god but Allah].”

And Qadhi says: “The life and property of a mushrik [one who worships others besides Allah] holds no value in the state of jihad….which means if they don’t say la illaha illa Allah, their lives and property are halal” — that is, permitted to be taken by the Muslims.

I have already posted stories about Obama’s direct link to TERRORIST organization, CAIR< but I haven’t spent too much time explaining that Obama has also told the FBI and other domestic intelligence organizations that they are not allowed to investigate these imams and mosques:

Under Obama, mosques off-limits to FBI surveillance since 2011

While Your Phone Calls Are Tracked & Stored – Obama’s Snooping Excludes Mosques

Now, there is one more thing we had better get through our heads.  Not only do we have a Muslim sympathizer and TRAITOR in the White House, this notion that Islam has been “radicalized” must also be put to rest.  Islam is doing nothing today that it hasn’t been doing since Muhammad launched his first raid.  Remember, Jefferson warned us that these people wanted to kill us because their religion told them to do so, but it goes back far earlier than that:

Beheaded for Refusing to Convert to Islam: Pope Canonizes Hundreds of 15th-Century Martyrs

Now, you may not like this, but there is yet another connection here between America today and 1930’s Germany.  Just as Obama ran and was elected as a Christian, so did Hitler.  This is why anti-Christians so often attack Christians with this supposed “fact” that Hitler was a Christian.  But Hitler HATED Christianity.  Hitler belonged to the Occult.  He only pretended to be a Christian to get elected and to seize power.  I submit that we have a similar, parallel thing happening in America right now.

When you know history – REAL history – you can see the patterns repeating before your very eyes, and learning to see the truth is the first step in preventing that repetition.

[NOTE: For the sake of brevity, I did NOT pound you with more linked stories — but I could have.  I have reached a point where I have decided those who hear the truth will understand my posts, and those who do not hear it…  Well, no matter how much evidence I present to them, they will never accept it.  I feel for them.  I like to think it is the result of fear and ignorance, but — deep down — I know better.  I know why those who reject the truth refuse to see and there is nothing any of us can do to reach them.  That is up to them and God.]

39 thoughts on “Obama Is Supporting Muslim Violence Against Christians

    • Yep, you’d know, right Dusty? I see that the RNL has been forced to kill your most popular recent post, without explanation or correction. Tsk, tsk.

      And your post was getting so many comments. Maybe the boys in charge were just jealous that you were drawing so much more attention than they were. 🙂

  1. Well after McPherson’s scholarly offering … worthy of a professor, of course, I am just curious about the atheists in this nation. Other than the “in the closet Muslim” that lurks around here parading as an atheist, what’s the is real atheists’ take on the religion of Islam?

    They are quick to pick upon of elementary kids playing football with crosses on their jerseys, but have any of you seen the atheists climb all over the Muslims in such a manner? I haven’t.

    Guess in the end, it’s not wise to pick on a man who would saw your head off with a steak knife.


    • Thanks, Augger. I can’t speak for atheists, of course, but I wanted to welcome you back. Unfortunately you missed a great post by Dusty; some of the comments mentioned you. But the boys apparently felt moved to censor Dusty’s fine work, even after Joe had commented approvingly on it and Utah and I had both “liked” it (though probably for different reasons). I even got to share a bit of Glenn Beck with them. Oh, well; maybe one of them will email it to you.

      • The only thing you share with Glenn Beck is your weight……and he is beating you on that account as well by LOSING weight.

        However in all of these you tip the Scale at ZERO wrt Beck … so there is hope after all .

      • Thanks for the welcome. I do have a question for you though …

        Try as I might, I cannot seem to find a connection between your response, and the original post. Have I missed it somewhere? Surely such an intellectual heavyweight as yourself could stay on topic, right?

        • “Surely such an intellectual heavyweight as yourself could stay on topic, right?”

          Sure, if I chose to do so. Coming from you — a guy whose usual response is a fourth-grade-level fat joke — that’s a rich question, though.

          • “Sure, if I chose to do so.”

            How mighty Christian of you. God forbid you actually post a response related to the topic, oh nooooo, not Professor Benevolent Christian and all. No, instead you come rolling up in here all high on yourself (like the good alter boy you are, and decide it’s a great time to pick on ole’ Dusty over there). Likely to make yourself feel better about yourself.

            Careful McPherson, your true nature is showing, and it doesn’t jive with the Reverend. 🙂

            Advice … pray through on Sunday, McPherson. Pray through.

  2. I have a Strong suspician that those who consider themselves Athiets are more accurately Anti-Christian than anything. I haven’t seen any substantive dialogue in any forum from self-described athiests against mohameddan violence.

    • Don,

      I suspect you are correct. But even if you are not, the SUPREME COURT — the Atheists bastion of imposition and religious persecution — has declared Atheism to be a religion. So, every time Christianity is evicted from the public stage, the govt. TAKES SIDES FOR ONE RELIGION OVER ANOTHER!

