Texas Pro-Abortion Protesters Chant “Hail, Satan!”

I guess the quality control at the Rent-A-Mob Store isn’t what it used to be.

Via Bryan Preston at PJ Media:

Texas’ ugly week got uglier still today. On Monday we reported that as pro-life women sang the hymn “Amazing Grace” the other side hijacked the hymn and twisted it into an ode to (some, not a majority of) Texas women.

Today pro-life protesters again sang “Amazing Grace.”

The pro-abortion side countered with “Hail Satan.”

Video of the moment is here at Cahnman’s Musings.

It’s difficult to make out what the abortion side are saying until the very end, when the woman gets right up to the camera and sticks her tongue out as she clearly says “Hail Satan.”

6 thoughts on “Texas Pro-Abortion Protesters Chant “Hail, Satan!”

  1. There have been people warning about the Satanic foundations of the Power structure since the Early 1990’s…..( even the 1970,s actually)…..

    But they were dismissed as Conspiracy Nuts Consspiracy Theorists …. even when former members of the Satanic Cabal came out and clearly told the Truth………….What we see in these “ladies” is partly low-level appartchiks who don’t know enpough to keep quiet about the agendas behind Progressivist causes….and partly some in the Establishment so drunk with power that they feel their Absolute Control is a virtual sure thing and don’t care who knows about their “religion”.

  2. Utah, Utah, Utah, tsk, tsk, tsk. Why do insist on doing exactly what Dusty does in order to make himself look stupid? Only the dumb chick at the end of the video says ‘Hail Satan’, the chanters are saying something about the church and the state.

  3. Satanism among young people today is purely just an attention grab. It’s “cool”. It’s “bad-ass”. It’s “against the establishment”. It’s “nonconformist”. It’s “conscious”. Actually, it’s rather stupid. There is nothing substantial to their Satanism, and most of the time, when you ask them, they can’t really tell you anything about Satanism. They’ll pop off some Marilyn Manson or Slayer quotes, flash the devil horns, then spend the next five minuets popping off a loose collection of liberal cliches, catch phrases, and illogical attacks on Christianity, just because you simply asked about Satanism. That’s the entire depth of their understanding on Satanism. This is not a defense of Satanism, but rather a revelation into the reality of the Hail-Sataner. All we can take away from this demonstration is that the Texas pro-abortion movement is full of clowns and idiots. Nothing threatening here, folks.

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