      SO much for their claim of “fairness.” What they really want it govt. preference for THEIR R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N-!

      Hypocrites all!

  3. Y’all keep refering to McPherson as the perfesser, Is he? Second question, does he ever make comments pertinent to the lead post? AND… Do you think he talks to students in his class, who disagree with his politics< in the same derogatory manner?

        • “Have you posted your degree or articles of professorship?”

          Actually, Ralph, I’ve been more open about who I am than have you or almost anyone else here. I don’t believe in hiding my views behind pseudonyms or singular first names. But if you really care, and don’t want to do a search of my name here on the RNL, you can probably find out all you want to know about me on my blog about media & politics at http://jmcpherson.wordpress.com/ or through my university website at http://www.whitworth.edu/academic/faculty/index.aspx?username=jmcpherson

          Sorry, though, no video of student abuse (though I have won a university teaching award and been granted tenure and then promotion to full professor, and get consistently good course evaluations, despite the fact that I’m a liberal teaching at a Christian university where most of my students are conservatives).

          • I don’t hide behind anything Prof. First name only is usual among my acquaintances. But you can come on down to Coonbottom (yup – that’s a real place) and ask for me . I’m REAL easy to find. If you do have mostly conservative students, I can understand how frustrating that must be for you. So coming here to redirect lines of conversation is just practice. I’ve spent considerable time around a couple of good sized Universities over the last 15 years (FSU and FAMU) and my impression of college “students” is that most of them will end up as roofers and tire changers. Some will be wondering why that degree in Middle Eastern Medieval Literature isn’t garnering the big bucks they expected, and thinking maybe they should have majored in Basketry or fly casting.
            Usually , if they are kept supplied with beer and sex and pot, they don’t raise much fuss. They ARE all interested in saving the planet, as long as they can keep the AC set to 65, and don’t have to stop driving that cool Mustang or Beemer that mom and dad bought for them. They’ll probably have 20 to 50 thousand dollars of debt by the time they graduate (and odds are they won’t repay it) But , by and large they are nice people who have been raised (with few exceptions) to expect a “participation trophy” just because they showed up . Many of them cannot safely cross the street without having a near death experience.
            Now I’m just an old grey haired man, who has worked his whole life to get to take it easy for a few years before I exit this planet. I worked full time and went to school full time, with a wife and child. I never asked for a hand out , and I paid for my own bad decisions.. We are growing a society that expects to have success handed to them, and be bailed out if they don’t make it. And we have a government that feeds that crap to every government school kid in the country. I never had a job that gave paychecks for just showing up. And I never handed a paycheck to anyone for perfect attendance.

            That’s who I am and where I am. Come on down, and we’ll sit on the front porch, sip a little something out of a Mason Jar, pich a little guitar, and argue. But no raised voices, it upsets the dogs.

            • Coonbottom sounds like an interesting place, and I’d love to sit and chat with you sometime. I enjoyed Florida the only time I was there, but have spent most of my life in the opposite corner of the country (Washington and Idaho). I can’t play guitar (or anything else, anymore), but I’ll gladly sing along if you don’t mind the quality of my voice. And I’ll have to stick to drinking sweet tea out of my jar; believe it or not, I was even more obnoxious before I gave up drinking 29 years ago. Or so my wife of 32 years says.

              Thanks for the invitation — and if you make it up this way, we can have that conversation on the back patio (porches here tend to be small, and the front of the house faces the sun).

              The students you’re talking about sound a lot more like the ones I had at Washington State University than the ones I have here. Yeah, they’re frustrating at times — but probably no worse (and often better) than I was at their age. Someday they’ll be grayhairs complaining about “kids today,” too.

        • Sounds like I’m not the only one whose got your number, doc. Ralph figured you out pretty quick, as have Augger, Don and the rest who understand reason. But what I can’t figure out i show, with all your supposed education, you’ve yet to figure it out. Then again, I suspect it has something to do with that “education.”

          • Just for the Edjumaction of those reading here….which of the two Duece-Bags that rip the site is SBJ again ??

          • “Ralph figured you out pretty quick, as have Augger, Don … ”

            Gee, Joe, you skipped over Dusty. I assume you’re the one who let him start posting again, and then found yourself with egg on your face? Don’t you think you owe it to your readers, though, to explain your error, and your sudden censorship of his most popular recent post? And maybe even explain your comment going along with him on it? Now that, I enjoyed — speaking of “understanding reason.”

            I notice that you skipped Utah, too. Is that because you boys can’t seem to agree lately on little details such as law, corporations, founding fathers, the Constitution, etc.?

            I understand why Auggie and Donnie would be here, since they spend so much time kissing your rear, though I can’t remember either of them actually offering a thoughtful commentary on anything — perhaps you could remind us when that happened with either of them?

            • Wipe the Crumbs off your chin now Jimmy……you’re a one-trick pony and it’s nite-nite time and way past your bedtime…….and intellectual pay-grade.

                • The only thing you demonstrated Jimmie….is that you’re afraid to turn the Nite-light off.

                  G’nite now…..you’ve already unloaded an example of your brilliant ,”thoughtful” reportage below to Ralph. Any more and we’ll need a shovel to scrape it up…….an Oswald Spengler you ain’t.

                  • “you’re afraid to turn the Nite-light off”

                    I know you probably don’t understand the whole rotation-of-the-earth thing, Donnie, but it’s not even quite dark here yet. But as late as it is there, you must be well into your cups and probably pretty unsteady. So g’nite, sonny.

    • Yeah, he is a professor. No, he likes to divert from the topic (mostly because he can’t win when he stays on topic). And YES, he most likely DOES speak to his students this way (my professors did).

    • Ralph, aren’t you also curious about the rest of the band of misfit toys here? Or do you only care about the backgrounds of those who might disagree with you?

      If you want to know the RNL crew, we can start with GI Joe, whom I finally managed to embarrass into using his real name here. He has a lot of time to post long, rambling comments (often regurgitations of what he’s heard from Glenn Beck), since he apparently hasn’t been able to keep a job since he was discharged from the military. But he claims he can shoot you in the head from a few hundred yards away; the period when he could legally do that seems to have been the best time of his life.

      I can fill you in more about the Mississippi oilman and the proctologist at another time, perhaps. Probably no need to talk about Dusty; the boys apparently gave him the boot again.

      • Oh I have asked various questions about many, and like as not offended some . Disagreed with Joe and Utah , about this and that. We don’t always see eye to eye on everything, so what? that makes life interesting. If I wanted a smooth way through life, and couldn’t take a little heat, I wouldn’t play the banjo. ( “Nothing says dropping out of society like playing the banjo”-
        Daniel Roth)
        Denigrating someone for service to his nation is a bad place to start. I’m a GI (Vietnam) the son of a GI.My old man was heavily involved in WWII (A Flying Sergeant) and Korea.
        Now , would it be at all possible to get back to the original thought from the top of the page.
        Since Islamic Fundamentalist Jihadists want to kill all of us, Why are Mosques off limits to FBI.?
        I can pretty much guarantee you that our Marxists in congress would be screaming if 15 Christians blew up a couple of anthills, let alone some major buildings. Let someone jump up on a desk with a semi auto and spit out 40 or 50 rounds while yelling “Jesus Saves”, and every church in the country would be , not under surveillance , but under lock and key. It would be martial law on steroids.

        • “Denigrating someone for service to his nation is a bad place to start.”

          Not at all what I intended, and I apologize if it came across that way. I appreciate Joe’s service — just not the way he talks about it now. And sorry, I’m just not that interested in rehashing arguments about where the FBI should and shouldn’t be, especially at this hour.

    • How did you get the Secret Roswell Files …. those are the exact lokk’a’likes for the alien bodies.

      Joe has “connections”

  4. I am too old to up this late. So I’ll just close with a little Will Rogers. ” Be thankful we’re not getting all the government we’re paying for.”

  5. In all of my time coming here, I have yet to see James maintain any kind of continuity or relevance while discussing actual content, and not exchanging barbs with other commenters. Commie Karl can take a beating from other commenters, but at least he stays on the subject!

    James’ tendencies consist of:
    1. implying that the author of a post is stupid and/or misinformed. Usually both.
    2. Glorifying the dissenting voices on any particular thread (unless that person happens to be Joe, or any regular for that matter).
    3. Contributing zero content to a discussion; the very thing he accuses Don (who ironically runs circles around James when it comes to providing content during discussion) of doing.

    Which finally brings me to my final observation, James is the Chris Mathews of RNL. I’m nearly positive that his response will prove my point. Let’s see…

    • libercrite,

      In other words, the “professor” just leans on one fallacious assertion after another to disrupt the discussion after a post?

      I think he should apply for a refund on his doctorate. Apparently, he was ripped off. 🙂

    • Actually, libercrite, you don’t see me much here anymore. All of my comments for the past couple of days were prompted by a post — written by Dusty, commented favorably on by Joe, “liked” by Utah, and missed by you — that was blatantly false (as should have been obvious). Then, when the comment count passed 30 and the boys were apparently thoroughly embarrassed, the post simply disappeared without explanation, correction or apology to any gullible readers they might have misled. After that, I just posted elsewhere to tweak the ethically challenged cowards a bit.

      You can see a link to that now-dead post here: http://aurorawatcherak.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/amazing-the-cover-of-liberal-newsweek-magazine/. Of course aurora responded in a more ethical fashion than the RNL boys when he found out how pitifully wrong it was.

      And by the way, I usually see no need to comment here at all, unless the author of the post is stupid and/or misinformed. And here, often both. As for point #2, last time I was here I was supporting Utah in an argument with Joe. I’m sure you’re just “misinformed” on that point, though.

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